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901N9LJX2017W9SA LP 40M14,70083704.9 [Cert]
902W9VQ2008W9SO LP ALL (T)14,51486823.1 [Cert]
903K9PMV2013W9SO LP ALL14,50887783.2 [Cert]
904K9AIH2011W9SA LP ALL14,448102846.8 [Cert]
905N9DD2011W9SO LP ALL14,02595753.8 [Cert]
906WB8RFB/92016W9SA LP ALL13,72872665.1 [Cert]
907KB9YGD2007W9SO HP ALL13,689968116.1  
908KC9GBX2008W9SO LP ALL13,6891048111.4 [Cert]
909KB9O2012W9SA LP ALL13,61678746.7 [Cert]
910W9AEM2005W9SO LP ALL13,5787373  
911W9AKS2012W9SO LP 15M (T)13,36383838.3 [Cert]
912WM9Q2013W9SA HP 20M (T)13,27282793.0 [Cert]
913K0TQ/92015W9SA HP ALL13,26065651.7  
914KG9LZ2005W9SO LP ALL13,01396778.3  
915W9CM2001W9SO LP ALL (T)12,9209076  
916W9FFA2016W9SA HP ALL12,87998814.5 [Cert]
917KB9S2017W9SO LP 20M12,870122903.7 [Cert]
918KB9YGD2009W9SO LP ALL12,8351028514.1 [Cert]
919N9BT2008W9SO LP ALL12,6921037610.2 [Cert]
920WB8RFB/92012W9SA LP ALL12,67275726.4 [Cert]
921AA9IO1995W9SO HP 20M12,6548074  
922KJ9C2017W9SO HP ALL12,64096791.4 [Cert]
923K9AIH2010W9SO LP ALL12,580101749.5 [Cert]
924AF9J2016W9SO QRP ALL12,5551118110.8 [Cert]
925KK9V2017W9SA HP 20M (T)12,516101843.1 [Cert]
926KC9QQ2013W9SA LP ALL12,28480745.5 [Cert]
927KU9V2015W9SO LP ALL12,28380717.9 [Cert]
928AG3R/92008W9SO LP ALL12,212108864.0 [Cert]
929AB9CD2017W9SA HP ALL12,141717111.3  
930W9PNE1982W9SO QRP ALL12,1369174  
931K9GDF1982W9SO HP ALL12,10311691  
932WB9HRO1982W9SO HP ALL12,09610496  
933AB9PN2017W9SA HP ALL12,070717110.3 [Cert]
934N9LQ2017W9SA HP 80M (T)11,970105705.7 [Cert]
935KW9N1984W9SO QRP ALL11,86910283  
936KB9KEG2012W9SA HP ALL11,85974676.1 [Cert]
937K9PNG1982W9SO QRP ALL11,700134100  
938KS9J1985W9SO HP 15M11,61611096  
939KY9P1984W9SO HP ALL11,61010086  
940N9HDE2008W9SO LP 40M11,60797738.1 [Cert]
941WD9IIX1979W9SO HP 20M11,57013789  
942AF9J2013W9SO QRP ALL11,48095828.8 [Cert]
943N9ENA1995W9SO LP 40M11,4248984  
944KS9J1983W9SO HP 15M11,3568068  
945N9BOR2004W9SO LP ALL11,17299844.2  
946KA9VHG2012W9SO LP ALL11,16979734.5 [Cert]
947K9BGL1984W9SO HP ALL10,9446957  
948K9GY2004W9SO QRP ALL10,87279723.1  
949WQ9T2017W9SO LP ALL10,857101773.9 [Cert]
950K9DUR2013W9SA HP ALL10,85084705.6 [Cert]
951W9AKS2016W9SO HP 40M (T)10,72087807.7 [Cert]
952AF9J2009W9SO QRP ALL10,40090807.5 [Cert]
953K9DUR2017W9SO HP ALL10,36896723.8 [Cert]
954W9YYG1995W9SO HP 20M10,327279229  
955KK9V2011W9SO HP 20M (T)10,27582752.3 [Cert]
956KC9EE2016W9SO LP 20M10,07481732.6 [Cert]
957KK9V2013W9SA HP 40M (T)9,95472633.6 [Cert]
958KY9P1985W9SO HP ALL9,888105103  
959ND9Z2016W9SO LP ALL9,80490765.1  
960N9LYE2012W9SO LP ALL9,66467644.4 [Cert]
961W9CM2000W9SO LP ALL9,5488062  
962KC9TV1997W9SO LP 40M9,4304341  
963N9WVM2017W9SO LP ALL9,272917611.0 [Cert]
964N9ID2016W9SA LP ALL9,07256562.2 [Cert]
965WA9VEE2009W9SO LP ALL9,02057557.9 [Cert]
966WA9LEY2010W9SO LP ALL8,96079704.5 [Cert]
967W9RE2013W9SO LP ALL8,92873622.4 [Cert]
968WC9B2010W9SO LP ALL8,84470676.1 [Cert]
969W9VQ2010W9SO LP ALL8,83277694.3 [Cert]
970K9CS2005W9SO LP 10M8,77572655.6  
971W9SE2017W9SO LP ALL8,64378672.5 [Cert]
972AF9J2014W9SO QRP ALL8,64377678.5  
973W9SE2009W9SA HP 10M8,614103739.7 [Cert]
974KE0L/92015W9SO LP 40M8,53357532.0 [Cert]
975N9KO2002W9SO LP ALL8,51572656.2  
976K9GDF1981W9SO HP ALL8,50010468  
977W9YCV1986W9SO HP 20M8,4155655  
978KG9N1986W9SO QRP ALL8,3705954  
979N9BT2015W9SA LP ALL8,23567616.4 [Cert]
980AF9J2012W9SO QRP ALL8,120827011.1 [Cert]
981W9PNE1992W9SO QRP ALL8,1137061  
982W9LW2015W9SA LP ALL8,03761572.2 [Cert]
983AF9J2008W9SO QRP ALL7,9921067411.9 [Cert]
984KX9DX2014W9SO HP ALL (T)7,93668643.8 [Cert]
985WO9S2010W9SO QRP ALL7,90676671.6 [Cert]
986KY6AA/92016W9SA LP 80M7,87470629.6 [Cert]
987N9LYE2005W9SO HP ALL7,86975615.6  
988K9QH2008W9SO LP ALL7,44844383.8 [Cert]
989WT9Q2014W9SO LP ALL7,12883726.3 [Cert]
990AK9N1983W9SO QRP ALL7,1286754  
991W9LYA2005W9SO LP ALL (T)7,089585126.7  
992NE9A2006W9SO LP ALL7,00354479.1  
993WD9DZV2007W9SO LP 10M6,882846230.2  
994K1TH/91979W9SO HP ALL6,86411066  
995WQ9T2008W9SO LP ALL6,75877626.0 [Cert]
996WD9GGY1981W9SO HP ALL6,7055445  
997KX9DX2011W9SO HP 80M (T)6,52782614.7 [Cert]
998AJ9C2013W9SA LP ALL6,43167591.6 [Cert]
999N9LYE2016W9SO LP ALL6,43169594.9 [Cert]
1000KA9AOD1979W9SO HP 10M6,3867462  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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