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NJ1FSO HP ALLI used the K1TTT super station located in western MA.
NM5OSO HP ALLTough going with only wire antennas
NT1E/4SO LP 10MProblems and delay getting to Cape Hatteras: NC. Rig problems: slept in: but had
NV4XSO HP ALLWent into the contest with a sinus infection that was affecting my voice. Had to quit on Saturday morning when my voice quit. Later that night: I was very sick with a fever. First time to ever quit in a contest: and I did not like it.
NY4ASO HP 10MStrange conditions...better to JA than EU which is unusual from here!
NZ1UMSHGood fun with the new class. A little unorganized to start (Murphy who?) but we had plenty of operating. To bad the low bands weren't a little quieter. Finished with a 4 stack of fixed yagi's on 15. If there was a rotor it broke on every tower it seemed.
NZ8OMMVery discouraging to fall well behind our 2000 score the first night. Condx kept improving as the contest went on - rates were better on Sunday.
OA4OMSHOA4O is the official call sign of the Radio Club Peruano
OE75CWLSO HP ALLFirst time to be back in WPX-Contest after about 15 years of absence and nice to This prefix is for celebration of 75 years of the Austrian Amateur Radio Associa
OH1EBSO HP 15MBetter try in CW (I hope)...
OH3OJSA HP ALLSaturday was a low propagation day but Sunday saved a lot of fun.
OI5AXSA HP ALLReally poor conditions exspecially during the 1st day. I coud not get good US ru tactical mistakes because of wrong time in computer. 1st time I had almost full
OK1RISO HP ALLI have had fun as always in this contest. The allowed 36 hrs makes it much more convenient and less stressing compared to the full 48 hours CQWW. 10M in Sunday was margininal here: when I heard KC1XX was about 55 -56 on my stack and coming not from USA or
OK2BDFSO LP ALLOper. time abt 15 hours
OK2RZSO HP 10MThe worst propagation I ever experienced... UP0L with splatters over 15kHz wide: W5WMU very similar - both didn't respond. Thanks to Jiri OK2RZ for make possible to participate! RIG: IC 756 + Henry 3K (= 1x 3CX1200D7) + 45 elements of 8 Yagis
OK2SWDSO LP ALLVery good contest and perfect CQ operators. Many CQ stations for S & P traffic. I didn't get HC8A at 7 MHz through intentional heavy QRM from EU.
OM2DXSO HP 10MFirst day it was quit good but on Sunday conditions were terrible in this location. But I think that it was maximum what I could do with my equipment. ANT: 4 element monobander at 18m height RIG: Kenwood TS-850SAT PA : home made 1150W out
OM3KWZMSHEquipment : FT - 920: Delta loop. Cushcraft R 7000
OM7AGSO LP ALLRig:TS-450S Output:100 Watts
ON4CASSA LP ALLCould only operate during limited period of time ... so I handed out points to the guys who replied to my QSL cards and worked some new prefixes...
OT1PMSHworking 48h in MOST (Multi Op single Transmitter) All Bands licence conditions have been followed (special hi-power license.) Gud propagation but not many pile-ups..some problems with the antenna tuner...
OT1TSO HP ALLVery poor conditions: low bands almost dead (only 250 QSOs the first 4 hours!). Ten meter never opened up on Saturday but fortunately 15 was good! On Sunday 10 meter was OK to the States. You will notice that our logging program (Wrtelog) every now and th
P40ASO LP ALLI arrived in Aruba a week before the contest and set up my suitcase station. This was not easy as it was very windy. My location was four houses away from P49MR's beach house. We both experienced overload problems on 15M. I enjoyed my first experience ope
PP5JDSO LP 10MThe best conditions in all time - no QRM: good propagation - the best in my ham radio life.
RA3DNCSO LP ALLOperation time 23 hour
RA3OUSO LP 10MRussia.
RA9OWSO LP ALLrig: IC-751A: ant: Delta 80m @ 37m
RA9UADSO QRP 15MWPX - Fantastic Contest - "Cheerio", USA "Cheerio"
RK4FFSO HP ALLOFF PERIOD 14.19-15.41 21.21-00.58 10.18-12.06 18.42-23.59
S51TASO HP ALLMy computer was colapsing during contest quite often and I believe there is a time problem with qsos in some part of the log ( I found out that a few hours b4 the end that the time was wrong!-for one hour!
S54WSO HP 15MOperated 19 hours: then must stop! Got sick: very sorry: maybe next time better health
S56ASO HP ALLIt takes the mathematician to make such a "standard format"!
S57IIOSO LP ALLJust started on 15m: RIG QRT: me too...
S57MSUSO LP ALL1st time 35h on air: ufff... Missed some easy mults and some USA on 80m.
SM3DSO LP 15MConds were ok but not good.....didnt have much time to operate
SM3WSO LP ALLThe conds were okej but not much more. I had a lot of JA's calling in but NA was very poor
SV/OK1YMSO HP ALLPoor CONDX: not too many participants from US as always. I run just for fun.
TF3IRAMSHPleased with the results: even though we needed more operators at
TI7/N4MOSO LP 10MI missed a great propagation weekend by a couple of days. Thrill of the contest for me was being called by 4S7BRG: both of us using low power. 10 mtrs can be awesome
TO5TMSHBetter than the previous year. Some problem with the serial number between computers. A lot of fun.
TO9TMSHA great pleasure to work about 5000 QSOs and 13M points with a vertical antenna from Guadeloupe!
UA3DPXSO HP 15MEquipment: FT1000D: PA: 6elYagi
VA6RASO LP 15MHad very limted time but still had fun.
VE1JSSO LP ALLGreat Contest. This was a personal best for any contest any time. Now to move the sights even higher.
VE2OWLSO LP ALLWith young kids playing around in the shack: I wasn't really contesting: But I had a great time making a few QSO's. Someone should add a bonus based on how many hours spent with their kids during a contest! hi 73

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