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DH0JAESO QRP 20Mrig: FT-817 and balanced dipole
DH6DAOSO LP ALLpoor condx with windom antenna and 100Watts Most of dx in north and south america didn't copy me
DJ1AASA HP ALLICOM IC756PRO3, ACOM2000A, Optibeam 17-4, Dipol 80m, TNX all QSOs. CU 73
DJ3GESO QRP 160MAgain QRP 5 Watt in SSB is a hard job. FT817 > tuner > Coil >Windom antenna, 21m long, 8m high. Thanks to the Big Guns who were able to copy my tiny signals. Best 73s.
DJ3WESA HP ALLThanks for sponsoring a great contest. Due to my humble dipole antenna used on all bands, I like the bonus of making contacts on the low bands. That makes me more competitive.....
DJ4PKSO LP ALLROOKIE. First licensed in 2008. Great fun.
DJ5LYSO LP 20MMaking best of the rainy weather with doing some "cherrypicking".
DJ5TDSO HP ALLFirst WPX in my life, looked for rare stations and worked them!
DJ6TKSO LP 40Monly a short Test on 40m
DK3UOSO LP ALLmost of Big Guns use more than Legal Limit. Was my last Contest and if anybody asking me i will say never make a contest with Legal Power .. 100W is a joke - UU7J wkd 14,218, splatter from 14,200 to 14,235
DK4WFSA LP ALLPoor condx on 10 and 15m bands! It is very difficult to work with low power and wire antenna.
DK5DCSO LP ALLI just participated the first time ever..... and it was great !!!
DK5TXSA LP ALLJust a few QSOs from my new old QTH.
DK7ANSO HP ALLBig fun I had on 15 meters collecting stations in South America direction
DK8EYSO HP ALLICOM IC-7400, AL-80B, 5-ele beam, 2x 23m dipole
DL0NZMSHAnother fun field day style operation. We had great fun and enjoyed the vivid bands and interesting prefixes. Kenwood TS-850, Kenwood TS-570; 10/15/20M: Spiderbeam; 40M: vertical, dipole; 80M: loop, dipole; 160M: dipole
DL0PMSHNice Contest!!! cu 2010!!!
DL1AZASO LP ALLA vy fin Contest. To next again. rig:alinco/ DX70; ant: OUTBACK-1899; pwr: 100W
DL1EKOChecklogIC756Pro 3.* PA 500W Ant: In L 53m.
DL1JBSO QRP ALLTRX: Elecraft K2, 5 watts ANT: G5RV halfsize Cu agn next year!
DL1NEOSA HP ALLRig: FT2000D, TS2000 + L7 Ant: 3el-Beam, Windom
DL1SWBSO HP 40Mwe had bad conds the first day
DL2SWNSA HP ALLNice contest, but only made a few contacts this time. Thanks to all!
DL4ZASO LP ALLYaesu FT-450 SteppIR 3El FC-102 Loop 168 meter lang
DL5ZBChecklogIcom-756proIII, Ant.: TA33M, Dipole 2x 26m with Balansed Antenna Tuner
DL9ECASA LP 40MThis time with flexradio 5000a and vertical antenna arry. Works perfect.
DL9LFSO LP 20MFT 1000MP Field Ant.Vertical
DM3BJChecklogFT 2000+Teltow 1000 GPA 50 G5RV
DN1TBSO HP 20Mlicensed Jan 2008 (Training station since Jan 2008)
DN5KIDMSHEducation callsign
DO1HGSSO LP ALLbad condx on 15 m
DO1TGMSO LP 80MFirst participation. Great!!
DV1EESO LP 15MThis is my first time to join a big contest and I really enjoyed it.
E51COFMSHFirst contest I have done in some time propagation was good and lots of stations and WX in Rarotonga was great for this frozen Alaskan.
E77CSO LP ALLJust for fun, TNX for everyone.
EA3ATMSO HP 80MHard fighting against Mr. Murphie this weeken: PC broke, caravane shack engine start broke, antenna broke, lost my voice because of a cold, bad conditions, gutter on roof, water on ground and connections AC/DC, QRN storm... but i finished the contest!!
EA3BOXSO HP 40MNice contest as every time, normaly i am running in MULTIOPERATOR AO3A multioperator, but in this time whe have any problems. so i am whit my personal call EA3BOX
EA3FFSO QRP 20Menjoyed the the contest ,in some moments very strange propa in 20. backscatter some W qso with the side and the back , in EU long propa impossible DL,ON,F,PA .73 seeyou next
EA3FHPSO LP ALLNoms vaig fer 105 QSO perque tenia molt QRM de l'estaci EA3PT que sortia amb moltssima potncia i per la seva mala forma d'operar. - TOTAL 105 QSO
EA3GYKSA LP ALLVery poor equipment but great fun 15m to SA wide open
EA5ONSO HP ALLNo activity for this one from ED5T so just spent a few hours from the home station. Enough to remind me why my city centre location is NOT a desirable place to contest! Category is SOAB HP wires, but there's no space for wires so just triband, and most contacts on LP due to TVI.....
EA7FRXSO LP 40MAnother year more in this contest but this alone time in 40 meters for problems with my antenna. I found many stations in this band. Thanks to all those that you have contacted with me. We listen to ourselves next year. 73 from Diego EA7FRX
EA8MQSO HP ALLVery little time I have been involved in this wonderful WPX contest, I hope to have more luck in the upcoming WPX CW and thank you very much until the next contest, Miguel 73
EA9BOSO LP ALLOperated few hours because of several antenna failures. Maybe next year.
EE5JMSHOur first contest as Multi Op Single Transmiter, next time we can do it better. Very bad propagation , none qsos on 28 mhz, our tribander antenna not ear nothing else on this band. At 29.00-utc must finish the contest to travle to our qth. The best is to have two days with friends and radio.

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