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1001NV9X2009W9SO LP ALL6,2401069619.4 [Cert]
1002KA9ZAP1995W9SO HP ALL6,0724946  
1003KB9S2013W9SO LP 15M (T)6,06952512.2 [Cert]
1004ND9C2015W9SO HP ALL5,99557553.1W9TC[Cert]
1005NJ9Z2010W9SO HP ALL5,98553452.5 [Cert]
1006N9LYE2017W9SO LP ALL5,89072626.0 [Cert]
1007KB9PY1982W9SO HP 15M5,7345647  
1008K1TN/92014W9SO LP 20M (T)5,71250485.0 [Cert]
1009N9LF2006W9SA LP ALL5,68464496.5  
1010W9HR2007W9SO LP ALL5,5685048  
1011WQ9T2010W9SO LP ALL5,55960512.9 [Cert]
1012N9BT2011W9SO LP ALL5,40859524.4 [Cert]
1013N9GBB2012W9SO LP 20M5,40652517.0 [Cert]
1014WD8DSB/92014W9SO LP 160M5,40077545.3 [Cert]
1015KK9DX2001W9SO LP ALL5,39051494.4  
1016W9IIX2012W9SA HP ALL5,37143414.1 [Cert]
1017K9HCK2006W9SO LP ALL5,33560554.5  
1018AB9M2015W9SA LP ALL (T)5,28944433.4 [Cert]
1019KC9EE2017W9SA QRP 40M5,28049443.7 [Cert]
1020WQ9T2011W9SO LP ALL5,25055504.1 [Cert]
1021K9FO2013W9SO LP ALL (T)5,23257482.3 [Cert]
1022K9PY2005W9SO LP ALL5,19849467.6  
1023N9BT2010W9SO LP ALL5,14864524.9 [Cert]
1024KA9VHG2007W9SO LP ALL5,141595329.3  
1025W9TNZ1979W9SO HP ALL5,1254441  
1026W9AKS2013W9SO LP 15M (T)5,06055553.8 [Cert]
1027AF9J2015W9SO QRP ALL5,05060506.9 [Cert]
1028W9KHH1987W9SO HP ALL5,0327874  
1029NE0P/91995W9SO LP 20M4,9505045  
1030KC0TOT/92015W9SO LP ALL4,77348439.3  
1031W9PNE1998W9SO QRP ALL4,7607768  
1032W9IIX2017W9SA HP 20M4,758656110.0 [Cert]
1033NI9C1990W9SO QRP 15M4,7206659  
1034KI9A1982W9SO QRP 20M4,6979177  
1035NQ9A2016W9SA LP ALL4,67463578.1 [Cert]
1036KG9N2004W9SO LP 20M4,65557491.0  
1037K9PG2017W9SA LP ALL4,63349414.7 [Cert]
1038K9OZ2012W9SO QRP ALL4,62857524.1 [Cert]
1039N9GUN2013W9SA LP ALL4,41652464.1 [Cert]
1040W9RN2016W9SO LP ALL4,27249484.0 [Cert]
1041W9PNE1999W9SO QRP ALL4,2404040  
1042K9HCK2007W9SO LP ALL (T)4,21259523.3  
1043KD9MS2017W9SO LP 20M4,18646461.8 [Cert]
1044W9PNE2000W9SO QRP ALL4,1204040  
1045N9AVG2002W9SO QRP ALL4,08547435.0  
1046WD9IAB1986W9SO HP 20M4,04211385  
1047K9PLX2003W9SO LP ALL4,02959516.0  
1048W9AKS2017W9SO HP 40M (T)3,95061503.7 [Cert]
1049K9OSH2005W9SO LP 20M3,93939391.0  
1050KK9DX2016W9SO LP 20M3,83838384.2 [Cert]
1051W9ILY2011W9SO LP ALL3,77356491.6 [Cert]
1052N9BT2014W9SA LP ALL3,68042402.9 [Cert]
1053KE9EX2012W9SO LP ALL3,67236364.3 [Cert]
1054N9DMA2016W9SA LP ALL3,479534911.4 [Cert]
1055WU9D2013W9SO LP ALL3,47153394.1 [Cert]
1056K9FOH2006W9SO QRP ALL3,45062466.3  
1057AF9J2011W9SO QRP ALL3,40862484.8 [Cert]
1058WO9B2016W9SA QRP ALL3,40245425.7 [Cert]
1059NE9U2014W9SO QRP ALL3,384897217.7VE5AE[Cert]
1060AF9J2007W9SO QRP ALL3,38061526.4  
1061N9NBC2015W9SA QRP 20M3,26648465.1 [Cert]
1062W9CC2011W9SO QRP 20M3,22048463.7 [Cert]
1063AI9I2009W9SO LP ALL3,17451465.6 [Cert]
1064K9ZT2013W9SA LP ALL3,13534335.4  
1065AF9J1998W9SO QRP ALL3,1287068  
1066WQ9T2009W9SO LP 20M3,06934332.0 [Cert]
1067W9FFA2017W9SA HP ALL3,00050404.4 [Cert]
1068WD8DSB/92013W9SO LP 160M2,92651384.0 [Cert]
1069K9PLX2011W9SO LP ALL2,88842383.9 [Cert]
1070K1GI/92010W9SA HP ALL2,86758472.2 [Cert]
1071WX9U2010W9SO HP 20M2,83836331.5 [Cert]
1072K9DTB1997W9SO QRP ALL2,8244745  
1073KX9DX2001W9SO LP 40M2,821363125.7  
1074WB9CHY2009W9SO LP ALL2,81443425.4 [Cert]
1075N9GUN2017W9SA HP ALL (T)2,76946392.2 [Cert]
1076AF9J2006W9SO QRP ALL2,73063427.9  
1077KA9IMX1998W9SO LP 20M2,6984038  
1078KX9DX2003W9SO LP 80M2,680524028.8  
1079KE9EX2011W9SO LP ALL2,66830293.5 [Cert]
1080AI9T2016W9SA HP ALL2,62242381.4 [Cert]
1081KS9U1984W9SO QRP 80M2,6005450  
1082AF9J2010W9SO QRP ALL2,52052404.7 [Cert]
1083WU9D2015W9SA LP 40M2,50723233.1 [Cert]
1084N9TF2009W9SO LP 80M (T)2,48443363.2 [Cert]
1085W9IIX2013W9SA HP 20M2,46046414.8 [Cert]
1086N9TF2010W9SO LP 10M (T)2,33138372.4 [Cert]
1087N9GBB2011W9SO LP 20M2,33138373.4 [Cert]
1088KK9V1982W9SO HP 40M2,3005046  
1089WB0PTO/92012W9SO HP ALL2,24240384.5 [Cert]
1090K9GY2017W9SO LP 20M2,14539391.8 [Cert]
1091KK9V2012W9SA LP 10M (T)2,04631314.5 [Cert]
1092AA9AX1994W9SO LP 160M2,01610072  
1093AD9T2007W9SA LP ALL2,01031302.3  
1094KA9FOX2011W9SA HP ALL1,95534231.5 [Cert]
1095KB9WBM2006W9SO LP 20M1,94734337.0  
1096KA9AUS1980W9SO HP 10M1,9244237  
1097W9IND2009W9SO HP 160M1,86047304.6 [Cert]
1098N9NW1998W9SO LP ALL1,8603130  
1099W9AEM2004W9SO LP ALL1,8002524  
1100KE9EX2013W9SO LP ALL1,66426263.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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