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3G1CSO LP ALL3G1C is the contest call used by CE1KR
4L0ASO HP ALLMy first attempt as SOAB and..... I am spoiled... great competition, will come back next year... thank you!
5D5AMSHAnother incredibile contest from Morocco! 5D5A@CN3A
5T5DCMSHNot easy with only 100W!
7J1AQHSO LP ALLSigs from W/VE disappointing. Little heard from western EU too. Quote from K7RI: "Is my frequency clear? I'm not getting many responses." Yes, the frequency was clear. But even K7RI was only S7.
7L2PDJSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest.
7N2UQCSO LP 10MI was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig:IC-706(100W), ANT:Dipole(20mH)
8S0C/5MSHVery hard conditions especially on during the first part of the contest. We worked Multi/one with low power and a 2 el 3 band Quad on 10 (no QSOs), 15 and 20m. On 40, 80 and 160m we used a multiband dipole. It was fun but we hope that conditions will improve to next year.will improve to next year. We operated from Skinnskatteberg, JO89ut.
9A2USA HP 10MFT-1000MP, 3ELY, 500W
9A6ASO HP 80MLocation: island Hvar EU 016 Antenna: 2x inv V, NW, NE, N beverage RIG: TS690S, PA 1kW
9G5ZSSO LP ALLStruggled to make a point in QRM on Low PW. Will need a linear next time. Had some fun with SD logger. Quite easy to use and faster logging than some others.
9M6XROSO HP ALLRig - Yaesu FT-1000MP + Quadra Linear @ 400 watts Ant - (1) for HF 2 el Quad @ 27m (2) for LF Butternut HF2V @ 27m I seldom operate SSB Contests but I hope I gave out a few multipliers in my brief visits to the shack! Nice to hear 10m open at times.
9M6YBGSO QRP ALL1st time worked in QRP mode contest with YAESU FT-817 and homebrew 14 elements SpiderBeam. Mainly worked Asia Pacific region. Surprisingly worked abt 20 contacts with EU in 14MHz, and 1 from AF. I am very enjoyable to work in QRP mode. Many thanks for those good ear stations for my weak signal.
9M8ZSO HP ALLGreat contest! As usual, slept too much so only operated 30 out of the possible 36 hours. Surprised to hear 10m open to Africa, Middle East and even a few Europeans. Some great runs to Europe on 20m on both days and on 15m on the Sunday. Amazed to work PY (antipodes of Borneo) on 15m long-path at 2.30am local time! Hope to be back next year.
9V1OESO QRP 15MI had some spare time in the morning and late afternoon during family vacation to run my IC-703 with five watts on six meter wire.
AA0NKSO LP ALLWould have been easier without my cold and being hoarse
AA5BSO HP ALLHad only about 17 hrs to operate, but lots of fun. Thanks to K5HAB for letting me use his station. AA5B.
AA6KSO LP ALLIt was a good contest considering the sun spots (or lack thereof)!!
AB3S/4SO LP ALL100w and no Tri-bander, only stealthy wire on a balcony!
AB5XZSA LP ALLToo many robot ops, leaving voice keyer on repeat and going for coffee. You know who you are!
AD5XDSO HP ALLWell unlike last year when the 30L-1 failed half way through the contest, it held in there this year. Unfortunately, the propagation on the low bands (and high bands for that fact) just was not there this year. And the DX on the low bands was where I had planed to make my big points. Wish there was a Wires only category overlay as all contacts were on resonant wire dipoles or end feed long wires.
AD7JSO LP 20MCondx not too good but better than i had expected,hurts missing nice ones cuz low power, oh well had fun
AE1PSO HP ALLHad fun as always!! Looking forward to next year!!
AE4ECSO LP ALLAmp crashed befor contest / then xcvr
AF6AVSA LP ALLI am just submitting this in case any contestants need verification. Mostly interested in working new areas. I was mobile at the time so was disqualified anyway
AH0BTM2ON 7MHz, N1MM logged my listening frequency which was out of band for REGION-III even though we were Xmitting on 7075-7100 slot.
AI9IMSHWhile on work/travel in TX I got my cousin back on HF for the first time in quite a few years. We worked lots of DX (for us) and I hope it will get him active again. Just had a simple mobile setup running 50w into a hamstick. I think he was impressed at how well it worked. Dan AI9I.
AJ4RKSO LP ALLFirst time in contest, real interesting
AK1WSO HP ALLOperated first day from home, then flew to Austria and was able to operate a few hours from OE6MBG. Great fun to work the contest from two continents and hear how different the contest sounds from each place.
AK9ISO LP ALLI'm a volunteer paramedic here. Had to respond to some calls during the contest. The dispatchers now know what QRZ, QSL and QRX mean!!
AM3ASO LP 20MAM3A is a special contest call sign. Operator EA3FHP - TOTAL 100 QSO - Salutacions des de Catalunya.
AM3SSBM2Our first time as M/2, and was fun but the simultanously RUN was less than expected mainly due to propagation conditions. Bad conditions in 10m and 15m, keeping the focus in 20m and 40m. 73'S
AM4LSO LP ALLRIG: Kenwood TS-520 SP PWR: 80 W ANT1: 10/15/20 m - ECO AVT vertical ANT2: 40/80 m - homemade wire dipole See you next year!
AO8AMMThis was 4 stations M/M from EA8AH QTH. Poor conditions and many problems with generators, but we still maintained to keep 4 stations on the air for entire contest.
BV4VRSO LP ALLI am glad of contacting ham around the world. See every one next contest
CE4UJUSO LP ALLMy first WPX, see you next year
CN2BCSO LP ALLBig fun again, though difficult to get through as LP-stn on 40/80
CN2RSO HP 20M2nd day was much better. In memory of Charki
CT1EGWSO LP 20MDon't have much time, but what I did...I did well, see you on the next one.
CT1FNVSO LP 20MThank you for competition and many success and happiness for all.
CT7XMSHMr Murphy made a couple of visits. Not so much time to prepare our humble effort, not even a Linear Amplifier, we had, to compete on our category. We assembled the station a few minutes b4 start. The TS2000 failed to receive a couple of CQ's after, at least CT1ERK brought his TS50 as backup radio. The TS50 didnt have CAT control, so basically we lost cat control from the main radio right in the beginning. N1MM failed in the beginning, which cost us a few Qs (and a couple of logged Qs). The lack of filters made operation of the multiplier station a bit difficult. Well, after all, we did this for fun, we had it and we want more!
CX9AUSO HP ALLRig TS440 + 500w lineal Ants Dipole 10-40-80, 15 and 20 mts sloper.
DB9EXSA HP ALLYAESU FT-1000MP, ACOM 1010, 2EL 10/15/20m, Dipole 40/80m RCKLog
DF1HESA LP ALLOnly some QSO's but Fun, 73
DF7EFSO LP ALLThe experience of refilling the generator in the middle of the night during heavy rains can only be offered by contest-operation
DF8XCSO LP ALLOnly GP Antenne for 20 and 40, Dipol for 80 and 100 Watt Power.
DH2UHFSO LP 20MAlways a great contest. We listen to next year. For some stations: no rules (1500W??). TNX fr QRM: 4L**, UA9C**, RM**, RK4**, SX** and other Signal 59+60 from 90 degree, that's an absolute scream!


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