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VE3ANXSO HP 15MI had a lot of fun. I hope to participate next year. 73: Vlad
VE3MISMSHAnother good session for training contest operators. Always new things to learn every time a contest is entered. Special thanks to all who took the time to stop by and gave us a new multiplier and a contact.
VE5MCSO LP ALLThis was my first ever major contest and I enjoyed it immensly. I learned a lot and hope to do better next time.
VE5RIMMMurphy struck immediately. DXTelnet 2 meter link failed after working nicely the day before. One station started with log on 20 and rig on 15: so the serial numbers on 20 start at 10: but we finally got going and the rest of the contest was pure fun.
VE6FIMMWe were actually ready when the contest started. All the network problems had been figured out. The amplifier that had the flash over on the TUNE capacitor was pulled out of service. All the rotators were working.
VE7AVVSO LP 10MThis was my second contest:I had a great time!!
VE7FCOChecklogLog for checking purposes. Just wanted to work some other Prefixes and give contact
VE7NNNSA HP 20MMy first serious attempt at single op contesting. Had a whole lot of fun.
VE7VRSO LP ALLHad forgotten how much fun a contest can be. Looking forward to many more.
VE9WHSA LP ALLGot a late start but had a ball.
VK1JDXSO HP 20MA very slow start: no contacts in the first few hours. Jammed rotator made the second day less competitive: but still The Best Contest! I wish some would just LISTEN in my direction - YW4A: 3V8BB and others.
VK2CASO LP ALLThe rudeness level of some ops seems to be rising each year. Maybe some emphasis on operating courtesy should be encouraged. You would think that money was riding on each QSO with some stations ie: contact at all costs regardless of common courtesy. But f
VK4CEJSO HP 10MIt seems that everything was against those of us in VK this year. I lent my shack to a friend for the contest and band conditions were so poor that after 32 hours he gave up.. I then decided to give it a go and after 6.5 hours I had only 411 contacts.. Sp
VK4EJSO LP 10MMy choice of single band 10M turned out to be a disappointment as it opened late and closed early. I spent many hours of listening to white noise with no workable signals.
VK5GNSO HP ALLConditions went from terrible through lousy to barely acceptable! I am one: or two: skips too far. The old 30 hour format would have made me at least able to be competitive.
VK6JIPSO LP 20MGreat to be on the air again. 100W into a vertical does well.
W1TOSO LP ALLUsed N1MM logging program for first time.
W2PISO LP ALLBreak: 24-Mar-01 03:19 to 24-Mar-01 13:23 Break: 24-Mar-01 14:21 to 24-Mar-01 15:51 Break: 24-Mar-01 17:43 to 24-Mar-01 20:38 Break: 25-Mar-01 01:41 to 25-Mar-01 03:03
W2RDSSO LP ALLMy first CQ WPX contest! Great fun - looking forward to doing better next year.
W4AMPSO LP ALLLow power was great. Really enjoyed the JA's blasting in Saturday night! See ya next year.
W4SVOSO LP 20MOperated at my Dad's stn - lots of fun - 1st time 20 mtrs.
W6CNSO QRP 20MSorry to report my computer had problem with counting SEQUENCE numbers. Have missing and double numbers....Gave up trying to correct: so gave out # computer said! Please don't penalize others for my problem!! TIME ON/OFF 07:10 to 15:15: 08:20 to 15:00: 17
W6NSSO LP ALLPart time operation between weekend chores = still making up for a Jamaica trip.
W6QUSO QRP 40MRolling blackouts are a real risk out here in W6 land but I never got hit
W6SASO LP ALLPower did not exceed 100 watts. Time Off was: 3/24 0640 - 1210 3/24 1306 - 1559 3/25 0815 - 1231 Reached all the goals I set for this contest. Next year I'm going to really have to work hard to beat my best score: ever. 40 and
W6XR/2MSHHad just awful QRN and coditions thanks to the sun and the snow squalls. We were killed by latitude!
W7/JR1NKNSO QRP 10MQTH/Redmond: WA. The maximum output power in the contest was 5 watts. Thank you for the QSOs.
W8AEF/7SO HP ALLReal wierd propagation on 24 March beginning at 0624Z on 20. I worked KX8R: S53EO: EM1KCC with the tribander pointing southeast when I could not hear them on the monobander aimed at Europe.
WA2YJFSO LP 10MThe band seemed better on sunday.
WA2ZOU/5SO LP ALLFirst HF contest!
WA4JASO LP 10MIt would have been a multi-band entry but the old tube rig fritzed at the last minute. Also, my Rottweiler ate the coax to my multi-band antenna the day before the contest.
WA6DLMSO HP ALLCasually operated to get a bunch of new countries for me!! I'll have to do this one seriously next year. I can see top ops getting DXCC in one contest! Nice turnout and good band conditions!
WB7OCV/2SO QRP 20MRotten conditions. A QRP'ers nightmare!
WB8TLISO HP ALLMy new reading glasses (prescribed by myself) sure helped me see my computer screen better this year. Isn't it fun getting older.
WD5GSLMSH1st time this station has been in a contest since mid 80's. Tnx all the Q's and look for us in CW
WF2BSO HP ALLFirst WPX high power although I ran barefoot most of time. Next year I will use packet for spotting! Antenna R 7000 Vertical
WI0WASO LP 160MConditions on 160 were not good High noise levels combined with
WM5RSO HP 10MA couple weeks before the contest: George K5TR invited me to come operate the WPX phone contest at his new station. The operating room is part of a new two-car garage that George and his wife began building a little over a year ago: with the help of their
WN6KSO LP ALLFirst time using Writelog Program - so I think I was distracted a bit so the score is down from last year.
WO4OSO HP ALLamp died Saturday nite. Got it back except for 10M: Made Sunday a bit more challenging. Thanks Ric!
WS1A/2SO LP ALLThe WPX brings out the best in us. In 36 hours: I heard no arguing: jamming or cussing! The WPX is more than a contest: it's a polite competition between friends - both old and new
WS7VSO LP ALLPropagation was not as strong as the 2000 WPX test. I fell behind early and never recovered.
WV2LIMSHIt was fun to do
WX6VSO LP 10MOnly had a few hours to spare on Sunday. What a fun day!!
XE1BEFSO LP 10MExcellent propagation toward Europe: in 10 meters. Pity. My radio was damaged and the power was of 20 watts but with distortion.
XE2AUBSO LP ALLThanks to all operators and CQ magazine for such a good time. Was very much fun and very nice contest operators.
ZD8KMSHMost exciting WPX to date from this fantastic location.
ZL1TMSO LP ALLTS-570DG with 100 Wt was used for all contacts: 3 el tribander was used for 10-15-20 m contacts: dipole was used for 40m. I am licensed since September 1999. Ron H40RW (ZL1AMO) kindly gave me points and mult at the end of the contest. I think I was his on

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