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VA2WDQSO HP ALLRig: Yaesu FT-1000 PA: Ameritron AL-80B (700w) ANT: 160-80-40 Inverted L, 20-15-10 2 el. Mini-Quad TGMC MQ-26
VA3RKMSO QRP ALLK2, 5 watts, wires and verticals.
VA6XDXSO HP 40MSteppIR BiggIR with 80 meters. Short loaded 160 vertical.
VE1JSSO LP ALLThis was not a serious effort. Too many other things going on these days. As usual, EI5DI's program, SD, worked like a charm.
VE2GKSO HP ALLMy first contest entry since the '74 VE/W...Just discovered logging software!
VE3CUISO HP 160MI managed to work a new one to add to my 160-meter DXCC total! That alone was worth the price of admission to me, Hi Hi. I guess the guys were pretty much spread out on the higher bands --- sure could have used some more activity on 160-meters! The seasonal migration is on!
VE3NCQSO LP ALLConditions were awful for the first 30 hours or so. It was a tough go, with the A-index at 25. By Sunday afternoon, 20m opened up really nice and I easily made some good contacts, adding a few new countries to my log. Did not hear 10m open at all despite numerous checks. It was lots of fun this year, especially with a better antenna. Next year I'll have to find more hours to work this contest.
VE3SSSO HP 20MPart-time S & P effort. Lots of stations to work plus good signals made for a good time!
VE3ZZSA HP ALLIf propagation during the entire contest could have been as good as in the last few hours. Great fun anyway!
VE5RIMMAs usual, at low sunspot numbers, VE5 is the black hole for sure. First day, we could hear them, they couldn't hear us. Second day, much better - now the fun begins. No great score but fun anyway.
VE5ZCSO HP 20MDrake TR3 HF radio
VE6SVMSHWe thought we were in a NA QSO party instead of a world wide contest! The high K values reallys shut prop down at this QTH.
VE7BGPSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun with this contest and I am really looking forward to the CW portion a little later this spring. I gave 3 radios a good workout in this shack I started with my newly obtained FT-757GX and both of my venerable old IC-751A's. You do not need the big amps and latest FT-9000D or IC-7800 to enjoy Contesting give it a try with an Venerable older Radio. I have had a lot of fun using what other people think is an underdog radio the FT-757GX for contesting I especially like that radio for CW contesting with it's nice QSK and Shift & Width.
VE7FCOSO LP ALLAnother Great Contest.Nice to Work Europe again.
VE7NSSO HP ALLHad an opening on 15M to South America at near the end of the contest.
VK1MJSO HP ALLJust for the record
VK4AMCSO LP ALLIcom 718 74' random wire 80/40m Tree mounted vertical 20/15/10m My first WPX SSB Great Fun see you next time Thanks to all who struggled to hear my weak signal Also Thanks to VKCL Logging Software 73 Al VK4AMC
VK4ATHSO QRP ALLThanks for a great contest, 73 SOAPBOX;
VK4VDXSO LP ALLworked many new countries and had a great time !!!
VK6FAUMSHThe VK6 DX Chasers Club operated from Faure Island IOTA OC-206. We were hit by the tail end of Cyclone Pancho and were lucky that the antennas were not blown down. Conditions were not very good but 15 Metres was the best. Had a few dupes people seemed to have problems with the call.
VK8AASO HP 10MGreat 10m conditions, just didn't have the time available behind the microphone to be competitive this year.
VP2EFBSO HP 15MGlad to take part from my DXpedition to VP2E- Anguilla Island for the first time as single-OP single-band.
VQ58VSO LP ALLGreat fun giving out the first ever VQ58 prefix!!! See every one next yearl.
