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WA7LKSO HP ALLDid this just for fun
WA7LTSO HP ALLMore station problems than I can document!!!
WB0RUR/5SA LP ALLGreat fun! Didn't have much time,but still made some great QSOs!
WB2TFM/4SO LP 20MRotor broke 1 day before contest
WB4SLMSO HP 15MThunderstorm allowed me to shut down early, saving me any further pain, but was nice to see the bands open. P29TL was a nice surprise .. cheers
WB6OJBSO LP ALLFirst contest. Had a great time. Propagation was good most of the time, even on 10 meters. Talked with 5 new countries. If only I had more power and antenna that I could rotate.
WB7OCVSO QRP 40MThe stations just kept coming back to my call...even a couple CQ's... I never worked QRP this way before! I actually checked the RF out at least 5 times making sure I was under 5W. Tnx to all for my higest score ever in any contest
WC2LSA LP 40MFavorite Contest!! Had a blast, just no time :-(
WC5B/8SO LP ALLFun with even a peashooter station. SFI on the rise. Did not do to bad for just a couple wire dipoles low hu ng, and a busy schedule outside of radio.
WD3CSO LP 40MHad a great time need some roofing filters.
WD4DDUSA HP ALLWhat great conditions Nice to see 10 meters open. Severe Thunderstorms in the area were a bit of a problem late on Sunday.
WE6EZ/7SO LP ALLEnjoyed finding all bands wide open again. Used the SD logging program. It's a jewel! All you need in a compact package and for free!
WE7PSO LP ALLTS-520SE & Cushcraft R-5 Vert.
WH0/WH7ZJSO LP 10MI'm 10years YL OP.It is the first overseas operation. See you again! 1st licenced at 30,10,2008(JF1VGZ)&12,03,2010(WH7ZJ)
WI7F/6SO LP ALLwas fun but sure hard using my motorhome as a mobile location in stockton area, police kept making me move but was fun
WK0PSO HP ALLConditions not as good as they have been by any stretch but still had a blast! Thanks to all of those who called while I fought the heavy duty QRM.
WL7BDOSO LP ALLThis was my first real go at WPX. Was a lot of fun. And exceeded my goal of at least 258 Q's. Was nice to be able to work a few stations on four bands.
WM5RSO LP ALLI couldn't find a station to do a serious guest-op from, so I spent the weekend at an orienteering meet in Wise County instead. I took my Elecraft K2 and KAT100 with me, and operated some from the hotel using a 20' long random wire antenna. 15 meters worked a lot better than 20 meters, and I couldn't get anyone on 40 meters to hear me at all. I never heard a station on 20 meters. My best DX was Hawaii, followed by the Galapagos Islands. Only two stations answered my CQs. On Saturday night, conditions on 20 meters were awesome - I had solid copy on stations in Tomsk, Siberia and Kazakhstan with my tiny wire, but of course they couldn't hear me.
WN8RSO HP ALLA passion for contesting and the thrill of catching so many new multipliers makes the WPX one of the best! Even without a beam, a huge number of great DX and local contacts are available when so many enthusiats are on at the same time. Had a great time and can't wait for the next one!
WO9SSO HP 160MJust an hour and three quarters to see how 160 was doing. Lots of QRN; apologies to those I could not hear. Nice to work some other members of SMC.
WP3GWSO LP ALLVery nice propagation, even though had to miss 10 hours for the visit of the Hurricane Hunters plane; and the highlight was to work Alaska moving my antenna manually, and was worth it. And much better score!
WR2GSA HP 20MMurphy helped me get accustomed to my new interface with the computer logging, but I had fun anyway.
WS7XSO HP ALLNot my first contest. But my first log ever submitted.
WT8ESO LP ALLEven with the wounded beam (missing the director element) I had to keep raising my expectations on the amount of QSO's. Due to the great conditions as compared to last year the contest was a blast.
WV6NSO LP ALLGreat fun with only a 12ft mobile vertical antenna.
WW1NSO LP ALLMy first contest as an Extra, new license, new call, look for the WW1 prefix next year...lots of fun, I'll be back 73 Ruth
WY0BSO LP ALLHad a great time! Switched out the feed to the loop with ladder line, and actually felt LOUD at times with 100 W!
WY4YSO HP ALLWorked 15m and 20m only, with triband beam. No wires.
XX9AUSO LP 15MMy transceiver is Yaesu-920. Max power in the contest is 100W. My antenna is R5 about 20m high above the ground.
YB1AQDSO LP ALLNot looking for any fame or fortune. Log submitted as part of the contest.
YB1ARSO HP ALLnot enough time, I start at 05.00 UTC because of family meeting I'am enough satisfy for total result
YB3IZKSO LP 10MVy happy contest ww wpx dx 2010 ssb 10m Test Antenna test propagation tu 73 hpe cuagn
YB5OUBSO LP 15MThe propagation is better than last year.
YB8FLSO HP 40MTRX : IC 751A OUTPUT :400 W ANT : 7 mHz Yagi 3 el mono
YC3TKHSO LP 15MHello greeting from Surabaya 73 es tnx first joint wpx contest ssb 2010.
YL3DRSO HP ALLTRX: Yaesu FT-920 , PA Acom 1000 , antennas: GAP Titan DX and Diamond W-735
YL3DXSO LP 20MIC-756PROIII 100W; ant vertical
YO2ISSO LP 15MIC 7000, LW 41m, GP
YO2LEESO LP 10MTrx: TS-140-S Ant:Dipole;Discoverer 7.1; TA-33-M
YO2LIMSO LP ALLMny tnx everyone working with me.See in the next contest.
YO4ATWSO QRP 10MHave using my old TS-120V and a vertical ant over my QRA, about 40 m over the ground.Thanks participants for their patience to listen to me!
YO4RDNSA HP 15M100W icom 746 &dipol at 6m heigt....
YO5BQQSO LP ALLicom 7000 100w ant.inverted v 73!ioan
YO5CBNSO LP ALLI'am sorry for inconvenient. Best 73'
YO5KTKSO LP 40MThank you !
YO5OAGSA LP 20MRig: IC-7600, Ant: Diamond BB-7V, Dipol for 20m Thanks contest ` 73 Sanyi YO5OAG

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