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7S5SSO LP ALLIt was a new experience to work the contest barefoot! No problems to remember band switching the power amplifier, no power with our neighbors and no problems with high temperatures in the shack.
8S7ASO HP 10MDespite snowstorm, rig and antenna performed perfect and excellent service from my "housekeeper" (hi)
9G5ZWSO HP 10MThis was my last contest from this QTH and I enjoyed it very much. Where were all the JA's? Missed hundreds of them as it is very difficult from here to JA's short path because of the European wall. Almost no LP opening to that part of the world and I sooo expected and hoped for it.
AC5SUSO LP 10MGetting caught between LU and JA can be kinda fun! Great condx on 10M
AE6YSO HP ALLGreat conditions. It's really fun to have runs at odd times, like 20m at 0600 local time, when it seems the band is open to large parts of the world.
AK6RSO HP ALLFirst time SO2R - amazing to hear VP6BR in one ear and A61AJ in the other!
CT1AOZSO HP 20MYes! My grand son birth on 26, so "adios - goodbye contest". I give to my son a calendar with the contest dates. He is advised to bring us the new one out of the contest dates (hi)
DA1LDNSO LP 15MMy first WPX contest. UFB! Had a good time.
DL0MAMMThis was a training session for the WRTC2000 in Slovenia, so we tried to simulate WRTC conditions. We operated on 20 hours out of 24, had 1 tx rig running barefoot and "limited" antennas.
DN1MASO HP ALLDN1MA is a trainee call. Markus is 6 years old
DU7MHASO LP ALLReached 1 million points 24 minutes before the contest closes. As with last year, Europe never opens on Saturday.
EA3QPSO HP 15MThanks to power company to cut the power during 2 hours when my average was 110 Q/h also thanks to my neighbors to have TV and telephones prepared to listen and capture ham transmissions
EI4DWSO HP ALLEverybody was on 10/15 this year and the low frequency bands consequently were not as busy. 10m really opened up for this one and on both evenings was open till late in the evening.
F5AOVSO HP 10M10 meter very opening a pleasure!
G0DEZSA LP 10MSome good DX on in 10m.
G0NWYSO LP ALLHad a good one. Got sponsored by workmates and raised about $500 for charity
G3VAOSO LP ALLDespite having checked out the whole station on Friday, the first attempt to use my beam showed a very high SWR which made it impossible to use, hence the vertical on 10, 15 & 20. I was still happy just to be able to take part as I had to attend a wedding on Saturday afternoon and evening. Anyway, the vertical performed very well!
G3VQOSO LP ALLI'm usually a CW only man, but the disgusting antics of the TX0DX chasers drove me up to the SSB end in despair. Once there, I got "hooked" on the shouting mode and I more than doubled my SSB country total!!
GB3RSMSHConditions seemed good, but it was really tough to compete with modest power (less than UK legal limit) and modest antennas (tribander and dipoles at 30')
GX3FECMSHFirst time entry - lots of fun. Learnt a lot too!
H22HSO HP 10MYes at last! A decent North America opening on 10m during WPX, and look at what it did to my score: 58% higher than the Asian record I set last year!
JA5GPJSO QRP 10MI had a ball. I was so wrapped up in my contest I lost track of time
JA6BGASO HP ALLEnjoyed!! I came back to this big contest after long QRT (15 years) - it was still great!!
JA9SCB/1SO LP ALLIt was quite exciting. There was very long opening in the 10m. Eus and Nas was heard at the same time, and the 15m was not closed.
JH4UYBSA HP ALLI am so excited to establish the new JA record
JH6SQISO QRP 10MNew cycle propagation gave the big power to my 5 watt rig. 3 years ago, only 115 stations with 1KW out. Hi.
JH7PKUSO HP ALLThanks to great condx, enjoyed good rates for hours! Please NO LAST TWO LETTERS nor partial callsigns. Those are merely wastes of our precious time.
JN1YUUMSH100% YL operation.
JQ6QKMSO LP 15MI am aged 8. My first DX contest.
K0GQMSHA team of rookie ops - we had a ball
K2FRSO HP ALLWhat a blast! Great conditions - especially 10
K2XRSA HP 10MMissed 1st 16 hours. Other than that it was fabulous!
K4OOOSO LP ALLHad fun, relaxed, took my time, all S&P with a very few CQ's. Think I had problems with voice keyer that killed the CQ's. Worked several new countries.
K5RXSO HP 10M10 was so long I missed too many US prefixes. The long path opening to Asia and Europe was frustrating - only 3 stations could hear me
K5ZD/1SO HP ALLFun working all the 2000 calls. Worked 9AY2K on 6 bands!
K6CSLSO LP ALLThis contest is quite a challenge. I am disabled with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and am on oxygen 24 hours a day.
K7ZZSO HP ALLNothing like a short power outage to get the juices flowing!
K9OPSO LP ALLHave not participated in all band for several years. I had a terrific time, great idea adding points for own country
KB5EKXSO LP 10MLots of DX!
KC3TLSO HP ALLI tried working 9N7RB the week before the contest and couldn't break the pileup. I was flabergasted when I heard 9N7RB call me during the contest. Both Laos and Nepal were new countries for me!
KC8MNOSO LP 10MMy first contest. I got my wife and 2 year old son a hotel room with a pool for the weekend so I could have the house to myself. Can't wait till next year
KD4RHSA HP 40MCongratulations to everyone who worked 9M6AAC, excellent signal here both days. Did not get through the HUGE pileup!
KD8SQMSHAnother great weekend without sleep
KD9STMSHThis contest, as all others, would not have been possible without the support and help of my wife Tam
KE9NASO HP ALLWhat an OUTSTANDING CONTEST! I thought tht I did a good job last year! Band conditions were absolutely outstanding! My best effort ever.
KK9ASO HP 20MThe best JA opening that I have ever seen. It was great breaking KC1XX's 1995 20M record!
KL7RAMMWorking no one Saturday until Shana delivered her special All-Band-Opening-Aurora-Destroyer pizza
KM3T/1MMNext year we'll launch a full effort - we spent too much time sleeping this year
KQ2M/1SO HP ALLWOW! Great cndx and stinko cndx 15 minutes apart all weekend made taking off times and figuring strategy a real challenge. Activity down from ARRLPH but wild 10 meter LP & SP opening Sunday AM to SE Asia made up for it. Sacrificed score to break 4000 qso's (vanity) as those EU 6 pointers on 40 & 80 are worth more than stateside on 10. Lots of fun! Congrats to all the guys with big scores.


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