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JH4UYBSO HP ALLGreat Contest. Rest; 0115-0500 2239-0419 2107-2359 Total 12h17m
JI1UDDSO LP ALLPoor condition, see you next year.
JJ6TWQSO LP ALLI enjoyed very much. .
JK1LUYSO HP 20MI enjoyed the contest. RIG:IC-756PRO AMP 500W 4el YAGI
JK2VOCSA LP ALLGood Conditions in 20m BAND. 73! Yoshi
JL7FBV/1SO LP 10MTnx my small wave received many friend
JN1BBOSO LP 15MPower is 50W
JQ6PAQ/1SO QRP 15MRig:MX-21S, PWR:1w, Ant:DP,
JR1NKNSO QRP 15MThe maximum output power in the contest was 5 watts. Thank you for the QSOs. See you all next time.
K0BXSA HP 20MGreat opening 0200Z Sunday over the pole to many UA and UA9 Stations. Just like fishing in a barel!
K0GEO/5SO LP ALLReally fun WPX CW-especially enjoyed 40m late !
K0RUSA HP ALLNew antennas worked great, had alot of fun.
K1HISO LP ALLWhat a pleasant supprise: condx were OK! Was able to run with low power. Lots of sharp-eared ops.
K1LT/8SA HP ALLThis was my first CW WPX contest. Normally, the contest collides with my annual Memorial Day weekend activities, but not this year. Perhaps the contest should be permanently delayed by a week. Since I could almost dedicate the whole weekend to the contest, I decided to make some antenna improvements prior to the test. Since financial constraints continue to enforce my un-official "all verticals all of the time" policy, I decided to make use of the 1200 square foot metal roof of my pole barn. I drilled a hole through the peak, and poked an aluminum tube through the hole, U-bolted to the rafters. To the pole I mounted an old Hy-Gain vertical bracket with enough tubing to make a quarter-wave 20 meter vertical. I had an FT-240 left over from some prior experiment with a 5:6 ratio transformer wound on it, and that seemed to produce an adequate match on 20 meters. Since I now had a dedicated 20 meter vertical, I took down the ground-mounted 4-BTV and put the full-sized 40 meter vertical in its place. I finished these tasks just minutes before the contest. Although conditions were poor, I was pleased with the performance of the 40 meter and 20 meter verticals. The 40 meter vertical also performed reasonably well on 15 meters. I frequently used my Beverages for reception on 20. I think I need a better feed line to the 40 meter vertical, as 15 meter signals were all rather weak. There may be as much as 3 db of loss in my ancient pieces of RG8, although I'm just guessing. Late in the afternoon and in the evening of both days I was able to have modest runs on both 20 and 40. In fact, stations were still calling me right up to the end of the contest. Radios: IC-765 (needs trimmer caps replaced), ETO-91B (thanks, Jeff!) Antennas: 160 - 65 foot "T" with with 75 radials 80 - 2 inverted-L wires attached to 160 vertical feed point 40 & 15 - 32 foot ground mounted vertical with 32 radials 20 - 17 foot roof mounted vertical over metal roof 12 Beverages 500 - 900 feet
K1SMSO QRP ALLEntire contest with the Elecraft K1 QRP rig!
K2PSSO LP ALLMy last hurrah from this QTH. Moving to DC but without the tower and antennas, so you'll have to dig me out of the mud for that DC mult. And to N1UR, W3EF, N5AW, N4YDU, etc., you won't have K2PS to kick around anymore in the LP battles unless I can find some kind station owner down there to put up with me. I don't usually participate in this contest, the weather generally being so nice this time of year in NJ, but I got special dispensation in this case. And it was a fun contest! It's nice when there is always someone to work, although my rates didn't match up to the Big 4 DX contests. The 36 hour limit was perfect, as I generally operate at about that level, and so this time I didn't feel guilty about getting my beauty rest. Thanks to all for a great run. 73, Pete, K2PS
K2TVSO LP ALL10 meter E-skip opening was a nice surprise.
K3MJWSA HP ALL6 foot black snake crawled in radio room at 11PM Sat. nite.... very exciting!
K3TNSO LP ALLWhere were all the oddball prefixes?
K3TWSO QRP 20MI had a great time working all continents with just 5 watts!
K3UK/2SO LP ALLHad fun, thanks for the contest.
K3WJVSA LP ALLNew K3 on May 4th. Getting station back on the air after almost a 20 year hiatus. Other than FD, first contest in that many years. It's good to be back!
K4CQWSO LP 40MLimited Operating time but enjoyable
K4SVSO HP ALLHad a great time playing this weekend. We need sun Spots!
K6EEPSO LP 20MLots of weak signals. QSB ate a few QSOs. My first full contest. Worked on station ergonomics during the contest.
K7CS/4SO HP ALLhighest score/qsos ever !! now I can retire. done on R8, 20 m loop and HF2V
K7GIMSO LP ALLGood 15 Meter Openings
K7ZZSO HP ALLBest contest format ever!
K8GLSO HP ALLGreat contest as usual! Had trouble with storm static on Saturday afternoon....thanks to all the stations who gave me a repeat. Too bad my VE3DO loops were down for grass cutting!
K8OQLSO HP 80MFT-1000MP MARK V (5), AL-800H AMPLIFIER, 80 METER HOMEBREW VERTICAL ANTENNA FOR XMIT AND RCV. I did a Single-Band 80 WPX CW entry because it was a chance to see how the homebrew 80 Meter Vertical worked under springtime propagation and weather conditions (Lightning QRN and atmospherics).
K9JWV/7SO QRP ALLFirst WPX contest and a QRP entry. Used an ATS-3B for the first time and loved the experience of < 5 watts to work 130 QSOs.
K9NWSO HP 40MGreat time!
KA6SGT/9SO QRP ALLFantastic conditions into Europe and South America!
KB0JSHSO LP 40MI used Dad's station (N0AC) for a few hours. Had lots of fun.
KB8XSO LP ALLPortable operation; Alinco DX70TH G5RVjr at 20 feet
KB9YGDSO LP ALLtnx all fb wpx agn this yr es 73 de kb9ygd
KC0MOSO HP ALLThe Russian UA/RV/RW stations really saved the day
KC6XSO HP ALLTerrible condx on 10m and 15m as is becoming normal for contests of late. 20m was not especially the first day. It was open to midnight into Eastern EU. 40m became the mainstay overnight. I managed to get a bunch of QRO EU and JA stations. I made more Qs and points than last year so I won't complain. 73!
KC7UPSO HP 20MConditions really funny. No Asia, No OC, No Caribbean. Only heard 3 SA stns.
KD4D/3M2Thanks as always to John Evans for letting us invade the farm. EUROPEANS ON 20 - I didn't expect that! 15 was better than I expected too. It's a good thing 20 was open most of the night Friday, given very bad QRN on 80! Thanks for all the QSO's.
KG9Z/8SO HP ALL40M seemed very good. Only on for a short time.
KH2AR/NI4SA LP ALLThanks for a great contest - I finally managed to work Republic of Georgia!
KI6OFNSO QRP ALLI'd like to thank all the OPs who took the time to get a QRP station, especially ZW5B and AY5F who patiently pulled my numbers out of the ether.
KJ4AOMSO LP ALLGreat meeting Ya'll!! Rig:Elecraft K2 @15W, Half Sq 15m Dipole,Bazookas for 10m 15M& 80M, & OCF dipoles for 10,15,40 Meters.
KJ4HYGSO LP ALLGreat Contest. Had a bunch of fun and learned a lot. Also greatly improved my skills. Licensed November 2008.

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