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2E1FVSSA LP 10M50W + 5/8 GP tough at times with QSB, not many 3 pointers. 73 all
3D2AGSO LP ALLApologies some received numbers were not entered due to QSB and QRM
4E1AGWSO LP 20Msometimes QRN QSB.. but it is ok.. tnx for the contest.. 73
4F3BZSA LP 15M1st contest during the quarantine period. Beat last year's score. Condx must be good :) CU all next year! 73
4G1DIFSO LP 40MLicense C issued on February 20, 2019
4I1EBCSO HP 15MFirst Licensed July 2019 Upgraded August 27 2019
4K75FOSO LP 20MVery Happy, big thanks all and 73
4U9STAYHOMESA HP ALLPart time remote activity promoting 'stayhome' trend
5Q6EESO LP ALLElecraft K3s 100 Watt Tribander plus Dipoles
5Z4/G3ABSO HP 20M20M SOSB Entry - made other QSOs on 15M/40M. 73 Andy in Nairobi
7E3ESO HP 40MWE ARE KEDIRI DXC TEAM, thank you to all stations who can made valid QSO, goodluck to the next contest, 73's de 7E3E opr YG3FZR, KEDIRI - JAWA TIMUR
7J1YADSO LP 20MThough the propagation was bad for me and couldn't have much time too, I participated contest
7J3AOZSO LP ALLEnjoyed this contest.73
7K1CPTSO QRP ALLPower 5W QTH Saitama-city Saitama-pref. Portable operate. Built Dipole and Delta LOOP on the Riverbank and QRV
7K1EQGSO LP 20MThank you for nice contest even in hard time with COVID19!
7K1IIISO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1JFMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7K1MAG/2SO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest. I have operated in JA2 area
7K4AEASA HP 20MI enjoyed the contest
7K4GURChecklogI enjoyed the contest
7L1DSTSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7L2LEGSA QRP 20MMy radio was supported by solar power supply during the contest hours
7M2ALZSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
7N2CQSSO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest
8J1ITU/1SO LP ALLThank you from Saitama-shi, Japan Due to CoViD-19, we tried partable operation, this year
8J3ITAMI/3SO LP ALLEnjoyed this contest.73
9A0AAMSHCQ WPX CW 2020 brought together 7 operators from 6 countries to operate remote from 9A1TT, under this rare 9A0 prefix. At 11am on the day before the contest, all seemed lost with some mainstay operators opting for elsewhere and the remainder of the regulars at 9A1TT, mainly focused on SSB. What to do? We put out an invite on YOTA's Facebook page and by 18z we had a team together! Last-minute remote contesting! Thanks to RemoteHamRadio.com for the software support and Toni 9A9AB, Franjo 9A6M and DX and Contest Club Križevci for the callsign! We used just 1 radio (Flex 6300) and 1 vfo, with just 1 operator at the wheel at any time..hence the Classic overlay. Given the last minute setup, we opted for a 'keep it simple stupid' approach and used the one browser window from RHR for ALL tools: radio, log, rotor, amp, waterfall etc. That said we had no band-map, no mult notifications, no point stats etc. In addition, we used just 1 antenna per band with 1 amplifier and no more than 1.5kW at any time. Thank you team for a great show. Well done! 73 to all who called us! 9A1TT
9A5MPVSO LP 20MNice contest as always, hear u next yr, 73 Vlado
9A7TMSLGreat propagation for zero sunspots. 10 & 15 meters were opened long into darkness. 40 meters was good as usual and our 2 element Moxon was great performer
9A9RSO HP ALLhI, Friday, all day was opening E sporadic on 144MHz, and 50MHz. I was jumping from one radio to another radio till 2200 z...I was already tired. Next day again real SSB and CW openings. Than I had radio isue....That was my good try. Will be beter next time.Tnx for calling
AA0OSO LP ALLFirst licensed Nov 2017
AA2ASO LP ALLThanks to Will, K6ND, for the use of his fine station!
AA3SSA HP ALLMANY stations with strong key clicks. That needs to change
AA4NCSO LP 20M100 watts and an 80m OCF dipole at Topsail Island, N.C
AA4TISO HP ALLWow...wall to wall chaos. Busiest contest I have ever seen. I was shocked to see contesters working 20 meters all the way up to 14.100mhz
AB4VSA LP ALLPlease note that QSO #18 and #19 show KB1W (dupe contact). I was uncertain about how to handle this. I hope my logger program N1MM+ scored this correctly. Enjoyed the contest. There are some amazing OP's around the world
AB9BZSA QRP ALLThanks for the contacts, 73
AC8APSO QRP ALLI could not operate much this weekend but I had a lot of fun when I did. I though conditions were good for the time I was S&P
AC9PGSO LP 15MGreat fun being back on the air. Conditions weren't great for outside of North America but could work most of what I could hear. Used an elevated quarter wavelength vertical put up for the weekend. Learned it's much easier to do this in May rather than November when the ground is frozen... Also (re)learned there are more mosquitoes in May
AC9SSA HP ALLTerrible weekend for a contest. The weather was absolutely perfect
AE1TSA HP ALLIt was great to hear 10 meters alive again!
AF3KSA HP ALLThank you. Fun!
AF4TSO LP ALLThis was very much less serious an effort than I had hoped for. Biggest lesson learned more. High local QRN. Condx seemed blah till Sun. afternoon. Still had a great time. I'll be back
AI1TTSA LP 80MIcom IC-7300 @ 100 watts to recently constructed 'temporary' 80m Half Diamond modified vertical loop (upside down vee apex at 55 feet, half dozen short ground radials under each vee leg, fed via balun/coax at near leg end) - broadside NE/SW 88 foot doublet up near 40 feet (secondary TX -and occasional RX- antenna), and 40m Half-Square with horizontal wire at 30 feet used via tuner for 80m use (for close-in/regional contacts)
AJ6GISO HP 20MFor Checklog use


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