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EW4WEMSLTnx fer contest!
EW7DKSO LP 15MTS-570 DG INV V 80-40 HF-37 20-15-10
EW8RSO LP 160MInverted L antenna + Yaesu FT897D - 100 W. Thanks for FB contest!
F1EOYSA LP ALL100 watts + dipoles
F2FZSO HP ALLTRX FT-5000 @200 watts, antenna Ultrabeam UB20-MX
F4FLOSO LP ALLGreat 15m band !
F4FSVSO QRP ALLDid the contest with 5W (FT-817) and 83m loop for a few hours. Thanks to all for patience to listen to QRP stations. 73
F4GFTSO LP ALLThat was fun!
F4GLQSO LP 20MRIG YAESU FT2000 - 100 W w/home made quarter wave vert. antenna
F6IRASA HP 80MJust few hours for the fun
FR4QTSO HP 15M(licended since 01/2015)
G0CSO LP ALLFirst use of my short call, only did contest time sunday enjoted it though
G0MCVSO HP 20Mgreat
G2FMSHWPX is great fun, 10m had short openings to SA both days, 15m never really got going for any length of time, 80m and 160m were very noisy. Station improvements were mostly successful, more to complete as a few areas were troublesome or didn't work as required Thanks to our guest op and the team Jim M0CKE .. Station Manager and Cook @ G2F
G3PRISO QRP ALLat 75 I still enjoy the challenge of contesting. great fun, as usual. Thanks to those who had the patience to cope with my qrp signals in the chaos
G3PXTSO HP 40Mts590sg with fauly front end
G3YRZSO LP 20MUsing indoor folded dipole and only moderate conditions
G3ZNRSO QRP 20MI enjoy taking part in the CQWW Contests but alas I do not have a computer logging program or the knowledge to use one
G4DDXSO LP ALLonly managed 12 hrs but very busy. ten not open here only one qso on 10. I had fun and it was enjoyable SD worked well
G4HBISO HP 15MGreat Contest VERY poor Wx,location 1350 Ft ASL 60MPH winds, rain, hail, thunder storm curtailed operations somewhat
G4OTUSO LP ALLFt1000MP..100W and 120ft endfed longwire
G7KXZAQ ALLA challenging weekend! But great fun
G7YMSHFirst outing together field day style. Gales all weekend
G8NVX/PSO QRP ALLGreat time, hard work but enjoyable..Cheers all for the points
G8ZRESO LP ALLNot as much DX worked No stations heard on 10 metres
GM0OQVSA HP ALLHad a great time in the contest
GM4UYZSA LP 20MVery limited to when I could get on so did search and pounce
GM7AM2New Ops good result for first attempt
GW4BLESO HP ALLlimited activity, just set a 1,000 target. contest audio will be at http://gw4ble.dxlist.co.uk
GZ5YSO HP ALLLots of aurora
HA3OUSA HP ALLThanks for the QSOs Guys! RIG, YAESU FT-2000, AMERITRON AL-811 AMP [PWR 3-400W OUT] ANTs, H/M 5B. HF6V VERTICAL (single feed line from the transmitter), H/M 80/160m DIPOLE (single feed line from the transmitter). 73/DX Joco Ha3oU
HA5YGSO LP ALLIC 756 PRO III, ant.: inv. V + DFH-6 yagi
HA6NLSA LP ALLICOM756pro 100w 3el yagi GP-s, dipoles
HA8CQSA LP ALLTRX: IC-746 ANT: Tribander wire dipol
HA9TSA HP ALLFirst activation of my new contest call. Special thanks to HA6PX for letting me use his station
HB0Y/PD5AXSA LP ALLQRV from a hotel room in Steg, Liechtenstein. KX3, inverted vee antenna on the balcony. HB0Y is a difficult, unknown novice-prefix... But I managed to get some stations in the log Tnx everyone and 73! Claudia PD5AX
HB20AAMSLElecraft K3 100 Watts Antennas - Force 12 C-4s (2 el. on 28/21/14 MHz- Dipole on 7 MHz) Inverted L for 3,5 and 1,8 MHz
HB3YRUSO LP 15MSingle Band 15M
HB9ATSA LP ALLSuper Contest auch mit einer Sendeleistung von ca. 100 Watt hat man die M???glichkeit 231 OM's zu erreichen. Wir nehmen n???chstes Jahr wieder teil. 73 Roland HB9FLK
HB9CAMSHThanks to a permission from our OFCOM, we were able to introduce some of our familiy to ham radio and contesting. HB9FMU's wife Vera and my (HB9DDO) two sons spent some time with S&P. Time will tell if they got the bug or not -) vy 73, Stephan HB9DDO
HB9FBPSA LP ALLTnx for hamspirit in the contest... 73 de HB9FBP/ Francesco
HC7AESO LP 15MGracias por el excelente concurso y organizaci
HK3CSO HP ALLAntenna: K4KIO HexBeam on roof tower 15 meters above ground Transceiver: IC-7851 Amp: Acom 1000 Location: gated community with close neighbors
HL5ZEESO HP 15MLicense gained 10-17-2014
HR2WWSA LP ALLGreat Contest ,and excellent Propagation. Cu Next year !
HS0ZHCSO LP ALLgood contest as always but s9 noise on all bands from Thailand. managed to beat my 2015 score although there is mistakes

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