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JL1QDOSO LP ALLRig: FT-2000 Output 100W Ant: 4-Band Vertical
JM1DPLSO QRP 40MI enjoyed the TEST. CU Next Year!
JM1XTBSO QRP 40MTEN-TEC 1340(3.0W), MFJ-1640-T(Whip) MFJ-1640-T(Whip) with Coaxial Counter-Poise
JM8GJBSA LP 15MLicence date September 19, 2014
JN1VFFSA LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. IC7200,100w,10mhDP
JN3DMJSO QRP ALLThe actual maximum power output used is 5 watts
JO1WIZSO LP ALLIC-7300M (50Watts) Loaded DP
JO3PSJSA LP 20MRig YAESU FT-450 100w Ant Verticals Condx was too bad, but I enjoyed contest!!
JO3QVTSO LP ALL71 years old
JP3QAOSA LP ALLIt was very difficult challenge for me. I'll improve my skill for next time
JQ1COBSO LP ALLI short time the contest
JR0BULSO QRP 40MMany thanks for the nice contest
JR1BQJ/1SO LP 40MI enjoyed the 1st time WPX contest. TRX:ICOM IC-7000M(50W) ANT:15m/HENTENNA-LOOP Other BAND/10mLong VERT
JR1EMTSO LP ALLHope 10m open soon!
JR1JCBSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest, Thank you !
JR1LEVSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. JST-245/DP.ATU+Wire
JR1LLDAQ 15MRig:The KD1JV Tri-bander (assembly kit from Hendricks QRP kits,Inc.) Power:5W, ANT:End-fed full-size dipole on veranda at 11mH
JR1NKNSO QRP 15MI'm very glad to have many QSOs. Thank you for the QSOs. I enjoyed very much. I hope to see you again. The maximum output power in the contest was five watts
JR2EKDAQ 15MI enjoyed the contest by QRP
JS2KHMSO LP ALLThe contest was bad ondition. Very egrettable. Very egrettable
K0GEOSO LP ALLThe usual part time effort on a (holiday) weekend. Great fun as always. Wonderful to work a few Q's on 10m. Many thanks and 73
K2MVSA LP ALLFirst licensed 07-Jul-2015
K3CCRSA HP ALLK3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. For the 2017 WPX CW, multiple non-ham obligations limited our participation to just 5.3 hrs by one op, N3UM. The first hour was great, 71 QSOs on 20 m., 42 running and 29 click-and-pounce on skimmer spots, mostly 3-point EUs. Got 48 more Qs on 20 and 83 on 40 m. in the next 2.7 hrs until 0342 Z. Sat. 14-16Z was slow, just 58 Qs on 20 m, but got LU and JA. I regretted not being able to get on either afternoon during the best hours to EU, but did take some satisfaction in finding 231 mults out of 260 total Qs
K3JTSO HP ALLSolar storm at the end made for real interesting challenge (A=51)
K3NDMSA LP 80MWire antennas
K3TWAQ 40MBand conditions were good for QRP (5 watts).
K4RUMSO LP ALLLots of fun. Great condx on Saturday. Not great condx on Sunday
K5MESO LP ALLGood contest. My 40m antenna was kaput. Thunderstorms Sunday evening
K5TMTSA LP ALL2/29/2016
K5URUSA LP 40M23 QSO Points x 10 Mults = 230
K5XUSO LP ALLIt was nice to find some contacts on 10 meters today
K6AAMChecklogTake this log as check-log only
K6CSLSO LP ALLFair to good conditions
K7VITSA HP ALLAs far as I could tell, these were tough band conditions. For me 15m wasn't too good on Saturday (local time), and it was worse on Sunday. A sign of current conditions in the solar cycle. Thank goodness for 20m. Thanks to all who answered my calls
K7XCSA HP 20MI Began my 20M Mono-band effort right at 0000Z with wonderful propagation in all directions. At one time I ran a pileup that was open to EU/RU/JA simultaneously! As it got dark the conditions over the pole only improved! I stayed up till 2AM PDST and finally gave up and hit the rack as I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Woke up at 8AM Saturday morning with the band still cooking in all 3 directions plus now the Caribbean was in on the action as well. Slowly the skids fell of the propagation with the band very noisy. The openings over the pole are gone so I stopped around noon to take a needed nap after lunch.. I never quite made it back to the radio until midday Sunday as my energy reserves were depleted. Don't have the stamina I once had since my 6 day stay in the hospital back in Feb. With a bit over 2 hours left I am punting for now to come back another day. The June VHF QSO Party is coming up soon so I will bank up some energy reserves for that event. Thanks to all who worked me! The station here is an old IC-746 driving a AL-80B to 750W output into a home-brew 3ele 20M mono-band yagi (An EF Johnson HF array kit from 1954) up 43' atop a stack of AB-577 Heavy Duty Military Surplus Mast. I recently refurbished a 40+ yr old Fritzel FB-33 Tri-bander that's ready to mount atop another 30ft of heavy wall mil surplus Aluminum Mast in time for the Fall Contest season. I sure Could have used a 2nd 20M Yagi This weekend as the rotor got quite a workout! KB!! 73s from Nevada de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk Adapt... Overcome... Succeed!
K8LFSA LP ALLUsing the newly added built-in N1MM IC-7300 spectrum scope feature
K8PJKSA LP ALLFirst Licensed in 2016
K8TSSA LP 80Msour cdx on 80--rig interface pbms--poor score
K9GYSO LP 20MWas sick so couldn't spend much time with the test
K9UIYSO LP 80MSeasonal band QRN plus lightning crashes made copy very difficult at times. Plus condx did not allow many four and six point QSO's. Would have liked to have had more activity on the band
KA2FHNSO LP ALLConditions were good..10m opened about 4:30 local. See you all next year!
KA3DRRSA HP ALLNever a dull moment in RadioSport! See you next year
KA6BIMSA HP ALLRoller coaster conditions this weekend. Great on Friday then went downhill
KB8TYJSO LP ALLGreat contest, especially On 40 Friday night and 20 Saturday morning!
KC9EEAQ 40MVery little time due to Holiday plans. Hopefully a better effort next year

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