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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CN3ACNMULTI-MULTI55,670,2478,158  1,647  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC IK2LFF IZ1LBG IW1ARB ...
2CN2AACNMULTI-ONE HIGH49,832,8356,959  1,599  48.0RL3FT R3DCX UA3ASZ RX3APM RK3AD RW3FO ...
3P33W5BMULTI-TWO43,147,6506,826  1,526  48.05B4AIE LZ2HM R4FO RK4FD UA4FER RW4WR ...
4EB8AHEA8MULTI-ONE HIGH41,544,0506,471  1,525  48.0RA5A UA5C RA6LBS UA9PM RM9I RM5M RJ4P ...
59A1A9AMULTI-MULTI27,951,2646,515  1,584  48.09A5W 9A9A 9A6A 9A7R 9A7C 9A7MIM 9A7CDZ ...
6II9PIT9MULTI-MULTI26,044,4416,551  1,541  48.0IZ4UEZ IT9DBF IT9CLN HB9OCR IV3YYK ...
7LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI22,902,9226,079  1,498  48.0LZ1ZD LZ2HQ LZ3FM LZ1ZX LZ1WDX LZ1UQ ...
8IR6TIMULTI-TWO21,051,0304,856  1,430  48.0I6CXB IK6JNH IK6LBT IK6VXO IK8UND ...
9EI7MEIMULTI-ONE HIGH19,831,5004,884  1,469  48.0EI8IR EI3JE EI3JZ EI3KD G4CLA G0CKV ...
108P5A8PSO HIGH ALL19,772,8745,217  1,221  35.9W2SC
11WH6RKH6MULTI-TWO19,597,5894,597  1,067  47.0WH6R KH7U KH6U KH6GT KH6XL W7NX
12EF9REA9SO HIGH 40M19,451,8803,042  1,080  33.4EA9LZ
139K2HN9KMULTI-ONE HIGH19,445,3744,483  1,118  47.99K2HN 9K2RR 9K2OD 9K2HQ 9K2HK 9K2NO
14E7DXE7MULTI-ONE HIGH18,302,8534,508  1,389  47.99A1TT 9A1UN 9A2PF 9A3AG E74AW 9A5CW ...
15IO5OIMULTI-ONE HIGH18,289,3794,233  1,433  48.0IK5ROS IK5RLP IK5AMB IZ5EME IZ5FDD ...
16CT3EECT3MULTI-ONE HIGH17,797,2753,701  1,245  47.9CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EN CT1BWU CT1AGS
17OT5AONMULTI-MULTI17,286,0614,699  1,361  48.0DF3TJ LZ2BH ON1BN ON1CH ON4AFW ON4ALY ...
18C4A5BMULTI-MULTI16,579,5143,772  1,099  47.45B4AHZ 5B4ZN 5B4MF 5B4KH 5B4AHE 5B8AP ...
19LY27ALYMULTI-TWO16,509,7364,609  1,384  48.0LY4A LY2BKT LY2DX LY2TS LY3BB LY3EU ...
20IR4MIMULTI-ONE HIGH16,459,7704,032  1,362  48.0I4EWH IK3QAR IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP ...
21DP7DDLMULTI-MULTI16,429,4794,877  1,353  48.0DL1REM DC2YY DO1YCL DL7AT DH6DAO DK5ON ...
