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1301K1YM2008W1SO LP ALL7,254646212.3 [Cert]
1302N1COG1983W1SO QRP ALL7,1556245  
1303KB1OIQ2014W1SO LP ALL7,12040404.4 [Cert]
1304WA1DRQ2016W1SA HP ALL7,10050504.2 [Cert]
1305K1KU2016W1SA LP ALL7,04055554.6 [Cert]
1306N1MD1997W1SA LP ALL7,0385046  
1307KA1CZF1982W1SO QRP ALL7,0358367  
1308W1MAW2011W1SA LP ALL6,94464625.6 [Cert]
1309K1MC2016W1SO LP ALL6,92348438.3 [Cert]
1310W1OHM2011W1SO HP 20M6,90363597.4 [Cert]
1311W1OPJ1981W1SO HP ALL6,8605149  
1312N1MD2015W1SA HP ALL6,81150495.1 [Cert]
1313K1EP2003W1SO LP ALL (T)6,808504626.4  
1314W1OPJ1980W1SO HP ALL6,7286158  
1315KU1N2017W1SO QRP ALL6,65571555.7 [Cert]
1316K2MK/12016W1SA HP 20M6,34549470.8 [Cert]
1317N1MGO2012W1SA HP ALL6,31860542.9 [Cert]
1318NF1A2004W1SA HP ALL6,200565025.3  
1319AA2Z/11982W1SO HP ALL6,1256149  
1320W1OPJ1985W1SO HP ALL6,0956253  
1321W1EBI2010W1SA HP 20M6,03253520.7 [Cert]
1322WA1N2011W1SA LP ALL (R)5,93658534.4 [Cert]
1323NV1W2015W1SO QRP ALL5,83259545.2 [Cert]
1324WA1ESO2010W1SO LP ALL5,83058553.3 [Cert]
1325KE6BER/11996W1SO LP ALL5,7206355  
1326NF1O2012W1SA LP ALL5,68749472.2 [Cert]
1327N1AFC1984W1SO QRP 15M5,6565856  
1328KA1CZF1990W1SO QRP 20M5,6106966  
1329KN1H2015W1SO QRP ALL5,50055554.0 [Cert]
1330W1MAW2010W1SO LP ALL5,47239382.9 [Cert]
1331WB1HIH1980W1SO HP 20M5,4005045  
1332W1BET1984W1SO HP ALL5,3766156  
1333W1CNU1986W1SO HP ALL5,2977872  
1334K1EEE2014W1SO LP 10M5,19453495.1 [Cert]
1335AD1L2015W1SA LP ALL (T)5,11744431.9 [Cert]
1336KE1CY2012W1SO LP ALL5,04042422.5 [Cert]
1337W1OHM2010W1SO LP ALL4,92869565.3 [Cert]
1338N4XR/11999W1SO HP ALL4,8754139  
1339K1ZM1990W1SO HP 160M4,7846346  
1340N1MD2016W1SA HP ALL4,73846462.2 [Cert]
1341KA1SOL2016W1SO LP ALL4,65550496.3 [Cert]
1342W1WY1981W1SO HP 20M4,6404040  
1343W1BJ2015W1SO LP ALL4,60652475.5 [Cert]
1344KB1GKN2012W1SO LP ALL4,54547453.6 [Cert]
1345W1WEF2005W1SO LP ALL4,06641382.2  
1346N1YX2010W1SO LP ALL (T)3,96957494.4 [Cert]
1347K1VSJ2005W1SO LP ALL (T)3,9004139  
1348AA9DY/12015W1SO LP ALL3,73842425.8 [Cert]
1349K1ZM2000W1SO HP 160M3,4654035  
1350AD1DX2012W1SA HP ALL3,42038362.9 [Cert]
1351WW1M2010W1SO LP 80M (T)3,39541353.1 [Cert]
1352KV1W1996W1SO LP ALL3,3304037  
1353W1OPJ1987W1SO HP ALL3,3114443  
1354W2HDI/12012W1SO HP 15M3,26733332.5 [Cert]
1355KM1P2006W1SO LP ALL3,255323125.6  
1356W1OHM2012W1SO LP ALL3,16043405.4 [Cert]
1357KI1U2014W1SO LP 20M3,11640382.8 [Cert]
1358W1BET1985W1SO HP ALL2,9895949  
1359W1AF2008W1SO LP ALL2,95253411.4NF1R[Cert]
1360N1VVV2013W1SA QRP 10M2,92435346.0 [Cert]
1361W1OPJ1984W1SO HP ALL2,9103630  
1362KE1R2014W1SO LP ALL2,88638374.2 [Cert]
1363N1OPZ1995W1SA HP 20M2,8443636  
1364AE1D1992W1SO HP 20M2,7604946  
1365AB1XB2016W1SA LP ALL2,75529293.4 [Cert]
1366KB1NHV2011W1SO LP ALL2,66440379.1 [Cert]
1367N1JI2016W1SO QRP ALL2,61029292.0 [Cert]
1368KA1RI2010W1SO LP ALL2,55639361.7W1XX [Cert]
1369W1MJ2009W1SO LP ALL2,54235310.5 [Cert]
1370N1IMW2013W1SO HP ALL2,53540392.7 [Cert]
1371N1NQD1995W1SA HP ALL2,5204545  
1372AE1X2002W1SO LP ALL (R)2,325333128.0  
1373KQ1V1992W1SO HP 10M2,2723532  
1374W1BK1994W1SA HP ALL2,2502625  
1375KA1GQ1981W1SO HP 20M2,2503125  
1376AJ1X1997W1SO HP ALL2,1457765  
1377K1XM1986W1SO HP 40M1,9381919  
1378KQ1F1987W1SO HP 20M1,9204040  
1379NF1O2011W1SA LP ALL1,89030301.8 [Cert]
1380KE1J2015W1SA LP ALL (T)1,86023200.6 [Cert]
1381KG1V2003W1SO LP 10M1,79427261.1  
1382N1MGO2017W1SA LP 40M1,76737312.9 [Cert]
1383AE1D2003W1SO HP ALL1,740353025.4  
1384N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M1,71130295.4 [Cert]
1385W1BET1981W1SO HP ALL1,6792823  
1386W1OPJ1982W1SO HP ALL1,6562724  
1387W1WBB2013W1SA LP ALL (T)1,63823213.2 [Cert]
1388W1BET1982W1SO HP ALL1,6083024  
1389K2MN1993W1SO HP 20M1,5303230  
1390KJ1J2014W1SO LP ALL1,36435318.6  
1391KH6CP/11986W1SO QRP ALL1,3443028  
1392AA2Z/11986W1SO HP 20M1,3263634  
1393W1HFF2016W1SO LP ALL1,20030254.7 [Cert]
1394KB1NRB2009W1SO LP ALL (R)1,18827275.6 [Cert]
1395KA1QYP2017W1SO LP ALL1,17626244.8 [Cert]
1396N1JI2017W1SO QRP ALL1,15522211.2 [Cert]
1397AD1G1993W1SO HP 160M1,1002222  
1398W3IZ/12009W1SO LP 20M1,05021210.8 [Cert]
1399AA1CA2015W1SO QRP 80M (T)1,04028263.3 [Cert]
1400KB1NHV2012W1SO LP ALL1,01223223.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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