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UV1GSA LP 40MTNX for contest!
UX5TQSO LP ALLTnx for contest!
UX7QDSO LP 20Mtrx 100W HM ant a sloper IBM386DX40 N6TR
VA3RNJSO LP 20MThis is my first CW contest. Made very few QSO and have a slow fist but everyone seemed understanding. Thanks all a great experience.
VA3WRSA LP ALLFIRST TIME ENTERING WPX CW CONTEST, with lots of other distractions this past week didn't help the cause. Will be back next year
VC6XSO LP ALLWas to operate SO 20M at VE6JY as VC6X but he had amp problems so operated from own residence - limited time.
VE1AYYSO LP 20MKeeping downwind of big guns.
VE3RCNSO LP ALLBetter than last year.
VE3UTTSA HP ALLANTs: OB-17-4 & 80m dipole / RIG: K3
VE5AESO QRP 20MMy first CW contest. The speed, I can't believe it.
VE7BGPSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun in this Contest. It is the first time I'm entering this Contest. I was part of the VE7NA Club station's participation in this contest in March. I went in this contest Casually with my 25 year old FT-757GX and using my '54 Blue Racer Standard Bug I repainted the Base on. That old FT-757 is a lot of fun and that rig has great you are Part of the Pile-up QSK Break in and Shift & Width is a great QRM fighting feature.
VE7JKZSO HP ALLSurprisingy good conditions for a cycle minimum Used SD - works very well
VK2CCCSO QRP 40MExtremely bad WX on the second day prevented using vert Ant over salt water. Day 1 - 53 QSOs with vertical, Day 2 - 8 QSOs with a dipole. Quite a difference.
VK2GR/8SO LP ALLPortable operation from Nhulunbuy, Gove, East Arnhem in the Northern Territory, VK8, (GL: PH87JT). A difficult operation with excessive noise levels of S8+ on the low bands, with low power and a low antenna. Station setup: Yaesu FT-897 with a Carolina Windom 40LP antenna at 6 metres. A bit of fun and it was great to put another VK8 signal onto HF!
VK3FMSA LP ALLIf only some operators would learn to send GOOD code - and not just FAST code.
VK3IOSO HP ALLFantastic conditions, especially on 40. Had a lot of fun. Thanks for all the qso's.
VK3TDXSO HP ALLWho needs sunspots? Very hard for VK to break into EU on 40 thru QRM
VK4EJSO LP 20MNo Records Broken Here On Low Power But The WPX Is A Can't Miss Contest Always Full Of Surprises
VK4TTSO LP ALLBands not very kind to me
VK7GNSO HP ALLOnly a few hours available to get on. Conditions very weird! Did feel like i WAS A LONG WAY FROM THE ACTION hI!
VU2HFRSA LP ALLMy first WPX CW. Great fun. HF propagation very poor. 10M did not open. Thanks again to EI5DI for SD a great logger. Thanks CQ for a great contest.
VU2PTTSO LP ALLOp time: 18 hours Rig1: IC-746pro + Force 12 C3-S beam @ 60 feet + 40 m Inverted-Vee Rig2: IC-735 + Force 12 Sigma-5 Vertical Dipole A very heavy work schedule for several days ensured I was bone-tired before the start of the contest. I had also recently acquired a used IC-735 and decided I would get into a casual operation and try SO2R for the first time. No fancy rig/antenna switching systems just a Sigma-5 Vertical Dipole tied to the 735. Made a few second radio QSOs and now that I have tasted it must have full fledged SO2R soon. Thanks for all the QSOs and hope to work many more next time and congratulations to Randy for a very fine CQWPX.COM website.
W0RAASO LP ALLWhoever said CW is dead, was sure wrong. It's alive and well. It was great hearing the bands open all over the planet. I was elated to make a few Q's on 10 meters. Almost unheard of thses days. I didn't work any 80 meters and spent a limited time on 40. Probably would spend more time if I had better antennas on those bands. A vertical is OK, but it sure doesn't do the job my 5 element TH5DX does. Thanks to all who gave me a contact and for a few "new ones". A fun weekend with a limited participation due to granddaughter's high school graduation party. See y'all in the next one.
W4OJCSO HP ALLBands were not wonderful. No Asia heard in GA. Enloyed the contacts with excellent ops...despite having major back problems. It was good therapy!
W4RYWSO LP ALLGreat Conditions on 20M - lot of fun!
W6FASO HP ALLConditions were pretty good after all.
W6FGSO HP ALLLot's of fun for my first-ever submission!
W6XI/7SO HP 40MSure isnt easy trying to hear the Euros through all that midwest electrical noise.
W7DRASO HP 160MWish for more activity.
W7IJSO HP 40MI used SD with the Winkeyer USB. A really great combo. No openings to EU, but Asia came thru. Great contest
W7SWSO HP ALLWonderful CW fun! Mni tnx! 73 de Scotty W7SW.
W7VJMSHNow we know what it must be like to run EU from the east coast... incredible conditions on 20.
W7YAQSO LP ALLNice Saturday evening opening to EU
W8GXTSO HP ALLMy first WPX ! I had hoped to operate the whole 36hrs. but my family had other plans ? HiHi !! I'm looking forward for next one !!!
W8KNOSO LP 10MFirst Cw contest and entered 10 meter only because there would be less activity on 10 and I could follow the procedures better. Thanks to all the stations that could copy my fist and at my slow speed.
W8QZA/0SO QRP 80MTks to Phil, N0KE, for letting me use his station during his off time for this single band 80 M QRP entry!
WA1FCN/4SO LP 20MWow so many ua9/ua0 ...Nice propagation over the poles. Still I long for these conditions on 10/15 ....Glad I'm young enough (61) to see this cycle peak. 73 BoB WA1FCN
WA2ASQ/4SO LP 20MOperated portable while traveling on business in Atlanta. Amazed at what I worked with a portable antenna set on a tripod!
WA5RMLSO QRP ALLK2 at 5 wts; MA5V on 15M & 20M; G5RV on 40M; Discouraging weekend. Propagation seemed "flat" at my QTH; Still always enjoy a good contest. Thanks to all who copied my QRP signal!
WA5SOGSO HP 20MLots of fun as usual. NOTE: I included one 40 Mtr QSO for check purposes only
WA6KHKSO HP ALLMy amp blew on 20 meters with 3 hours left! I had to crawl to the finish line 'bare foot'.
WB6BFGSA LP ALLThanks for the fun! de WB6BFG
WC3OSO LP ALLFirst time operating WPX. Had a great time. Thanks!!!
WD0TSO HP ALLPlaying around in test, fun, thanks.
WD5BJTSO LP 160MConditions were misrable. I had to ask for repeats often. Had fun though.
WE6EZ/7SO LP ALLAlways a pleasure to work the WPX Contest in any mode. Been doing it for more than 30 years. 10 and 15 Mts. wide open for hours, but very little activity. Give it a try guys! (Ralf, WE6EZ)

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