22UP2LUNSO HIGH ALL15,690,8643,419  1,148  35.9UA9BA
23ZX5JPYSA HIGH ALL15,624,7984,135  1,238  35.9PP5JR
24PJ4DXPJ4SO HIGH ALL (T)15,406,7763,946  1,078  35.9 
25ZV5OPYMULTI-TWO15,285,4404,053  1,184  47.5PY5SAT PY5ZD PY5QW PY5IN PY5AB PY5FB
26HG7THAMULTI-TWO15,008,3084,180  1,372  48.0HA7TM HA3MN HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX
27DQ8NDLMULTI-ONE HIGH14,816,6643,942  1,314  48.0DG0OKW DL1WA DL2ARD DL3ALI DL3ANK
28VE3EJVE3SA HIGH ALL14,486,8103,447  1,222  35.9 
29VB3EVE3SO HIGH ALL13,921,7503,547  1,165  35.9VE3AT
30HG1SHAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,900,7443,599  1,276  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAI HG2DX HA7PL HA1DAE
31TM0TFSO HIGH ALL13,349,7163,576  1,082  35.9F4HQZ
32D4CD4SO HIGH 20M13,226,5443,668  1,224  35.9SQ9D
33WW2DXW1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,175,1143,547  1,282  46.8WW2DX W2RE K2NG NA2AA
34PI4DXPAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,082,4003,501  1,185  48.0DL8OBQ DK3DM DO9EE PA3EVY PC5Z PD1DX ...
35RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,061,6644,103  1,364  44.2RW1A RV1AW RW1CW RW1F RN0CT RU1AF
36WX3BW3MULTI-MULTI12,758,5354,354  1,249  48.0WX3B WR3R WA3AER W3GVX K1RH N8IVN NH7C ...
37TM6MFSO HIGH 40M12,684,7602,822  1,135  36.0F1AKK
38P44NP4SO HIGH ALL12,559,1523,775  879  35.4KW8N 
39RC9ORA9SO HIGH ALL12,107,2982,995  1,054  35.8 
40OF5ZOHMULTI-TWO12,013,2184,167  1,281  48.0OG9X OH2BU OH5CZ OH5NQ OH5TS OH6XX ...
41EF3TEAMULTI-MULTI11,878,6203,903  1,261  46.0EA3AQ EA3ATM EA3CCN EA3CI EA3CX EA3EZD ...
42EF2AEASO HIGH ALL11,764,2853,383  1,027  35.9EA2OT
43NE1CW1MULTI-MULTI11,545,6744,034  1,211  43.9K1NZ KC1BDF KB1WKI NT1K W1TRK AG1Z WW1X ...
44OM7MOMSA HIGH ALL11,510,9263,090  1,099  35.9IT9RGY
45UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL11,312,0482,953  968  35.7UN9LW 
46VE9CBVE9SO HIGH ALL11,284,8123,176  1,062  35.9 
474X7R4XMULTI-ONE HIGH11,103,2323,006  1,024  48.04X1DX 4X6FR 4X4DZ 4Z4AK
48KQ2MW1SO HIGH ALL10,998,8383,330  1,198  36.0 
49TI5WTISO HIGH 40M10,829,8502,438  930  25.4N3KS
50WP4XKP4SO HIGH ALL10,813,4043,557  966  35.7NP4Z 
51PW2FPYMULTI-ONE HIGH10,780,5893,040  1,109  46.6PY2YU PU2XDX PY2EYE PY2NDX
52VK4KWVKMULTI-TWO10,344,5363,215  872  43.6VK3FY VK4NDX VK4TS VK4NEF VK4DX VK4BAA
53S55TS5SA HIGH ALL10,194,4362,990  1,154  35.9S57AL
54AC1UW1SO HIGH ALL9,967,8603,074  1,134  35.3 
554M1KYVSA HIGH 40M9,877,7721,922  881  28.5YV1KK
56PR7AAPYMULTI-ONE HIGH9,848,2162,711  1,036  45.1PR7AB PR7AP PR7AR PR7DZ PR7HR PT7MM ...
57PQ5BPYMULTI-ONE HIGH9,826,3913,087  1,003  47.8PP5CFS PP5JD PP5NY PP5MS PY3KN PY3NZ ...
58IK2YCWIMULTI-TWO9,687,9723,193  1,189  46.0IK2YCW IK2QPR IK2KPE IZ4COT I2YPY ...
59ES9CESSA HIGH ALL9,631,8113,277  1,253  35.9ES7GM
60WC6HW6MULTI-TWO9,550,6444,216  996  48.0WC6H N6TV N7MH N6KI K6ST WX5S
61WP3CKP4SO LOW ALL9,507,3903,389  930  35.8 
62VC2WVE2SA HIGH ALL (T)9,290,7362,627  1,008  35.9VA2WA
63S570CS5SO HIGH ALL9,190,0022,883  1,059  35.9S55OO
64CR6PCTMULTI-TWO9,129,1203,455  1,140  47.3CT1DWT CT1HIX CT1HXB CT2IQK CT2HKN ...
