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1001WD8MOV1979W8SO HP ALL11,8427262  
1002AF8O1982W8SO HP ALL11,7009578  
1003K8VUS2011W8SO LP ALL11,68076734.5 [Cert]
1004WD8JYM1981W8SO HP 40M11,6648272  
1005W8TK2007W8SO HP ALL11,50281713.6  
1006W7JI/82012W8SO QRP 20M11,47076749.2 [Cert]
1007KJ8I1981W8SO HP ALL11,43914893  
1008N8AGU2010W8SO HP ALL (T)11,42457563.6 [Cert]
1009K8ZT2011W8SO QRP ALL11,36078713.3 [Cert]
1010W8EAO1979W8SO HP 20M11,13610187  
1011W8IMZ1987W8SO HP 80M11,05018385WB8MRU 
1012W8WTS2012W8SO LP 40M (T)11,03363592.1 [Cert]
1013W8EAO1989W8SO QRP ALL10,8808080  
1014K7DR/82014W8SO LP ALL (T)10,79276713.1 [Cert]
1015KA8UOT1995W8SO LP ALL10,7878167  
1016AB8OU2016W8SA LP ALL10,33672687.8 [Cert]
1017N8BHL2013W8SO HP ALL (T)10,30546453.1 [Cert]
1018AF8C1995W8SO LP 20M10,2968578  
1019W8ILC1982W8SO QRP 40M10,2409080  
1020K8AO2009W8SO LP ALL10,03393796.8 [Cert]
1021K8WW1980W8SO HP 10M10,01010277  
1022WD8MOV1982W8SO HP ALL9,8917263  
1023W8IDM1999W8SO LP ALL9,8585353  
1024KB8X2009W8SO LP ALL9,758988210.6 [Cert]
1025KN8J2005W8SO LP ALL9,66470645.4  
1026W8OHT2015W8SO HP ALL9,62580775.4 [Cert]
1027W8NNC2016W8SO QRP 40M9,45386696.7 [Cert]
1028NS8O2015W8SA HP ALL9,29565651.5 [Cert]
1029W8TK2009W8SA LP ALL9,12956512.0 [Cert]
1030K8LJG1979W8SO HP 20M8,7926056  
1031AI8S1986W8SO HP 20M8,7236161  
1032K8MJZ2013W8SO LP ALL8,43280624.3 [Cert]
1033W8PN2000W8SO LP ALL (T)8,4006260  
1034KD8W2005W8SO LP 20M8,296706835.2  
1035W8NNC2014W8SO QRP 40M8,25064555.2 [Cert]
1036AF8C1998W8SO LP 20M8,0247968  
1037N8MK1980W8SO HP 40M7,6166056  
1038KV8S1994W8SO QRP ALL7,4467973  
1039W8KH2012W8SO HP ALL7,395605119.5 [Cert]
1040NV8N2017W8SA HP ALL7,30391672.9 [Cert]
1041AF8C1994W8SO LP ALL7,08411892  
1042W8IMZ1979W8SO HP ALL7,0396449  
1043N8CQA1996W8SO QRP 20M7,0085048  
1044KT8X2010W8SA LP ALL7,00056561.2 [Cert]
1045WQ8RP2017W8SO QRP 20M (T)6,95878717.6N8XX[Cert]
1046N8GU2013W8SO HP ALL6,93062553.1 [Cert]
1047K8HF1984W8SO HP 20M6,6815651  
1048W8PN1993W8SO LP ALL6,6274947  
1049K8MR1988W8SO HP 20M6,6005744  
1050W8NNC2015W8SO QRP 40M6,51077626.2 [Cert]
1051WB2DFC/82010W8SO LP ALL6,48087727.8 [Cert]
1052K8AJS2012W8SO LP ALL6,43249481.1 [Cert]
1053KT8D2014W8SA LP ALL (T)6,40139376.9 [Cert]
1054AA8LL2010W8SA HP ALL6,30049452.8 [Cert]
1055NX2PX/82010W8SA HP ALL6,09651485.0 [Cert]
1056KG8DH2015W8SA LP 20M6,00048486.0 [Cert]
1057AA8R2014W8SA QRP 40M5,98051464.1 [Cert]
1058NO8C2011W8SA LP 40M5,94067543.8 [Cert]
1059AF8C1991W8SO HP ALL5,8424846  
1060WY8DX2009W8SA LP ALL5,80844442.4K8GT[Cert]
1061AD8Y2016W8SO LP ALL5,72370594.7 [Cert]
1062W8TM2004W8SO QRP 40M5,67157532.4  
1063AA8R2012W8SA HP 10M (T)5,61652485.5 [Cert]
1064NF8U2014W8SA LP ALL5,59047436.1  
1065W8NNC2017W8SO QRP 40M5,52966573.6 [Cert]
1066W8EH2014W8SO QRP 20M5,46057523.9 [Cert]
1067NF8M2009W8SO LP ALL5,39059551.5 [Cert]
1068W8DO1999W8SO LP 10M5,3105045  
1069NF8M2007W8SO QRP 20M5,30767613.1  
1070KZ8E2004W8SO LP ALL5,289454310.3  
1071K8MJZ2014W8SO LP ALL5,20254511.7 [Cert]
1072NF8M2010W8SO QRP ALL5,18765573.6 [Cert]
1073K8GT2003W8SO LP ALL5,074454326.3  
1074W8IMZ1984W8SO HP 80M5,04010772WB8MRU 
1075W8IDM1998W8SO LP ALL4,8916767  
1076W8UVZ1981W8SO HP 40M4,8244436  
1077K8MR1982W8SO HP ALL4,7604640  
1078N8CQA1990W8SO QRP ALL4,5967168  
1079AB8DF1999W8SO QRP ALL4,4463938  
1080N8EKS1984W8SO HP ALL4,3874541  
1081W8WTS2010W8SO LP ALL4,38659433.7 [Cert]
1082KF8TM1998W8SO HP 10M4,3685148  
1083W8EX1983W8SO HP 20M4,2184038  
1084AA8UP1997W8SO QRP 20M4,1045554  
1085K8MR1994W8SO HP ALL4,0954239  
1086KD8GOX2009W8SO LP ALL3,99556475.2 [Cert]
1087K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL3,72458497.6 [Cert]
1088NF8M2016W8SO QRP 20M3,52548472.9 [Cert]
1089AF8C1993W8SO LP 20M3,4413837  
1090KC8UR2006W8SO LP ALL (R)3,440454026.4  
1091W8EH2011W8SO QRP 20M (T)3,36048486.2 [Cert]
1092N8EKS1986W8SO HP 20M3,1683612  
1093N8WS2013W8SO LP ALL3,07142374.8 [Cert]
1094N8CQA1981W8SO QRP ALL2,8803432  
1095KC8SQC2007W8SO QRP ALL (T)2,829474111.8  
1096W8CAR1980W8SO HP ALL2,7843629  
1097N8NOE2009W8SO LP ALL2,67951472.1 [Cert]
1098KN8D2011W8SO LP 15M (T)2,628393611.9 [Cert]
1099WA8UMT2013W8SO LP ALL2,58435343.0  
1100AA8U2000W8SO HP 80M2,4363129  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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