VU2PTTSO HP ALLRig - Icom 746PRO to SB-200 Amp around 400 watts Ant - F-12 C3S @ 60' on 20,15,10m & Vertical wire with 1 radial for 40m Logger - N1MM Logger. This contest was recorded :) My first attempt in the HP category on SSB. Thanks to Brad K7ZSD for the SB-200 amp which helped many of you hear me. Family responsibilites allowed operating only 24 hours of the contest - 8 hours of peak QSO time on 20m was given up for hospital duties for my father-in-law. Will surely try to put in a full time effort next time. Ran JA's for the first time in several years on 15m. Strategy was to collect JA prefixes the first day and EU 3/6 pointers and prefixes the second. First day was OK for my part time effort although I missed all of the prime time on 20m. But on the second day after running some EU on 15m till 1200z, went back to hospital and returned for 20m around 1600z. At 1640z, the 20m band which was full of loud signals from NA/EU suddenly died to near zero. I had just started a run on this band and was dismayed at this. Checked 15m which was dead as well, except for a lone and loud ZY7C whom I worked. Went down to 40m and started trying to work the very loud EU stations on S&P mode. One attempt to run only got 9M8Z to call me. Went back to S&P. Around 2045z went up to 20m which was dead all the time to scan the band without much hope. Imagine my surprise when I heard a very loud VO1MP calling CQ on the low end of the band. Quickly worked him and then tuned higher up to hear HI3T who was so loud he sounded like he was transmitting from the next room, I could even hear the low level hum on his power supply. Worked him and then tuned up the band to work a few more loud stations in quick succession which inlcuded NN1N, HD2A, HI3C, P40A, VQ59W, VB3E, 6Y1V, K1ZM, TO1C, VP2E, WP2Z, FG/OM3LA, V25V, TO5RZ. After working TO5RZ for a new country at 2130z, the band again went dead as if someone had turned off a switch!! Was not sure if I was hallucinating because all of these signals sound unreal - LOUD. This was a bit too much in my tired condition, so happily shut down the radio and went to bed at 3 AM local time. In the morning I found all these entries in the log - I must have worked them!!! Looks like the sunspots are coming back slowly. See you all in WPX CW when I hope to have another blast. Thanks for all the Qs and the fun!!! :-))
W0RAASO LP ALLI was strictly S&P. No intent to stay in it long, but I picked up a few new ones, so decided to stay a little longer. Had a lot of fun for 7 hours on and off. I'll definitely be in the next one.
W3MGL/4SO LP ALL81 yrs old and still going strong.......well maybe just stagering along!
W3NWSSO LP ALLPropagation was so-so, but I got 2 new ones. Good contest.
W3TZ/5SA LP ALLI damn weel hope this is the bottom of the sun spot cycle ( or should I say Hertz!)
W4/M0BUESA LP 20MWhilst other contesters usually mention the DX they work, I am wondering if I can claim the prize for the closest unscheduled QSO? During a run near the end of the contest on Sunday, I was called by WD4BEE who said I was 60dB over S9. I asked where he was located and he said Sebring - it turns out he is in the next block to me, he lives at 226 Quail Avenue and we live at 312 Quail Avenue. We had seen his tri-band beam but didn't think he was on the air!
W4KAZSO LP ALLThanks for the Q's!
W4OGGSO HP ALL90 years old
W4TMNSO LP ALLIt's always good to hear old friends!!!
W5JDXSO HP ALLPlease QSL with eQsl or Lotw where possible.
W6TKVSO LP ALLThe bands were hopping on Sunday, big surprise!
W7GMCSO LP ALLMost contacts made via "Buddipole" system while camping in DN46ax
W8AKSSO LP ALLWeekend company cut op time to zero. Next year
W8BSSO QRP ALLFT-817ND 5 watts, Heil Traveler Headset, Mosley TA-33 or 160 Meter Loop, LDG Z11 Pro Tuner
W8JMFSO HP ALLVacuum tubes forever! - HF=Collins - CCA #AC07-11944. www.3905ccn.com - 3905 Century Club, join us for a net!
WA1FCN/4SO LP 10MDid anyone think 10 meters was not part of this contest. It sure seemed that way. 73 Bob
WA7NBSO HP ALLA lot of Jammers made it difficult. Band not in the best shape.
WB7OCV/2SO QRP 40MI feel this was my best effort in WPX! Sure wish I had worked the P33 for Asia and 40m WAC QRP.
WB8JUISO LP ALLJust when you thought conditions couldn't be any worse than last year!
WB8LCDSO LP ALLSpending the weekend with my best friends from all over the world - PRICELESS!
WB8TLHSO LP 40MMy first contest - I enjoyed it very much.
WE4YL/9SO LP ALLBurtal conditions here until Sunday! Thanks for all the QSO's and to Adam for the use of the call!
WP2ZSO HP ALLFun time! Had about the same number of Q's as last year but scored a lot higher due to better use of 40m. 10m still a big disappointment. Radio Reef is a GREAT place from which to operate. Stan, K8MJZ
WP3GWSO LP ALL15 meters did what 10 could not, and on Sunday on 20 . . . wow! I thought I was working WAE . . . many Europeans on the afternoon.

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