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CR1ZSO LP ALLPhone operation is not definitely not my favourite one but being on Azores I just had to make at least a few contacts (note that CR1 prefix means Azorres accoring to new regulation of Portugese ANACOM). Location was on Sao Miguel Island (EU-003). I operated using IC-7000, Spiderbeam, R7 vertical, dipole and Inverted L (for 80m)
CT1EEKSO LP 20MAntenna Setup down. Lots of fun with only a TS-570, 80W & a homemade wire dipole for 20mts. CU on the next contest.
CT1ENQSO LP 15MNot much time and power on the threshold of QRP limits nevertheless i was able to make nice contacts on these conditions. Greetings to all @ CQ and thanks for organizing some of the best contests in the world.
CT2JBGSO LP 15MRig: Kenwood ts-480sat - 100w. Ant: Kelemen dipole .
CT4NHSO HP 10MMy favourite band despite propagation not helping!
CT9/M0BCTSO QRP 10MOperated giving points away whilst on holiday with intention of sending in a checklog, but decided to send in an entry as I have never done so before. Very hard going QRP with such a small antenna on the balcony. Only take off was from due South through to 300 degrees. EU was totally blocked by very high cliffs. Good fun. TX was FT817nd, antenna ATX Walkabout with tape measure as ground.
DA0HELMSHThe conditions were not good for a low power station. We couldn't really get anything going with cq calling and s&p was hard work as well. Before and after the contest dxing was much easier! We used a SpiderBeam, ZS6BKW, 40m-GP and an Inv-L for 80/160m and a TS-2000 as trx. Everything was set-up at the youth hostel at the north beach. Because of the large team there was no real contest torture. It was only for fun after all. But next time we will take a PA instead of just another radio, hi.
DD1JNSA HP ALLIC-7700 Acom 1000 hor. Loop
DF1DXM2Just for fun: 3 Ops and 2 radios.
DF2LHSA HP ALLgreat fun, found the 1 million points on the bands
DF2PHSO LP ALLNice contest, here you again on CW!
DF7EFSA HP ALLWorking from a field day station, which had to be erected first, Murphy's Law proved several times to be correct
DG1EASA HP ALLHF-1000 MP Mark V ( ca. 190 W ) + HF9V + W3DZZ My Offtimes: 0000-0204 + 0628-0812 + 2006-2124 + 0210-0517 + 0608-0730 + 1136-1303 + 1344- 1505 = 12 hrs and 32 min, qrv on 35hrs and 28 min
DH0GDSSA HP 15MA good time for testing equipment under highest operating requirements to reach best efficiency. But also having a nice time and visit the world and friends direct from my comfortable armchair.
DH5MMSO QRP ALL:-( you are treated like dirt as QRP :-( many stations have only power and no ears
DJ1AASA HP ALLI am so happy, because my best WPX result ever and this without any sunspots. I was very motivated and my antenna, TRX and so on is are working very good. Thanks for 1844 QSOs. Mirko, DJ1AA VY73.
DJ3GESO QRP 160MAgain QRP 5 Watt from FT817 via tuner Z11 to off-center-fed dipole, 21m long and 8m high. Did not have time enough in late hours for more contacts. Thanks to the organizer and the Big Guns who took time to copy my tiny signal. 73 Ferdi
DJ4PKSO LP ALLRookie. Licensed since 2008
DJ5ANSA HP ALLNice contest
DJ6TKSO LP 15MVery high noice level over the whole day,but SSB is not my Mode
DJ6UPSO LP ALLFT1000 MP 3 el.Beam Dipol
DK0ASA HP ALLnice to work with fine condx... cuagn 2011! vy 73 de Jan,DL7JAN
DK2ATSA HP ALLYaesu FT1000MP; PA 400 Watt ; FB-DX506(Beam) ,LW
DK4WFSA LP ALLVery difficult operation with low power!
DK5TXSA HP ALLSemi-serious participation with several breaks due to family life. It was great fun with nice runs to the USA on 20m and weird European pile-ups on 40/80m. 10m and 15m were disappointing here at this site.
DK6NFSO LP ALLRIG: elecraft K2, 10 watts ANT: 1 el Loop
DK7ANSO HP 15MResult of one hour contest feeling on 15m in the evening after a family birthday party...
DL1DAWSO LP ALLRIG: ICOM 756PRO, ANT: 3 el 3 band yagi
DL1NEOSA HP ALLRig: TS2000, FT2000 +PA Ant: 3el-Beam, Loop
DL1SBFSO LP 10MOnly some QSOs om 10m - nice Condx.
DL2SWNSA HP ALLNice openings on 10m and 15m. Had a lot of fun!
DL4ZASO LP ALLYaesu FT-450 Tuner Yaesu FC-102 3 Elemnt SteppIR Loop 168 Meter lan g 16 meter up
DL5ASKSO LP 40MTrcvr: IC-7400, 100W Ant: G5RV
DL5ZBChecklogIcom-756proIII, Ant.: TA33M, FD4, 160-Dipole
DL8WJMSO LP ALLContest QTH: Deutzen, JO61GE
DL9ECASO LP 40MThis year with 4 endfire verticals. Very happy about the result.
DL9GFBSO HP ALL73 and CUL! Franz
DL9LFSO LP ALLFT 1000MP Field Ant.Vertical
DL9OLISO LP ALLLOW POWER < 100W . single OP - 1/4wave vertical for 80m and GAP Titan for higher bands. best regards - Oliver
DM4DXSO LP 40MNice as always.
DM5LKSO LP ALLStation Description: Yaesu FT-950; 40m Dipol; GAP Eagle DX I had a Weekend together with Murphy ;-) Greetings to all Participants.
DO1DXXSO LP ALLfirst tries... great!
DO4ODSO LP ALLThx for Contest Meet you all back next Jear :)
DR1AMMThanks for all the contacts. We finished just short of 50M points, but well beyond the existing European Multi/Multi record of 42M. See you all in CQ WPX CW in the end of May.
DR2QSO LP 80Mnice contest, cu next year
DU1HRMSHDU1HR is a memorial station in honor of DU1HR (SK)
DU1JISO LP 20Mgood propagation yes
E51COFSO LP ALLNice propatgation better than last year, my first low power contest with ground mounted vertical (Amp was broken) It was nice to be back in the South Cooks contesting again.

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