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KR4QISO HP ALLThe XYL, Margaret, thinks contesting is a bit looney, but she graciously took on our three two year old sons (yes triplets) for the weekend which allowed me to operate almost 30 hours. I had a wonderful time
KS4JBSO LP ALLFirst contact - Marshall Is.
KS7TSO HP ALLHooray for sun spots - 10 mtrs is the place to have a ball from this neck of the woods
KT8XMMFabulous conditions on the high bands, but it hurt activity on the low bands. Great fun to compete against the other multi-multi entries. Congrats to all on great scores
KU4RGMSHWith other obligations, no full time effort possible, had to sleep sometime (hi). Not too bad for a 2 op multi-single. Had a great time with the contest. Being semi-rare KU4 made it really fun
KW4T/0SO LP ALLS & P all weekend with low power gve me a lot of exercise for my knob turning fingers
KX9DXSO LP 80MFirst try at contesting
KY1BSO LP 10MMni Tnx to WO1N for braille to CT transcription!
KZ5DSO HP ALLFabulous conditions. Plenty of activity. All adds up to great fun
L99DSO HP 15MWas interesting to use LU6ETB's station, meanwhile he was in ZX5J, because we can do some comparison on our score during the contest. The propagation was very strange, because in first 8 hours I made 900 QSO's but in the next 12 hours I only done 200. Murphy is very smart. He visit me and stroke in the only 2 thing where I haven't spare parts, the cable between the power supply and the rig was burned, and the microphone element broken. His smartest every year. Also something happen than I feel like in my home. I have the same TVI problem than in my QTH. See you in WRTC 2000!!
LA7GMSHThis was our first contest from LA7G contest team. We had a great time and we hope to see all of you in further contests.
LS7NMSHLS7N is special call of LU1NF. QSL via LU1NF
LY2OXSO HP ALLI was prepared to operate in serious manner this year but after 10hours my PA blew out so I decided to switch to gardening instead.
M0AFCSO LP ALLFirst attempt at large HF contest. Enjoyed very much, but proved hard work with attack of gall stones at same time!! Really pleased to work some exotic DX. Will certainly be back next time with hopefully improved station
M0BEXSO LP ALLFirst attempt at a world wide contest
M0BRKSO LP ALLVery enjoyable contest
M4TSO LP 20MI had a saw throat after the contest. I think it is time I invested in a CQ caller for the rig. I was very impressed with my new vertical antenna. This is one of my best contests. I am looking forward to the CW leg now.
N1WKSO LP ALLGreat contest. Can't believe the score. Next time new equipment, new QTH and no stray RF finding it's way into my radio.
N3ZELSO LP ALLFirst "real" contest. A little nervewracking but fun.
N4BPSO HP 10MPart time effort, guests from Austria
N4IGSO LP ALLHad S-9 line noise all weekend. Sure makes it hard to work the weak ones
N4UHSO LP ALLGreat activity and lots of new prefixes. The one point for working own country is good.
N5RZSO HP ALLOutstanding conditions - wish I could have operated more. Got the Alpha 99 the day before the contest - what a great piece of equipment!
N7LOXSO LP ALLHad a blast! Didn't get on the low bands much - 10, 15 & 20 were just too hot!
N8CNSO LP ALLI had a ball!! 10 meters was awesome from my QTH!
N8LIQSO LP 40MVery tough on 40M working split barefoot (95 watts). Worked a new one (P29NB) first call!
N9GUNSO LP 10MGreat contest again. Doubled my score
N9HCASO HP 20MThis contest was great!
NA4CWSO QRP 15MStrangest conditions I've ever seen.
NH7ASO HP ALLWorked more Europeans than USA on 15!
NI2PSO HP 20MI only worked the last hour of the contest, but I made some people very happy with the last minute multiplier
NN6NNSO HP 10MSaturday condx only fair, Sunday fabulous
OE/DL6FBLMSHThis entry was generated just for fun within a few hours before and after our WRTC training session as OE2S.
OE2SMMWe used this contest to emulate WRTC conditions (Sat. 1200z - Sun 1200z with breaks, 100 watts ans small antennas).
OH3MMMSO HP ALLThanks to my host OH1VR for the station. This station was built by OH8QD in 1974 and ham shack is located in the old empty farmhouse some miles from the QTH of OF3F.
OH5BMSO HP 15MBest condx for 10 years
OH6KMSHNo comments other than great condx, crappy antennas, lots of beer and here are the results just to help CCF to beat NCCC
OH6NIOSA HP 15MThis time the conditions on 15m were marginal to work any DX pile-ups
OH9MMSO HP 10MGot to quit smoking if I want to win OH1F next year.
OK1GWSO QRP 80MNice contest
OK1RISO HP 40MHorrible jam on narrow 40m band. New event - some digital mode coming out of UR, UA ? 20 - 20 kHz wide (center around 7055 kHz) being on the air about 50% of the time wiping out everything!!! More tiring to make 1600 QSOs on 40m that 3000 on all bands.
OM6TXSO LP ALLI am very pleased contact with my son YI9OM
ON4APUSO LP ALLAmazing 10m on Sunday evening, yielding exotic multipliers as AH8, TX0 and KH6's. Great contest again. Best personal score ever.
ON4CASSA LP ALLFirst time I ever reach the 1,000,000 mark since I got my license back in '95. Anyone complaining about cycle 23 should have monitored 10m during the contest. Worked a bunch of new prefixes. Just hope these guys will now QSL.
ON7SSSO LP ALLI am not a SSB man, but found I had enough QSO's to send in a log.
PA0KDMSO LP ALLCondx on the good old 10 meters excellent!!
RA0FFSO LP ALLAt first day beside us on the Sakhalin island was a storm, with the snow and strong winds. Turn an antenna as not possible, happen to work how will come. In the end total was completely remove from building my 2 elem 40m antenna, but fortunately come in well CONDX on 10m/15m. One more such "contest" with such STORM and I will stay without antennas..hi.hi
RA3XOSO HP ALLI don't like phone contests, but I like WPX contests.
RW4AASO HP ALLTen was great open for NA. Has not working many Japanese (as 1999 WPX) Enjoyed the contest.
SM6FUDSO HP ALLThe WPX contests are always really worth working!

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