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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CN2AACNMULTI-TWO84,221,76611,404  1,842  48.0RA3CO RL3FT RM2U RN5M RX3APM UA3ASZ UA4Z
2D41CVD4MULTI-MULTI77,122,77111,583  1,837  48.0DF7ZS HB9DUR I4UFH IZ4DPV RD1A RW1F ...
35E5ECNMULTI-TWO61,290,2609,097  1,726  47.9OK1RI OM6NM OK1FFU OK1JKT OK1VVT EA9LZ ...
4P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH39,377,9406,798  1,590  48.0LZ2HM 5B4AIE R4FO UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
5C4A5BMULTI-TWO35,162,0436,534  1,499  48.05B4AFM 5B4AHZ 5B4KH 5B4MF 5B4ZN 5B8AP
6LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI34,927,6057,731  1,691  47.9LZ1ZD LZ1PM LZ2CJ LZ1KU LZ2HQ LZ2UU ...
7PS2TPYMULTI-TWO28,445,2986,045  1,491  46.9HB9OCR PY2KC PY2DJ PY2NY PY2ZEA PU2RSD
88P5A8PSO HIGH ALL27,306,6666,322  1,422  36.0W2SC
9UP2LUNMULTI-ONE HIGH27,226,2385,379  1,417  48.0R9IR R9HBA RM9I UN7LZ UN9LG
10HG7THAMULTI-TWO27,034,8526,260  1,612  48.0HA7TM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX UZ5DX
11KH6JKH6MULTI-TWO24,405,2615,654  1,203  46.6AH0A W4IX W0CN KH7U WH6R
12WX3BW3MULTI-MULTI22,411,2005,914  1,450  47.5WX3B WR3R K1RH N8IVN N8II K3AJ K3WI ...
13LY26ALYMULTI-TWO21,667,2125,677  1,491  47.9LY4A G3XTT YL1ZF UR9QQ LY2CO LY2BKT ...
14P49YP4SO HIGH ALL21,149,6494,925  1,233  36.0AE6Y
15IR4MIMULTI-ONE HIGH20,487,4954,652  1,435  48.0I4EWH I4FYF I4IFL IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP ...
16FY5FYFYSO HIGH ALL20,120,6204,701  1,235  35.9 
174L0A4LSO HIGH ALL19,525,1954,427  1,223  35.9RW7K
18ZV5OPYMULTI-TWO18,585,5154,554  1,313  44.6PY5QW PY5AB PY5SAT PY5FO PY5IN
19RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH18,470,1005,226  1,450  48.0RW1A RV1AW R2RA RN1A
20E7DXE7SA HIGH ALL18,419,2454,514  1,343  35.9E77DX
219K2HN9KMULTI-ONE HIGH18,337,9474,162  1,189  48.09K2HN 9K2HQ 9K2NO 9K2HK 9K2MY A61BK ...
22PX5EPYSA HIGH ALL18,111,1204,345  1,380  35.8PP5JR
23S50GS5MULTI-ONE HIGH17,989,2024,294  1,393  48.0S57AW S56M
24KL7RAKLMULTI-MULTI17,627,5754,940  1,315  48.0AL7IF AL2F KL7SB N1TX AL1G KL2HD KL1JP ...
25VY2ZMVEYSO HIGH ALL17,320,1444,167  1,258  35.7K1ZM
26TM6MFSO HIGH ALL17,114,0764,322  1,202  35.7F4DXW
27P3F5BSO HIGH ALL17,078,7964,044  1,197  35.85B4AGN
28PJ4DXPJ4SA HIGH ALL (T)17,032,8454,022  1,245  35.6 
29YW4DYVSO HIGH ALL16,932,1143,950  1,194  33.7YV1DIG
30KE3XW3MULTI-ONE HIGH16,714,3244,138  1,276  48.0AJ3M KD4D KE3X N3HBX N3QE W3IDT @N3HBX
31NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI16,554,3965,479  1,292  48.0DG1CMZ K3EST N6BV N6NU N6RO N6WM NA6O ... 
