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1101NG0K2006W0SO QRP ALL8,00171638.7  
1102NV0U2001W0SO QRP ALL7,991676111.7  
1103WW0Q1993W0SO HP ALL7,9189674  
1104WB0B2012W0SO LP ALL7,77073706.2 [Cert]
1105K0NE2012W0SO QRP ALL (T)7,68062604.5 [Cert]
1106AD0H1993W0SO LP ALL7,62310477  
1107WD0AYT1979W0SO HP ALL7,5527464  
1108N0KK2017W0SA LP ALL7,52194692.7 [Cert]
1109KC0DEB2013W0SA LP ALL7,48857528.1 [Cert]
1110K0BJ1988W0SO HP ALL7,4265447  
1111W0OJW2017W0SO LP ALL7,42088705.8  
1112KJ0P2015W0SO LP ALL7,36068644.4 [Cert]
1113NN0Q2008W0SO QRP ALL7,227877314.6 [Cert]
1114K0UK2014W0SA LP ALL7,20558551.4 [Cert]
1115W0RXL1986W0SO HP ALL7,2005550  
1116N0TT2011W0SO HP 160M7,19884595.4 [Cert]
1117W0ZV1986W0SO HP 160M7,1407651  
1118KC0RET2006W0SA LP ALL7,10475643.9  
1119NO0L2015W0SA LP ALL7,08955514.2 [Cert]
1120K0JPL1999W0SO HP ALL7,0565248  
1121NN0Q2006W0SO LP ALL7,02161597.5  
1122W6GMT/02008W0SO LP ALL6,767876719.9 [Cert]
1123N0IBT2001W0SO QRP ALL6,69667545.6  
1124WB9QAF/02015W0SO QRP ALL6,64978618.7 [Cert]
1125NO2D/02014W0SO QRP ALL6,55461586.3 [Cert]
1126WB0GOB1979W0SO HP 20M6,5255245  
1127K5EMI/02016W0SA LP ALL6,43569553.4 [Cert]
1128WK0V2017W0SA LP ALL6,40075648.9K0XQ[Cert]
1129WA0MHJ2001W0SO LP ALL (T)6,302504625.7  
1130W0RSP2008W0SO QRP ALL6,20147395.3 [Cert]
1131K0IO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)6,15661543.0 [Cert]
1132KS0T2011W0SO LP ALL5,98958531.3 [Cert]
1133KJ1N/01994W0SO HP 40M5,84610079  
1134WA0RSX2009W0SO LP ALL5,72776696.8 [Cert]
1135W0NGB1990W0SO QRP ALL5,72310097  
1136WB9QAF/02016W0SO QRP ALL5,720716510.1 [Cert]
1137W0NGB1987W0SO QRP ALL5,6888779  
1138NO2D/02005W0SO QRP ALL5,67059544.5  
1139N9HDE/02014W0SO LP 20M (T)5,56554534.7 [Cert]
1140K0XTR2014W0SA HP ALL5,47258481.5 [Cert]
1141K0CS1989W0SO HP 40M5,4724036  
1142NU0T2013W0SO QRP ALL5,452785810.6 [Cert]
1143K0ARY2016W0SA LP 20M (T)5,26447473.9 [Cert]
1144N0BK2009W0SO LP ALL5,24760533.8W0QQS[Cert]
1145NE0P2001W0SO LP ALL5,220504527.0  
1146WA0LIF2017W0SO LP ALL5,208676212.2 [Cert]
1147AK0M1985W0SO HP ALL5,0766557  
1148WX5CW/02016W0SO LP ALL4,99272649.3 [Cert]
1149W0JU1984W0SO HP 80M4,8965751  
1150AJ0E1991W0SO HP ALL4,8606460  
1151N0FFZ1986W0SO HP ALL4,7779117  
1152WT0O2014W0SO QRP 20M (T)4,70464563.4K0TI[Cert]
1153K0VXU2013W0SO HP 15M4,68046451.1 [Cert]
1154WN0G2008W0SO LP ALL4,48860512.6 [Cert]
1155WN8P/02001W0SO LP ALL4,4694541  
1156N0BK2010W0SA HP ALL (T)4,44044373.2 [Cert]
1157NA0VY2007W0SO LP 20M4,42562594.1  
1158KE0MZ1987W0SO HP 15M4,3688878  
1159KE0CU2017W0SO LP ALL4,33271574.7 [Cert]
1160W7DRA/02006W0SO LP 80M4,2775547  
1161KU0W2010W0SO LP 15M4,27547452.9N0AX[Cert]
1162AD0AB2015W0SO HP ALL4,26845445.5 [Cert]
1163KF0IQ2015W0SA LP 15M4,25638388.1 [Cert]
1164KC0Q1981W0SO HP 10M4,1824741  
1165W0LHS1980W0SO HP ALL4,1804538  
1166NZ0R2006W0SO LP ALL4,171474326.3  
1167K0UK2002W0SO LP ALL4,116454226.6  
1168NS0M2014W0SA HP 15M3,99038383.1 [Cert]
1169WB0CHS1988W0SO HP ALL3,9784539  
1170NO0L2013W0SA LP ALL3,97745418.0 [Cert]
1171W0TY2011W0SO HP 20M3,91345432.7 [Cert]
1172W0PC2014W0SO LP ALL3,90648422.9 [Cert]
1173W0ODS2014W0SO HP ALL3,74035343.3 [Cert]
1174NU0W2015W0SO HP ALL3,69644445.4 [Cert]
1175AK0BC2017W0SO LP ALL3,60058508.9 [Cert]
1176WD7I/01993W0SO QRP 40M3,4045246  
1177K0PK2013W0SO LP 80M (T)3,36256414.2 [Cert]
1178W0IE2002W0SO LP 20M3,21245445.5  
1179K0AP2017W0SA HP ALL3,09637362.7 [Cert]
1180K4IU/02010W0SO HP ALL3,09653430.8 [Cert]
1181KJ0I1982W0SO HP 80M3,0728264  
1182AK0MR2017W0SA HP ALL3,071433711.2 [Cert]
1183KG0EJ1997W0SO LP ALL (T)2,8803232  
1184W8QZA/02009W0SO QRP 80M2,88050408.2 [Cert]
1185ND0C2013W0SA QRP ALL (T)2,83530271.4 [Cert]
1186AD0IU2017W0SO QRP 20M2,83553459.0 [Cert]
1187KJ0P2016W0SO LP ALL2,81645441.9 [Cert]
1188NO2D/02010W0SO QRP ALL2,81657446.1 [Cert]
1189KE0L2009W0SO LP ALL2,80847391.4 [Cert]
1190W0ZU1996W0SO LP 20M2,7903131  
1191K0CO2001W0SO LP ALL2,6244541  
1192KB0L2010W0SO LP ALL2,50147413.5 [Cert]
1193KE0L2011W0SA LP 40M (T)2,47943373.4 [Cert]
1194K0AP2011W0SO HP ALL2,46430281.5 [Cert]
1195W7DRA/02010W0SO LP 80M2,44845364.0 [Cert]
1196K0JV2005W0SO LP ALL2,38028284.6  
1197W0OJW2016W0SO LP ALL2,36045404.2  
1198NR0L2009W0SO LP ALL2,34537351.0 [Cert]
1199WB0M2007W0SO LP ALL2,268302718.7  
1200KA0IKD1985W0SO HP 20M2,1844342  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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