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AC2ZZSO LP ALLsurprisingly good propagation all weekend. lots of fun with 100w and an attic dipole
AC4GSO LP 40MForty (40) meter band not good Friday night, but great Saturday night and early Sunday evening for low power operation of 100w. Was never able to get a run going due to crowded band until early Sunday evening prior to contest end. Perhaps next year, I can spend more time in the contest. The warm spring temperature drove me into operating only on 40m. so I could spend time outside during Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Maybe I can spend more time in future contests. Thanks for all of those who pulled-out my weak signal
AC4RSSO LP ALLFirst Contest
AC6ZMSA HP 40MSSB contesting requires significant stamina to run. Great contest but poor conditions. Still learned a lot about SSB contesting
AE0TTSO LP ALLI had a GREAT time! I have neve seen the bands so full of opportunities
AE4MQSO HP ALLRookie 6/14/2018
AE6YSO HP ALLI was just fooling around, but in response to an from the organizers, here is my log. Thanks for putting on the contest
AG1CMSHOriginally intended this to be a multi-two, but COVID-19 changed that... As a result, separate serial number sequences were used for the different bands. If that is a problem, make this a checklog
AG4ISO LP ALLMore than tripled my score from 2019. Loads of fun. Mega Pileups! Ham Radio Lives! 73
AG7NESO LP ALLLicensed 04-03-2018
AG7XFSO LP ALL07/24/2019 License granted
AI0MSO HP ALLStarted late and didn't park and call. Band conditions were pretty good other than the rain storm static in the evening on 80 meters. Was glad to see 15 and 20 open during this contest
AI3ZSO HP ALLFirst HF contest in a long time. Normally VHF/UHF
AK1WSO HP ALLNothing better than avoiding COVID-19 with 4000 of your best friends across the bands!
BD4SBHSA LP 80Mlicenced A Class on 2018/05/15 licenced B Class on 2018/11/23
BD7OBSO LP ALLThanks for the nice contest
BG0COHSA LP 20M 5/25/2018
BG7XWFSO LP 15M 7/26/2019
BH3UZYSO LP ALL 12/19/2018
BH8PHGSA LP ALLFirst Licesend at 2018/11/05(yyyy/mm/dd)
BI1HSMSO LP ALL 5/30/2019
BI8DHZSA LP ALLlicense 2019.5.30
C4WSO HP ALLGreat contest! A good test for building my remote station up. Still need work
CA4PPCSO LP ALL22/05/2018
CS5CCSO LP ALLoperator licensed in 06 September 2019
CS5SSSO HP 15MMiss the big guns multi-op ...where was the NA pilups? big fun
CT1BWUSO LP 15MSorry I have a several mistake in my , until qso nr 254 os ok, before I do now. For day 29 my log begining in nr 610, I tried to manually give the correct sequential number, but
CT1ENVSA LP 40MI'm going to go around. Borderless! Only4fun CT1ENV
CT2JBDSO LP ALLGood contest with good propagation. Contest conditions: Radio: Yaesu FT-920 with a Behringer C-1 microphone Antennas: Beam: CUSHCRAFT MA5B GP: Cushcraft R-6000 and Sigma Eurocomm SE-HF-360 (used for 40m and 80m). Thank you for all stations have been contacted my QRZ
CT7ACGSO HP 20Msingle op single band (20M) entry. CT7ACG op Colin Conditions were not bad over the weekend, Sunday was better and the bands busier but difficult to work short path far east due to the European wall! Never the less happy with my short operation. Thankyou everyone for the QSO's and points. 73 and until the next one stay safe stay well
DB5DYSO LP ALLROOKIE - HAM since 1st July 2017
DB6MCSA LP ALL73's DB6MC - Lucas
DF5RFSO LP ALLI enjoyed my first longer participation in the phone part of this contest. Running K3/KX3 on 100W to a Tribander/Wires
DF8ANSA QRP ALLLess contacts but lots of fun with my FT817 and 5 Watts
DG2BPWSO LP ALLHAM Radio License since 12/14/2019
DG3FKSA HP ALLbeside QRL, family I spend short time on the radio
DH0GDSSO LP 20MA lot of crocodiles and busy OM, which have missed the correct numbers, because of their hysterical operation mode
DH6DAOSA HP ALLpoor condx for windom ant. here, but more time and better result than last years
DH9DX/PSO LP ALLElecraft K2, homemade multiband inv. V take care, hpe cu next test.. 73 Erwin
DJ0DXSO LP ALLWith only 100W and a homebuild vertical (40-10m) it’s quite difficult, esp ecially on 20m where everyone has a big antenna. Nevertheless it made fun - definitely have to add 80m to my vertical for the next contest. CU and stay safe! I love my FLEX and a waterfall in a contest!
DJ1AASA HP 20MANT Optibeam OB17-4 - 4 ele. monoband 20m TRX ICOM IC-7800 and PA ACOM2000A, 750Watt
DJ3GESO LP ALLRig TS130v + TL120 + AT130, antennas 80m, 40m: FB3 off-center-fed-dipole 20m, 15m, 10m: MFB23 2 Ele-Mini-Yagi
DJ5CTSA HP ALLLicence since 21.03.2018
DJ6TKSO LP 20MSorry, SSB is not my Mode
DK1AUPSO LP ALLTx: Elecraft K3, Ant: Dipol
DK2WHSA HP 10MGood opening to South America on saturday. Very poor condx on sunday but Africa was coming through
DK6BASA HP ALLFull Bands, nice Contest

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