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1HC8AHC8SO HP ALL24,660,0436,6231,15936.0N6KT 
2P40WP4SO HP ALL17,639,3705,0071,03736.0W2GD 
3TI1CTISO HP ALL17,078,9305,4901,11736.0TI2CF 
4P40NP4SO HP ALL14,002,6324,67197236.0KW8N 
5VF3EJVE3SO HP ALL13,745,2024,2151,06936.0  
6EA8ZSEA8SO HP ALL12,941,7403,90095336.0EA3NY 
7KQ2M/1W1SO HP ALL10,855,2643,73398936.0  
88P2K8PSO HP ALL10,044,6783,81893336.08P6SH 
9IH9/OL5YIG9SO HP ALL9,822,3843,08289136.0OK1FUA 
10KF3PW3SO HP ALL9,516,8303,54396536.0K3MM 
11VO1MPVEOSO HP ALL9,331,9283,45194336.0  
12OK1RFOKSO HP ALL8,751,6373,20191936.0  
13N5KO/6W6SO HP ALL8,741,1153,45695536.0  
14KE3QW3SO HP ALL8,718,0823,30694736.0  
15OH5LFOHSO HP ALL8,087,1413,27398336.0OH1WZ 
16OE1EMSOESO HP ALL7,931,6143,181982  
17KM5XW5SO HP ALL7,909,3443,241947K5TR 
18WZ4FW4SO HP ALL7,189,2163,042928K4AB 
19NB1BW1SO HP ALL7,128,9122,626866  
20OT9TONSO HP ALL7,069,2802,762920  
21ZW7BZPYSO HP ALL6,682,2212,555861PT7BZ 
22JH4UYBJA4SO HP ALL6,659,9522,783821  
23K3ZOW3SO HP ALL6,637,6802,721840  
24VU3VLHVUSO HP ALL6,283,2513,299663OK1MM 
25KV0QW0SO HP ALL6,235,2182,618891N0NR 
26WB9ZW9SO HP ALL6,196,4802,704940  
27XX9TRRXX9SO HP ALL6,082,5653,416817OH2PM 
28LA8WLASO HP ALL (T)5,701,8052,633893LA4DCA 
29DL3TDDLSO HP ALL5,680,5052,261835  
30K7RIW7SO HP ALL5,661,3612,718853  
31OH1MMOHSO HP ALL5,644,8002,562882  
32RW4AAUA-4SO HP ALL5,594,6172,812917  
33HK6KKKHKSO HP ALL5,582,1712,306769  
34OH6RXOHSO HP ALL5,345,5682,529864  
35JA8RWUJA8SO HP ALL5,341,3202,287802  
36S50KS5SO HP ALL5,326,0532,641841  
37VF3ATVE3SO HP ALL5,306,7382,288778  
38DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL5,081,4272,410837  
39S57SS5SO HP ALL5,000,8132,340739  
40OH5BMOHSO HP ALL4,968,3802,400830  
41JY9QJJYSO HP ALL4,937,9312,450681  
42LY2BTALYSO HP ALL (T)4,534,9792,204851  
43RA3AUUUA-3SO HP ALL (T)4,460,3162,278812  
44RI9CRA9SO HP ALL4,374,0561,985718UA9CDV 
45LU0HLUSO HP ALL (T)4,366,6771,950773LU3HU 
46LA9HWLASO HP ALL4,339,4402,179784  
47HA8JVHASO HP ALL4,282,6402,251799  
48N3OCW3SO HP ALL4,192,2002,068765  
49S57DXS5SO HP ALL4,183,5682,027746  
50KR1GW1SO HP ALL4,166,8901,916665  
51VE7INVE7SO HP ALL4,091,0941,913711  
52UA9CLBRA9SO HP ALL4,087,2081,896697  
53LT7HLUSO HP ALL4,079,4731,883757  
54EA3NYEASO HP ALL (T)4,071,2282,275714EA3FUM 
55N6EDW6SO HP ALL (T)4,000,7522,042756  
56WC1MW1SO HP ALL3,980,8301,979742  
57IV3YYKISO HP ALL3,958,4221,915741  
58K8OQLW8SO HP ALL3,858,1841,877748  
59UA2FBUA2SO HP ALL (T)3,765,9511,967704  
60JA7BEWJA7SO HP ALL3,728,9941,763739  
61AB5SEW5SO HP ALL3,725,8602,006773  
62NX9T/4W4SO HP ALL (T)3,609,0891,833737  
63YB2UUYBSO HP ALL3,525,8041,743666  
64VK4EMMVKSO HP ALL3,365,2801,614608  
65AI7BW7SO HP ALL3,340,4741,807719W7GG 
66K3JT/8W8SO HP ALL3,332,9511,787733  
67JS2LHJJA2SO HP ALL3,315,2811,626653  
68W1CUW1SO HP ALL (T)3,298,7521,645736  
69JM1XCWJA1SO HP ALL3,280,4881,598636  
70EU1AZEUSO HP ALL3,242,4211,838749  
71VK3TZVKSO HP ALL (T)3,226,9501,664639  
72KE9NAW9SO HP ALL (T)3,118,2991,799723  
73KL1VKLSO HP ALL (T)3,063,7441,795648  
74S58WWS5SO HP ALL (T)3,054,6561,841704  
75LY1DTLYSO HP ALL (T)2,995,4611,751729  
76W0TMW0SO HP ALL2,907,8801,632695  
77K5ZD/1W1SO HP ALL2,903,6151,371655  
78F5RZJFSO HP ALL2,898,5661,624718  
79JR2AGLJA2SO HP ALL2,782,0351,519633  
80YL2KOYLSO HP ALL2,745,4721,611712  
81RM0FRA0SO HP ALL2,741,1581,589674RA0FU 
82SP6IXFSPSO HP ALL2,708,6771,652677  
83NA1QW1SO HP ALL (T)2,705,7501,515685W1NT 
84V73UXV7SO HP ALL (R)2,635,7361,580577  
85WH2/N2NLKH2SO HP ALL2,628,0201,678505  
86OZ9YOZSO HP ALL2,594,3301,618610  
87JA2BNNJA2SO HP ALL2,571,4411,497591  
88N0IJW0SO HP ALL2,526,3361,556688AA0BY 
89HD1JHCSO HP ALL2,514,9501,503562HC1JE 
90DK2OYDLSO HP ALL (T)2,514,6401,533680  
91UX8IXXURSO HP ALL2,413,3121,910704  
92JR1UJXJA1SO HP ALL (T)2,381,3461,407594  
93TM7TFSO HP ALL2,357,7481,552684  
94EA7DHPEASO HP ALL2,235,8701,606637  
95JA2ZJWJA2SO HP ALL2,229,8501,381575JH2CMI 
96KA1UQW1SO HP ALL (T)2,211,4621,414657  
97JQ1BVIJA1SO HP ALL (T)2,197,3271,335583  
98N2EDW2SO HP ALL (T)2,158,5721,341606  
99AI2C/4W4SO HP ALL2,083,0661,330601  
100NK6UW6SO HP ALL2,059,7441,468674K6BZ 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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