65CQ3WCT3SA HIGH ALL9,013,3602,490  976  33.5DF7ZS
66J42TSVMULTI-TWO8,924,4813,595  1,123  48.0IK0EFR SV1JG SV1QXU SV2BXZ SV2CLJ ...
67NV9LW9MULTI-ONE HIGH8,699,1763,269  1,112  48.0NV9L N9TK K2DRH WB9Z
68D41CVD4SO HIGH 15M8,635,0052,838  1,035  32.3IZ4DPV
69N3QEW3MULTI-ONE HIGH8,625,0783,008  1,078  48.0N3QE N3HBX AJ3M F4BKV
70K9CTW9MULTI-TWO8,492,6103,442  1,093  47.5N7US K9ZO AB9YC KC9ZQW K9CT
71VC6VVE6MULTI-ONE HIGH8,356,4942,857  1,046  39.4VE4GV VE6RST VE6SV
72A73AA7MULTI-TWO8,324,4462,678  907  46.0A71AM A71BZ A71FJ A71BX A71CV A71GO ...
73UW1MURSA HIGH ALL8,159,5643,249  1,162  36.0 
74KT5JW5SO HIGH ALL7,634,2703,644  955  36.0K5TR 
75II2SIMULTI-ONE HIGH7,607,3042,600  1,107  47.8IZ2FOS IZ2KXC IK2TDM IZ1ZHG I2CZQ
76SN3ASPSA HIGH 40M7,447,4402,061  1,001  34.6SP3GEM
77K0DUW0MULTI-ONE HIGH7,416,9622,968  941  48.0K0DU K0CL
78UA9MARA9SO HIGH ALL7,290,3632,355  849  26.9 
79PJ2DXPJ2SA HIGH 20M7,178,7602,693  918  35.0PT2IC
80NR3XW2SO HIGH ALL7,174,6222,884  1,027  35.8N4YDU
81C4W5BSO HIGH ALL7,115,2502,349  795  34.55B4WN
82DP6ADLMULTI-TWO7,098,8122,846  1,057  48.0DJ7MH DK2OY DL1QQ DL8OH
83K3ZUW3SA HIGH ALL7,079,6042,405  1,084  36.0 
84CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL6,890,6892,682  949  34.5CT1CJJ
85PV2PPYSA HIGH 15M6,843,5722,372  1,007  35.7PY2DY
86YT7AYTSO HIGH 40M6,738,2641,992  936  35.6YU7GM
87CX2DKCXSO HIGH 15M6,731,6042,398  979  30.6 
88VC3TVE3SO LOW ALL (T)6,652,7462,121  918  35.9VE3DZ
89DQ5MDLSA HIGH ALL6,613,9242,376  1,052  35.9DJ8OG
90ED8WEA8SA HIGH 20M6,580,9622,275  978  27.8EA8JR
91VE3CXVE3SA HIGH ALL6,509,1252,299  875  35.7 
93US1IURSA HIGH 40M6,398,7441,847  979  34.4 
94OK7WOKSO HIGH 40M6,369,2202,084  935  35.8OK1CID
95KP2XXKP2SO HIGH ALL (T)6,291,2402,818  824  33.6 
96IW2HAJISA HIGH ALL6,251,3852,400  1,015  36.0 
97CS2CCTSO HIGH 20M6,213,7143,019  1,066  32.5OK1RF
98S5100LIONSS5MULTI-TWO6,180,6242,689  1,004  47.8S52ZW S51RE S52EZ S54W S57UN
99JE6RPMJA6SO HIGH ALL6,163,2901,997  945  35.8JH5GHM
100IO9AIT9MULTI-ONE HIGH6,094,0742,681  1,119  46.0IT9SSI IT9UFP IW9GEC IT9YVO
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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