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SL 15M



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1VE7SVVE7SO LP 15M4,032,7261,95579433.1  
2RJ9JRA9SO LP 15M2,138,0801,28864430.0RA9JR 
3YO4GAOYOSO LP 15M1,752,5981,44364630.4  
4JL3VUL/3JA3SO LP 15M1,699,3201,064595  
5JR3RIYJA3SO LP 15M1,553,4641,01455634.4  
6UA0FDXRA0SO LP 15M1,491,9761,17456629.6  
7JA7NVFJA7SO LP 15M (T)1,189,02487650927.5  
8HG3DXHASO LP 15M1,081,35095148633.6HA3UU 
9DL2DBHDLSO LP 15M1,017,60989348926.9  
10AN7HBPEASO LP 15M962,5801,27652628.7EA7HBP 
11OT1HONSO LP 15M919,39282248830.1ON4CLN 
12JR9NVBJA9SO LP 15M (T)736,533639433  
13PY2NWPYSO LP 15M683,75764536917.7  
14LU4DRCLUSO LP 15M624,96059437230.0LW1DTZ 
15SP9XCNSPSO LP 15M623,38064243929.8  
16SV1DKLSVSO LP 15M615,62499445222.1  
17SN2XSPSO LP 15M (T)585,17863039725.9SP2DWG 
184N1NYUSO LP 15M (R)559,99476542231.9  
19JA1SWBJA1SO LP 15M510,20452836624.0  
20OK2NNOKSO LP 15M428,61051539028.3  
21JG0OXLJA0SO LP 15M394,06045232322.5  
227K4XNNJA1SO LP 15M386,57347331122.8  
23UR8QRURSO LP 15M381,85062135014.5  
24NI9CW9SO LP 15M348,09643633620.9  
25K2BQWW2SO LP 15M337,006416334  
26AM7ANMEASO LP 15M318,09068234524.1EA7ANM 
27S50LS5SO LP 15M298,893447331  
28W4LCW4SO LP 15M290,76636129415.1  
29PT2AWPYSO LP 15M (T)253,75035725011.4  
30UA9AAPRA9SO LP 15M252,700357266  
31PA0CYWPASO LP 15M245,86436629219.4  
32RU3DVRUA-3SO LP 15M240,46443530416.2  
33CO2PHCMSO LP 15M233,28044624320.0  
34EX7MLEXSO LP 15M202,032347244  
35AM7DVEEASO LP 15M199,826382293EA7DVE 
36SM2ODBSMSO LP 15M193,48033728020.2  
37RA9AURA9SO LP 15M176,83329322724.5  
38EC2ADREASO LP 15M154,37545724720.0  
398J2OOI/2JA2SO LP 15M148,104304198JR7OMD 
40KC2QW2SO LP 15M140,448231224  
41OK1DKAOKSO LP 15M135,88026621533.4  
42EC5CXIEASO LP 15M129,082425233  
43EC4DFAEASO LP 15M124,597395241  
44UA0APPRA0SO LP 15M122,171246217  
45SM3DSMSO LP 15M117,82029821517.8  
46EW1GAEUSO LP 15M104,71526319518.4  
47EA3MREASO LP 15M104,55026020511.5  
48ES6MTESSO LP 15M104,34223620322.9  
49GW0AJIGWSO LP 15M89,232261208  
50JH3LFL/1JA1SO LP 15M88,38920716113.4  
51DU1DXDUSO LP 15M86,22921714323.4  
52RZ0CQRA0SO LP 15M83,81019117032.7  
53AM1CJHEASO LP 15M70,85520918512.8EA1CJH 
54SM5DYCSMSO LP 15M68,960187160  
55HA4YOHASO LP 15M68,040205162  
56OK2PCNOKSO LP 15M62,11818415310.7  
57EF3CJNEASO LP 15M61,4192651777.8  
58LY3CWLYSO LP 15M59,9061,832154  
59OK1MMNOKSO LP 15M59,43217715215.7OK1MMN 
60LA8WGLASO LP 15M58,301205173  
61YO4BBHYOSO LP 15M58,164200148  
62EA1BZPEASO LP 15M56,95021917011.5  
634Z5FW4XSO LP 15M51,363143117  
64EC4DKLEASO LP 15M (T)51,192250162  
65OK1MFGOKSO LP 15M38,10016012714.3  
66YC0WWWYBSO LP 15M35,3431239927.3  
67VA6RAVE6SO LP 15M (T)34,76015811026.6  
687K2GMJJA1SO LP 15M33,026121986.0  
69NI4SW4SO LP 15M31,69411710632.5  
70EU6TTEUSO LP 15M24,411121103  
71JI7VURJA7SO LP 15M23,1841049213.0  
72JI4WHSJA4SO LP 15M20,4189182  
73RW3PNUA-3SO LP 15M19,012110973.2  
74JA7ADVJA7SO LP 15M17,0828178  
75PY2AERPYSO LP 15M16,72884681.7  
76SP8OOBSPSO LP 15M16,60010083  
77YC2VVDYBSO LP 15M14,7849784  
78EA7HEEASO LP 15M14,50811278  
79JG5VIAJA5SO LP 15M13,1246968  
80AN5TNEASO LP 15M11,9529583EA5TN 
81EC7DYCEASO LP 15M10,2307966  
82OH2MDCOHSO LP 15M9,3847668  
83JI8BUR/3JA3SO LP 15M7,5925852  
84ES5CXESSO LP 15M6,61510735  
85TA3BNTASO LP 15M (T)5,75047461.1  
86LU2HRHLUSO LP 15M4,62044427.0  
87K0COP/4W4SO LP 15M2,9043533  
88JG1GCOJA1SO LP 15M2,8833131  
89YU1BXYUSO LP 15M2,2912929  
90LA3HMLASO LP 15M2,242433827.9  
91JH1KZQ/1JA1SO LP 15M2,1463229  
92JR3KAHJA3SO LP 15M1,6323024  
93XX9AUXX9SO LP 15M7374311  
94JE1TTOJA1SO LP 15M6461817  
95ZP5/YO7BAZPSO LP 15M17610825.5  
96JM4UZMJA4SO LP 15M128168  

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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