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1201W2TT2017W2SO LP ALL12,79893798.2 [Cert]
1202K1SXD/22015W2SO LP ALL12,79862541.9 [Cert]
1203K2CS2001W2SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
1204NT2W2001W2SO LP ALL12,627806928.4  
1205WB2NFL2017W2SO LP ALL12,00876764.2 [Cert]
1206N2IW2013W2SA LP ALL (T)11,99371676.9 [Cert]
1207N1IBM/22012W2SA HP ALL (T)11,960656512.3 [Cert]
1208NQ2W2013W2SO QRP ALL (T)11,95277725.8 [Cert]
1209KA2BSK2014W2SO LP ALL11,70070606.5 [Cert]
1210K2MK1992W2SO HP ALL11,6138479  
1211WA2C1988W2SO HP 15M11,448129108  
1212KV2X2017W2SO LP ALL11,310107876.9 [Cert]
1213W2UDT2009W2SO HP ALL (T)11,25087752.6 [Cert]
1214N2JJ2011W2SO LP 20M (T)11,15478782.4 [Cert]
1215K2KTT1993W2SO QRP 15M11,0208176  
1216KA2FHN2012W2SO LP ALL10,83383698.2 [Cert]
1217NF2K1984W2SO HP 20M10,7207667  
1218W2GKZ1986W2SO HP ALL10,5307165  
1219WB2DVU1994W2SO LP ALL10,5125248  
1220W2UDT2011W2SA HP ALL (T)10,50078703.8 [Cert]
1221NN2Y1998W2SO HP ALL9,8435551  
1222K2CYE2017W2SA LP ALL9,80090702.4 [Cert]
1223WA2UDT1995W2SO HP ALL9,7686866  
1224NZ2H2014W2SO LP ALL9,600716420.1 [Cert]
1225WZ2T2001W2SO QRP ALL9,38773634.2  
1226WZ2L2016W2SA LP ALL9,29666564.6 [Cert]
1227KF2O2001W2SA HP ALL9,02863615.1  
1228KD2JC2017W2SO LP ALL8,97083653.0 [Cert]
1229WA2JQK2012W2SO HP 40M8,84052522.0 [Cert]
1230AA2TH2015W2SO LP ALL8,69463548.2 [Cert]
1231K2CS1998W2SO QRP 15M8,6148273  
1232K2PF2014W2SA LP ALL (T)8,60763573.2  
1233N2MBM1993W2SO LP ALL8,5157165  
1234N2MRM1992W2SO HP ALL8,5126464  
1235KC2MBV2012W2SO LP ALL8,49470626.4 [Cert]
1236W2JC2012W2SO LP ALL8,46061605.1 [Cert]
1237KB2MN2017W2SO LP ALL8,45083655.4 [Cert]
1238NG2D2016W2SO LP ALL8,442736710.6 [Cert]
1239N2JNZ2003W2SO QRP 40M8,29684619.0  
1240N2JSO2008W2SO LP ALL8,25674646.7 [Cert]
1241KC2GOW2007W2SO HP ALL8,23255492.3  
1242K5NA/21988W2SO HP 160M8,0529361  
1243KV2X2012W2SO LP 40M8,04075676.6 [Cert]
1244W2TE1986W2SO HP ALL7,9205144  
1245K2DB2008W2SA LP 40M7,78344431.6 [Cert]
1246K2YR2012W2SO HP ALL7,75254511.8 [Cert]
1247K2RET2016W2SA LP 20M7,59952511.2 [Cert]
1248KU2C2014W2SA LP ALL7,37953472.1 [Cert]
1249WA2JQK2010W2SO HP 40M7,33670564.8 [Cert]
1250N2FF2003W2SO LP ALL7,25768595.9  
1251WW2P2010W2SO LP 20M7,24580632.4 [Cert]
1252W2LHL2009W2SO LP 40M7,06737373.7 [Cert]
1253N2UN1992W2SO QRP 40M7,0508875  
1254K2KTT1989W2SO HP 15M6,9606158  
1255N2CG2013W2SO LP ALL6,94248393.7 [Cert]
1256N2CG2014W2SO HP ALL6,85050503.7 [Cert]
1257AB2MH2007W2SO HP 20M (T)6,84465597.7  
1258W2RR2017W2SO HP 40M6,83745432.5WA2AOG[Cert]
1259K2JF1985W2SO HP 20M6,7835857  
1260KM2L2015W2SO LP ALL (T)6,76849472.1 [Cert]
1261NY5C/22000W2SO LP ALL6,7326051  
1262W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL6,70859523.2 [Cert]
1263W2HCA1991W2SO HP ALL6,6045452  
1264KB2SE1991W2SO HP ALL6,4485452  
1265N2BCF1984W2SO HP ALL6,4005150  
1266N2WKS2001W2SO LP ALL (T)6,33648482.1  
1267K2AL2015W2SA QRP 20M6,30052505.0 [Cert]
1268WN2O2017W2SO HP 160M (T)6,25466535.0N2GC[Cert]
1269KA2ZPD1986W2SO HP 15M6,1566454  
1270N2BEG2017W2SO LP ALL6,14861582.0 [Cert]
1271K2TV2014W2SO LP ALL6,12055511.5 [Cert]
1272K2PF2012W2SO LP ALL6,07249462.3 [Cert]
1273W2NTV2013W2SA LP 10M (T)5,98452449.5 [Cert]
1274W2JEK2012W2SO QRP ALL5,95054503.5 [Cert]
1275W2CJX1979W2SO HP ALL5,8804742  
1276AA2NA2007W2SO LP ALL5,8006658  
1277K5NA/21987W2SO HP 160M5,7608364  
1278N2KPS2011W2SO LP ALL5,712565110.9 [Cert]
1279KR2Q2015W2SO LP ALL5,63346430.9 [Cert]
1280W2XL1984W2SO HP 80M5,6125046  
1281KU2Q1987W2SO HP 10M5,46012684  
1282KC2MBV2017W2SO LP ALL5,40657517.1 [Cert]
1283W2AAB2012W2SO LP 10M (T)5,40051508.6 [Cert]
1284AG2T2010W2SO LP ALL5,30459515.8 [Cert]
1285WA2AUB1979W2SO HP ALL5,3005450  
1286KV2X2015W2SO LP ALL5,24666614.0 [Cert]
1287NQ2W2011W2SO QRP ALL (T)5,23863546.3 [Cert]
1288N2MBM1994W2SO HP 20M5,1415353  
1289WA2VQV1997W2SO LP ALL5,0323737  
1290K2CRT1986W2SO HP 20M4,9925652  
1291KT2D1989W2SO HP ALL4,9005350  
1292KA2GSL1996W2SO LP 20M4,7045149  
1293W2BVH2002W2SO QRP ALL4,51253473.9  
1294NA2X2002W2SO HP 80M4,50847463.2  
1295K2TV2017W2SO LP ALL4,45955492.2 [Cert]
1296K3UK/22009W2SO LP ALL4,32065547.1 [Cert]
1297W2JEK2008W2SO QRP ALL4,27252484.9 [Cert]
1298N2TNW1995W2SO LP ALL4,1825351  
1299KU2Q1986W2SO HP 10M4,1587663  
1300W2OX2008W2SO LP ALL4,11646421.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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