329A77A9ASO HIGH ALL16,496,2864,260  1,277  35.79A1UN
33DQ2CDLMULTI-ONE HIGH16,371,3004,204  1,331  48.0DK1FW DL2CC DL2SAX DK1MM DJ5MW DK2ZO
34JA3YBKJA3MULTI-MULTI16,288,7283,843  1,268  47.4JH3PRR JR4ISF JS1PWV G0CKV
354X7R4XMULTI-ONE HIGH16,171,3864,029  1,207  48.04X6FR 4X1DX 4X4DZ 4Z4AK
36K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL15,981,7564,252  1,281  35.9 
37RC9ORA9SO HIGH ALL15,827,7243,645  1,188  35.6 
38IO5OIMULTI-ONE HIGH15,766,5284,110  1,384  48.0IK5AMB IZ5FDD IV3KKW IZ5ILA IK5ROS ...
39KQ2M/1W1SO HIGH ALL15,481,9234,137  1,259  36.0 
40OM5ZWOMSO HIGH ALL15,353,6043,725  1,242  35.7 
41ES5TVESSO HIGH ALL15,145,6254,444  1,375  35.9 
42XL3TVE3SO HIGH ALL15,006,0003,958  1,220  35.9VE3AT
43KU3KW3SO HIGH ALL14,863,7924,118  1,237  35.9N3KS
44UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL14,724,7023,592  1,126  36.0UN9LW
45SX9CSV9MULTI-MULTI14,549,0905,476  1,361  48.0SV9FBG SV9GPV SV9RGI SV9DJO SV9CJO ...
46YV1KKYVMULTI-ONE LOW14,432,2203,533  1,182  46.5YV1CTE YV1JGT YV1KK YY1YLY YY1ALE
47TM0TFSO HIGH ALL14,351,4563,837  1,106  35.9 
48A73AA7MULTI-TWO13,879,1403,712  1,122  48.0A71AD A71DD A71TA A71BZ A71HD A71EM ...
49HG1SHAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,853,2803,642  1,302  47.9HA1TJ HA1DAI HA6NF
50VE9CBVE9SO HIGH ALL (T)13,723,7543,854  1,199  35.7 
51UW2MURSO HIGH ALL13,231,4024,162  1,318  35.9UR0MC
52AC1UW1SO HIGH ALL13,223,1803,667  1,187  35.9N1UR
53RK4FDUA-4SA HIGH ALL13,216,0344,151  1,322  35.9 
54CR6PCTMULTI-TWO12,917,1364,534  1,317  47.9CT1DWT CT2HKN CT1HIX CT2IQK CT2JIF ...
55VK4KWVKMULTI-TWO12,894,9213,867  1,077  45.6VK4SN VK4NDX VK4TS VK4NEF VK4BAA
56PI4DXPAMULTI-ONE HIGH12,842,6063,337  1,358  47.9PD1DX PD2R PD2DX PD7RB PA7DX
57GM5XGMSO HIGH ALL12,685,7884,015  1,242  34.1GM4YXI
58PQ5BPYMULTI-ONE HIGH12,379,3203,700  1,096  48.0PP5CFS PP5UP PP5JD PP5BZ PU5DCB PP5JA ...
59G2FGMULTI-ONE HIGH11,969,6853,641  1,295  48.0M0CHK M0CKE G4MKP M0CLW EI5IX LZ2MAM
60OH0XOH0SO HIGH ALL11,967,1683,949  1,256  36.0OH6KZP
619A705Y9ASA HIGH ALL11,829,8883,366  1,296  35.99A7DX
62A65BPA6SO HIGH ALL11,749,3503,288  1,073  35.9 
63UA2FUA2SO HIGH ALL11,639,4403,479  1,160  35.9UA2FB
64OE3KOESO HIGH ALL11,552,6943,353  1,154  35.9OM3BH
65WU3A/1W1SA HIGH ALL11,453,1303,239  1,170  35.9W3UA
66OZ5EOZMULTI-TWO11,350,8723,773  1,206  48.0OZ1ADL OZ0JD OZ6ABA DL1QQ DL5KUT DK2OY
67P45AP4SO HIGH 15M11,302,0803,328  1,158  29.9 
68UA9MARA9SO HIGH ALL11,166,1482,939  1,057  29.9 
69IO2XISO HIGH ALL11,115,7203,281  1,155  35.9IK2NCJ
70LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI11,013,6653,960  1,219  48.0LYR-346 LY2LL LY3BB LY3DA LY1UG ...
