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Mar 17

Contesting is a social game.  There are real people behind the callsigns in our log. Sometimes they give us joy, and sometimes a headache.  It is all part of the experience.

The social message site Twitter (www.twitter.com) provides a global real-time feed for sharing and communicating short messages with each other. Each Tweet is limited to 140 characters, but it is amazing how much fun you can share in that small form.

Twitter has a feature known as hash tags. They are a way of tagging your message for a specific audience or subject.  We are suggesting to use the hash tag #cqwpx for any messages related to the CQ WPX Contest. There is a new widget on the home page at www.cqwpx.com that will display any Tweet that contains the hash tag #cqwpx.

We would like to see participants use the Twitter #cqwpx hash tag to report their experiences during the upcoming CQ WPX SSB contest. Simply post a Tweet with #cqwpx and it will appear on the CQ WPX home page. Twitter also gives us a historical record to review later when preparing the contest writeup.  Please comment on unusual band openings, great rates, or epic DX contacts.

Examples using #cqwpx:

  • 15 meters is wide open today #cqwpx
  • Just worked P29 long path on 10 meters in #cqwpx

We also want to conduct an experiment in social feedback.  Use Twitter with #cqwpx to report stations that are not showing good sportsmanship on the bands. Include the call, time, and observation in your Tweet. This real-time feedback will create a public warning and will give us a log of what we may need to investigate.


  • #cqwpx XX1XX out band on 14349.9 at 1923z
  • #cqwpx XX2ZZ very wide splatter 21233 at 1144z

You can post Tweets right from the CQ WPX home page.  You will need to have a Twitter account before you can post a tweet.  Accounts are free and very easy to set up.

Please do not use Twitter as a chat room for making QSOs.

This is all for fun so please be nice.

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone in #cqwpx Mar 30-31
Mar 5

The WWROF continues its series of free Webinars with one focused on the upcoming CQ WPX Contest. CQ Contest Director Randy K5ZD will provide an overview of the rule changes for CQ WPX 2013 and will answer questions from the audience about the contest.

Date: March 24, 2013

Time: 1900 UTC (3pm EDST)

Registration Link:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/499861946

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) is dedicated to improving the skills of amateur radio operators around the world, utilizing education, competition, advancement of technology and scientific research, promoting international friendship and goodwill, and preparing them to better serve society in times of communication need.  More information at www.wwrof.org.

Feb 7

The CQ Triathalon Award was created in 2012 to recognize the best combined scores from the CQ WPX RTTY, SSB, and CW contests. The award was conceived by Rudy Bakalov, N2WQ. Rudy sponsor a plaque for this triple-mode challenge.

Award rules:

  1. The CQ Triathlon Award is open to everyone who operates in any Single-Op category in all three CQ WPX contests: RTTY, SSB and CW.
  2. Contenders must make a minimum of 500 QSOs in each mode.
  3. Any Single-Op category may be used in each mode: Single-Op All Band or Single Band, Single-Op Assisted, and any power category. These can be different for each mode.
  4. The Single-Op can operate from any location and the location for each mode may be different.
  5. Score will be based on the total score from all three contests.
  6. Results will be included with the CQ WPX CW results.

The top scorers for the 2012 WPX Triathlon were:

LU1FAM 24,881,565
UN7LZ 17,295,459
KU1CW 16,974,344
JH4UYB 16,916,729
VE7CC 16,616,740
LY9Y 16,494,618
UR0MC 16,072,448
AA3B 13,770,858
K6XX 12,260,955
YU1EA 11,595,704
UR3QCW 11,206,638
WL7E 10,913,852
UR7GO 10,334,293
9A3NM 9,631,851

Congratulations to Luc, LU1FAM, on his victory!

This award will be available for the 2013 contests. WPX RTTY is this weekend! Get on and get started.

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