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KD5FQFSO LP 10MSecond contest I have participated in! Great!!
KD6DAESO LP ALLSFI=219: A=15: K=1. First time breaking 400 Q's in a contest...what a blast! But what happened to 20M?
KD9ACSO LP 10MQSO with several new entities
KD9STMSHThanks Tam !
KE1F/4SO HP ALLI liked calls like M2M and P2P.
KE4UHOSO LP ALLGreat contest, I wish I had more time to operate. Can hardly wait for next year.
KE4W/5SO LP ALLThe contest got me back into the shack after 2 years of very little activity. Tnx for the fun!
KF8UNMSH15M open till 1030 local time with a pipeline to JT.
KG1VSO LP 10MI didn't have much time to operate: but had a great time!
KG2MVSO LP ALLIt was my first time in the contest. I had a great time and was glad 10 opened on Sunday. I hope the Log format is OK. I am not sure about the scoring. 73: Alan KG2MV
KG6FFXSO LP ALLI've only had my license one month. I used all my own equipment at my QTH that I set up myself without any assistance. I only used a vertical ground plan antenna and a a barefoot rig. I had a great time and learned a lot. I will do a lot better next time.
KG6FODSO LP ALLI was just recently licensed. The contest blew me away - so many amateur radio operators on the air at the same time. Talk about a target rich environment.
KG7WZSO LP ALLFun contest.
KH0/JM1LRQSO LP ALLThis was my first participation from another DX entity. Nice condition on 10m and 15m bands between Europe and KH0. I'm so glad to break a world record of SO(TS)ABLP.
KL7RAMMVery poor start with bright Aurora overhead. Stopped contesting to eat arctic WPX soup made with WB5WWWWB3 qsl. Signals came back soon after: ran to the end: zero problems.
KM9P/4SO HP ALLMy first SOAB in an SSB test... lots of fun despite being SOAPBOX: sick. Thanks to Bill: W4AN: for letting me use his place.
KO4MRSA HP 10MConditions on 10m were much worse than last year on the first day of the contest. No JAs were audible on Friday night and Europe was weak on Saturday morning. The situation improved by Saturday night and Sunday was excellent with very nice openings worldw
KR1GSO HP ALLDidn't sleep the night before fighting an impending flood in the basement (I won). Sleep 2 hours Friday: and had to take off most of Sunday. Great time: but starting a SSB contest dog tired is NOT good. Condx in the dumps for the first 30 or so hours.
KS9KSO LP ALLThe LP category has certainly changed in this year's contest season: as super stations K1ZM: K4XS: VE3EJ: and now K8DX have dropped into the "neighborhood!" Apparently: the top scores are down a little this year from last year. My score would have been #5
KV3R/8SA HP ALLMy first ever WPX...Wow do I like this contest! One of my favorite hamfests was always the same weekend: but not this year.
KX8RSO LP ALLMy first time of operating low power in a DX contest and it has its own level of skill. I think I'll turn on the amplifiers next time.
KX9DXSO LP 40M90 Watts
KY4AAMSHThe new M/S category requires 3 dB more hardware: 3 dB more operators: results in 6 dB more drudgery from tuning unproductive bands: and causes 10 dB more headaches in serial number coordination. To be fair: I would compare this against the benefits of th
LA6EIASO HP 80MVery bad conditions for DX on 80 this year. See you all again next year!
LV5VMSHNice contest with many stations we enjoyed it. Much noise in low bands . Tnx to Steve and Raul to share my station. Many thanks to all stations we contacted.
LX4ASO HP 10MCould hardly hear any NA the first day: second day opened late in the evening: finally. This is a contest session to forget about: quickly.
LY2OXSO HP 15MPart time operation as usual: but no sorrow due to this: as condx was disappointing
LZ2MPSO LP ALLPower 50W Antennas: TA33JR for 10/20: inv V for 40: dipole for 80
M4UMSHBroken (so no) rotator all contest High solar activity seemed to result in poorer than usual conditions
MW5EPASO LP ALLWoke up Saturday Morning & some-one had actually stolen my 80/40M Wires the pole & all my Coaxial - Never again will I operated from my Parents back lane . I did enjoy the time I was able to use my proper antennas though !! Also propagation was not good
N0YYOSO HP ALLFirst time as General Class: got to get up on 80 and 160 and upgraded to xtra
N1BCLSO LP ALLPlease note log entry 294 was deleted. It was a null entry created by the logging program and the QSO number was never given out.
N1FUSSO LP ALLTransciver Kenwood TS690-S: antenna Cushcraft R-8 vertical
N2CKSO LP ALLThere was a problem with the logged time of some of my qsos. I have confirmed the time as correct at qso #254. At qso 430 it was determined to be 1 hour behind what it should have been. I have exchanged email w/ some US hams to verify what my times should
N2JNZSO QRP 10M2 watts work the world!
N3HBXSO HP 10MI was plaqued by power line noise: which made it hard to hear - especially in the direction of JA. Band was up and down all the time during daylight hours (QSB). Very few DL's: SM's or OH's worked: owing to poor propagation into northern Europe.
N3HXQSO HP ALLEquipment: TS-950SD + Alpha 99 C-4SXL @ 74' and Inverted-V for 80M @ 60' - I had a blast. Lots to learn. I have to start thinking west more.
N3KCJ/1SO LP ALLVery surprised to still work JA's on 10M. Lots of fun - crazy!
N4YQSO HP ALLEquipment: Yaesu FT-990 with a Henry 2KD-5 into a TA-33 at 50ft. An Alpha Delta DX-B Sloper is used on the lower bands.
N6OUSA HP ALLFantastic conditions: Highest score ever....Everyone works everyone WONDERFUL!!
N7DF/5SO LP ALLBest part of the contest was working WL7E on 6 bands with low power.
N9KOSO LP ALLThis is the contest I enjoy the most. Too bad I did not have more time.
NA2XMSHBrad: NG2X came out of a 10 year contest retirement for our WPX M/S operation. We had a great time !
NA9DSO HP ALLInteresting contest. Decided to start out on 15 instead of 20 like usual. Maybe not so good: but Friday night was icky. Got better on Saturday and Saturday night was phenomenal. Great runs on Sunday afternoon too. Hit some high rates. As usual: this was a
NB1BSA HP ALLThought I'd try another category this year. Single Op Distracted is a good name for it- found myself chasing packet spots instead of CQing more than once. Overall: a good time. Contest could use more low band activity- apparently: doubling the points for
NE0PSO LP ALLConditions terrible the first night. Luckily they picked up later in the weekend
NI9CSO LP 15MStrange propagation. Some areas of the world were super strong; other parts just weren't there at all.

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