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SP0ZCCMSHSP0ZCC is a special event call used celebrating 20 years of the Scouts Radio Club SP5ZCC. We had great fun operating in this year WPX.
UA3DPXSO HP 10MI've been using UA3AB's country shack and enjoyed much the condx and fres air
UU2JZSO HP 10MGood condition during the contest.
VA3DXSA LP ALLSuperb conditions, especially on 28 MHz.
VA6SVSO LP ALLPlanned to do more but the flu got in my way!
VC3MSO LP 15MWhat can I say! Absolutely fantastic conditions - the band was was open all weekend the best I have heard in 25 years or more plus operating with special call VC3M for the first time really helped me break the 5 Meg score low power
VE3BUCSO LP ALLPersonal best score in this contest although conditions didn't seem quite a sharp as in the ARRL DX last month. But whose to complain, I had a great time.
VE3STTSO LP ALLYa gotta love 10m! So much room to stretch out and actually run a few people with the 100w pea-shooter! Even at 28.850 + you could develop some decent results. If only 40m had that kind of space in the darkness.
VE3ZZSA LP ALLSuperb contest under superb conditions
VE5RIMMThis turned out to be the one we had been working and waiting for for the last several years. Enough good ops so no one had to work too hard. Lots of good fellowship. It doesn't get any better.
VE6FIMMBefore the contest we had to sweep up the blown diodes. During the contest half of the equipment dropped off because of a blown breaker that could not be reset. Conditons were real good.
VE6ZTSO LP ALLBiggest kick - working 9E1C for #292 with 1 call!
VK4UCSO HP ALLThe conditions were fantastic and at times down right amazing.
VK5GNSO HP ALLVery interesting long path openings from here to Europe. Of fifteen they provided many contacts and much of the mults. The path was good enough that Ihad the luxury, for a change, of being loud enough to control the frequency! Even more fascinating was a long path opening to PA and G on ten around 2200Z - very odd!
VK8HZSO HP ALLDisrupted by a kangaroo getting into the shack and pulling out the power cables
W2MFSA HP 160MHad a great time doing the contest. Looking forward to the next one
W3MGLSO QRP 10MNot much time available for the contest, but even so it is fun to make a few QRP contacts. I feel like "David" among all those "Goliaths"
W4TDBSO LP 20MHad a lot of fun. Operating time limited Saturday due to trip to Memphis to see Tennessee Lady Vols beat UVA in NCAA Regional basketball. Go VOLS!
W6TKSO HP ALLGreat to have 9N and A4 call while running EU on 10 early Sunday morning. Fun to hear signals from all directions at same time on 10 meters - better enjoy while we can! Sorry I couldn't put in more time, but best overall total Q's/minutes effort to date. Thanks to all the JA gang..sure helps us "left coasters"
W7YAQSO LP ALLAnother weekend of great conditions. Operated far more than had planned. Thanks to the 13 European stations that were able to pull my 100 watts through on 40 meters, all the second night
W9CNF/4SO LP 10MA 9G5, 2 JA's and 99 contacts while running 25 watts mobile on 10 meters made the contest very enjoyable
W9YSSO LP ALLMuch enthusiasm by the ops. I didn't have much time to give to this test
WA4MASO HP ALLWorked 9 new countries!
WA5VKS/TSO LP 10MMy last contest as a tech plus
WB7OCVSO QRP 20MThis contest to me IS the big dance!! A61 and SU9 just topped it off!
WB8TLISO HP ALLSure enjoyed all the action on 10 meters
WK5KSO LP ALLI'm a low key S&P only contester. Last year got 400 QSO's for first time ever. This year 500. Wow!
WY6KSO HP 20MA single band effort is much easier on the body than an all band effort!
YB0ZDCMSHGlad to know many young hams are interested in this club station activity. Moreover, many DX stations received mults from us!
YL2GNSO LP ALLNice contest for low power
YO6PEDSO QRP 80MNext year I hope will work with my home made power amplifier in this contest
ZS6IR/ZL/MSO LP ALLA mobile operation with an antenna tuner which was NOT build for the rig and a whip antenna which was also NOT build for ham use, but for military use, is already not an easy task. But with a car battery which had to be recharged in regular intervals by stopping the contest operation and driving the car around makes a contest to a real challenge

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