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1201XV4Y20113WSO LP 10M (T)65124210.8 [Cert]
1202G4AYU2017GSO LP 10M (T)64825241.9 [Cert]
1203K4NVA2012W4SO LP 10M63015150.6N3TG[Cert]
1204EA4AOR1998EASO LP 10M6302921  
1205JF1OVA2017JA1SO LP 10M62719194.4 [Cert]
1206LU8DCF2016LUSO LP 10M (R)62719193.6  
1207JA8KGG2014JA8SO LP 10M62719191.6 [Cert]
1208HA5KDQ2010HASO LP 10M60820191.7HA1CW [Cert]
1209IZ3NVR2008ISO LP 10M60026241.1 [Cert]
1210JA1AAT1992JA1SO LP 10M5881414  
1211DF5BM2009DLSO LP 10M57524231.3 [Cert]
1212UN9PQ2014UNSO LP 10M (T)56117173.9 [Cert]
1213UR7CA1997URSO LP 10M5502322  
1214BG7IWZ2017BYSO LP 10M54627211.6 [Cert]
1215W9IXX1999W9SO LP 10M (T)5461414  
1216DJ9KH2014DLSO LP 10M54418162.0  
1217N5DTT2013W5SO LP 10M54417174.1 [Cert]
1218KC4WQ2004W4SO LP 10M54417173.3  
1219LW8EXF1997LUSO LP 10M5441616  
1220PY2BRZ2004PYSO LP 10M50414122.2  
1221RW3VZ2009UA-3SO LP 10M (T)48020201.2 [Cert]
1222SP3AOT1998SPSO LP 10M4802020  
1223RA0CDF2006RA0SO LP 10M475211925.2  
1224RQ4C2014UA-4SO LP 10M46221211.5 [Cert]
1225E77AR2009E7SO LP 10M46023202.4 [Cert]
1226JA1XPU1992JA1SO LP 10M4561919  
1227RU9CD2013RA9SO LP 10M43721193.3 [Cert]
1228JO3RCK2012JA3SO LP 10M434171411.0 [Cert]
1229JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 10M4322218  
1230JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M42018154.4  
1231OK1KZ2012OKSO LP 10M41618161.7 [Cert]
1232JG3RPL2011JA3SO LP 10M (T)40017168.6 [Cert]
1233EA7VJ2012EASO LP 10M39612121.3 [Cert]
1234DL1JPL1995DLSO LP 10M3961818  
1235JK8PBO2015JA8SO LP 10M (T)38416161.8 [Cert]
1236UN3Z2011UNSO LP 10M (T)384161617.5 [Cert]
1237ED8AMY2007EA8SO LP 10M384121226.4  
1238UA3LBE2000UA-3SO LP 10M3782221  
1239IH9YMC2014IG9SO LP 10M37212120.9 [Cert]
1240JF7GDF2013JA7SO LP 10M36414141.1 [Cert]
1241EU1CC2002EUSO LP 10M364141427.3  
1242OK2ABU2017OKSO LP 10M35720170.5 [Cert]
1243DO1UZ2012DLSO LP 10M34515150.8 [Cert]
1244SP6AYP2001SPSO LP 10M341111125.2  
1245ER5DX2010ERSO LP 10M33016151.0 [Cert]
1246JA1AAT2002JA1SO LP 10M3251313  
1247UA0WL2007RA0SO LP 10M32215142.3  
1248JA1AAT1998JA1SO LP 10M3201916  
1249K5GM2012W5SO LP 10M (T)31911110.4 [Cert]
1250EB8BRZ2007EA8SO LP 10M319111125.0  
1251JA1AAT2007JA1SO LP 10M3151515  
1252LZ2GS1993LZSO LP 10M3121212  
1253IK5YJK2007ISO LP 10M30816141.4  
1254RN3AX2002UA-3SO LP 10M300101024.6  
12557K2PBB2000JA1SO LP 10M3001312  
1256JH6SCA2015JA6SO LP 10M (T)29415142.4 [Cert]
1257KD5J2011W5SO LP 10M29011100.9 [Cert]
1258JE4URN2017JA4SO LP 10M28520150.3 [Cert]
1259JO1WIZ2016JA1SO LP 10M (T)28515152.4 [Cert]
1260RA3SS2009UA-3SO LP 10M27613121.7 [Cert]
1261HP1RIS2016HPSO LP 10M26413121.2 [Cert]
1262JA4ETH1995JA4SO LP 10M2601713  
1263PA52REH1995PASO LP 10M2551515  
1264JQ1KRT2011JA1SO LP 10M25213122.4 [Cert]
1265JA1AAT2005JA1SO LP 10M2421211  
1266RU3VV2013UA-3SO LP 10M (T)2341091.4 [Cert]
1267IT9GXE2006IT9SO LP 10M2341413  
1268JA7AXP1998JA7SO LP 10M2341713  
1269JO3RCK2013JA3SO LP 10M (T)23111117.3 [Cert]
1270JR0BUL2010JA0SO LP 10M22813123.1 [Cert]
1271ZS4JAN2005ZSSO LP 10M (R)225991.5  
1272W3EH2017W2SO LP 10M22010103.6 [Cert]
1273JA0NFP2013JA0SO LP 10M22010102.3 [Cert]
1274JR0BUL2009JA0SO LP 10M20814135.4 [Cert]
1275UA3YCX2009UA-3SO LP 10M19811111.6 [Cert]
1276SB3W2012SMSO LP 10M (T)19513130.4 [Cert]
1277PS2R2017PYSO LP 10M192880.5PY2TI[Cert]
1278T88TW2012T8SO LP 10M19213122.9 [Cert]
1279JO7GVC2013JA7SO LP 10M18213130.8 [Cert]
1280PY1NSC2011PYSO LP 10M15412112.8 [Cert]
1281EU6DX1999EUSO LP 10M15399  
1282ES4MM2016ESSO LP 10M14412121.2 [Cert]
1283JL7FBV/12009JA1SO LP 10M14313117.8 [Cert]
1284SP3AOT1994SPSO LP 10M1411311  
1285DJ9KH2013DLSO LP 10M1351191.5 [Cert]
1286JL3IVX2000JA3SO LP 10M12677  
1287DL3ME1996DLSO LP 10M1211111  
1288K1SEA2012W1SO LP 10M112771.6 [Cert]
1289UT7XT2015URSO LP 10M108660.3 [Cert]
1290RK9AY2012RA9SO LP 10M105770.1 [Cert]
1291JA1VVH1994JA1SO LP 10M991311  
1292UA3LBE2001UA-3SO LP 10M9698  
1293JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M9187  
1294G4OTY1998GSO LP 10M9076  
1295KA1VMG1996W1SO LP 10M9096  
1296DL6OCK2007DLSO LP 10M (T)819925.3  
1297KJ4AOM2008W4SO LP 10M80987.9 [Cert]
1298YB2ECG2016YBSO LP 10M (T)78660.9 [Cert]
1299UA0OA2011RA0SO LP 10M72981.1 [Cert]
1300YO8BFC2011YOSO LP 10M70771.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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