71LT1FLUMULTI-ONE HIGH10,983,6963,311  1,104  45.8LU1FAM LU1FKR LU2FE LU4FPZ LU9FL
72IW2HAJISA HIGH ALL10,976,0943,240  1,247  35.9 
73VC6RVE6MULTI-ONE HIGH10,907,5203,396  1,140  43.8VE4GV VE6RST VE6SV @VE6SV
74S560CS5SO HIGH ALL10,836,7473,351  1,137  35.8S55OO
75VC2AVE2SA HIGH ALL (T)10,772,5842,936  1,096  35.9VA2WA
76VE7GLVE7MULTI-TWO10,561,0103,271  1,090  48.0VE7GL VE7HJJ VA7VZZ VA7AO VA7OO
77SJ2WSMSO HIGH 20M10,553,1583,850  1,309  35.9SM2WMV
78KB3WDW3MULTI-ONE LOW10,457,5463,200  1,094  40.6KB3WD NZ3D
79WP2ZKP2SO LOW ALL10,455,2253,490  1,045  36.0K9VV
80II9PIT9SO HIGH ALL10,438,4283,202  1,106  36.0IZ8JAI
81S55TS5SA HIGH ALL10,385,1503,004  1,145  35.9S57AL
82NR5MW5SO HIGH ALL10,362,6003,433  1,140  35.9 
83CE3CTCEMULTI-ONE HIGH10,322,0553,146  1,035  48.0CE3CT CE2MVF
84V43ZV4SO LOW ALL10,301,4963,331  1,102  36.0NP4Z
85WQ5MMW5SA HIGH ALL (T)10,273,0323,378  1,199  35.9N8OO 
86KT5JW5SO HIGH ALL10,138,6053,619  1,095  35.9K5TR
87NZ3DW3SA HIGH ALL10,032,7153,134  1,133  34.9K3ZU
88CB1HCEMULTI-TWO10,022,4963,331  1,056  45.5CE3KHZ CE3OP CE1OEB XQ1KZ CE1DY CE1UMY ...
894O3A4OSA HIGH ALL9,941,6802,905  1,148  35.99A3A/E73A
90ED1REASO HIGH ALL9,775,9173,351  1,107  35.9EC1KR
91NE1CW1MULTI-MULTI9,709,9753,237  1,139  23.4NT1K N1TA K1MAZ KX1X W1IM
92EF2AEASO HIGH ALL9,486,1073,131  1,049  35.7EA2OT
93IR8PISA HIGH ALL9,455,6163,148  1,152  35.5IZ8EPX
94HC0EHCMULTI-MULTI9,442,7252,920  919  37.5HC1BG HC1HC HC1JQ HC1PE HC1TCD HC4ER ...
95SP7VCSPSO HIGH ALL9,436,8122,786  1,078  34.3  
96NV9LW9MULTI-TWO9,292,9883,061  1,114  47.5NV9L AC9IG K9GS WB9Z
97DP7DDLMULTI-ONE HIGH9,254,7403,054  1,180  47.9DF1QR PA9WOR DL1REM DH8AF DL6YEH DK5ON ...
98ZY2APYMULTI-MULTI8,947,4402,885  1,032  40.1PP2OK PP2BO PP2MM PT2ZM PP2FEI PP2PW ...
99ZZ2TPYSA HIGH ALL (T)8,881,1282,839  1,038  35.9PY2MNL
100EI7MEISO HIGH 20M8,803,8483,312  1,167  33.9 
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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