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1P40VP4SO HP ALL12,324,7804,484828AI6V 
2EA9IEEA9SO HP ALL12,024,3653,707865  
3VP2MLVP2MSO HP ALL7,589,1534,128803  
4HC1OTHCSO HP ALL7,237,2693,047711  
5N7NR/NH6KH6SO HP ALL5,818,6922,952561  
6HK1LDGHKSO HP ALL5,494,3203,146585  
7TU4BR/5U75USO HP ALL4,957,6752,526655KA9DOO 
89J0A9JSO HP ALL4,372,1362,3466289J2EZ 
9K4YT/4DDUSO HP ALL4,311,7702,329541  
10VK2KLVKSO HP ALL4,300,1602,145640  
11VE6OU/3VE3SO HP ALL4,106,7932,014661  
12KM1HW1SO HP ALL4,078,9122,29678230.0KQ2M 
13YB0DPZYBSO HP ALL3,920,3362,167568  
14TW5EFSO HP ALL3,548,1602,085672F6BEE 
15AT0TVUSO HP ALL3,515,1482,949518K3TW 
16JL1BLW/KH2KH2SO HP ALL3,451,9903,581305  
17GB2FXBGSO HP ALL3,374,1002,083690G3FXB 
18JT0NPJTSO HP ALL3,341,8033,830499HA5NP 
19NR5MW5SO HP ALL3,332,7002,360805  
20OK1RIOKOMSO HP ALL3,120,4801,842660  
21WX4GW4SO HP ALL2,938,8481,922736  
22PP2ZDDPYSO HP ALL2,933,8091,652589  
23OK3RMOKOMSO HP ALL2,544,3061,714618  
247P8DP7PSO HP ALL2,402,7181,525529  
25OH6EIOHSO HP ALL2,380,2931,707621  
26J45JGSV5SO HP ALL2,309,0342,364546SV1JG 
27HA0MMHASO HP ALL2,267,0621,625581  
28WM5GW5SO HP ALL2,256,6321,554683K5RX 
29K6HNZW6SO HP ALL2,093,2531,566529  
30LZ2KSQLZSO HP ALL2,087,9281,539564LZ1F156 
31OH1AFOHSO HP ALL2,004,5041,316578OH1EH 
32YB3ASQYBSO HP ALL1,920,9321,487442  
33JE4VVMJA4SO HP ALL1,909,9901,408491  
34LU3FLUSO HP ALL1,899,1681,219542LU6FAZ 
35JR6PGBJA6SO HP ALL1,833,0761,467476  
36JH4UYBJA4SO HP ALL1,831,4231,434503  
37EA6WVEA6SO HP ALL1,817,8561,537526  
38ZL1AASZLSO HP ALL1,787,6951,294455  
39K3ZOW3SO HP ALL1,746,5061,325601  
40K1BAZ/DV1DUSO HP ALL1,612,9781,739307  
41YT3MYUSO HP ALL1,546,6621,244474YU3ZO 
42JA8RWUJA8SO HP ALL1,447,6001,155470  
43KY2JW2SO HP ALL1,381,0971,244593  
44W8KKF/KP2KP2SO HP ALL1,341,1121,507424  
45EA7DHPEASO HP ALL1,313,3501,273475  
46JF1SEKJA1SO HP ALL1,310,9821,113453  
47KE7EQW7SO HP ALL1,306,5881,247514  
48ZL3AAXZLSO HP ALL1,298,6521,200372  
49RB4IROURSO HP ALL1,274,1701,233470  
50UW0LTRA0SO HP ALL1,267,6561,126442  
51DJ8UVDLSO HP ALL1,217,022943623  
52UA9MRRA9SO HP ALL1,098,3901,271410  
53VE5UFVE5SO HP ALL1,087,3841,212436  
54WB2QW2SO HP ALL1,081,062983522  
55UA4ANOUA-4SO HP ALL1,006,4161,207522  
56F6DZUFSO HP ALL982,124912442  
57AX2APKVKSO HP ALL937,266811363VK2APK 
58UT4UXURSO HP ALL927,017970427  
59HA0NNNHASO HP ALL921,2001,026400  
60UP2CYLYSO HP ALL903,792989428  
61UP3BHLYSO HP ALL884,425912425  
62KI6CGW6SO HP ALL883,482963458  
63AI2C/4W4SO HP ALL864,224849478  
64DK1QHDLSO HP ALL847,880858451  
65DA2ERDLSO HP ALL836,295843439  
66UR2QDESSO HP ALL830,7371,100437  
67KB0GW0SO HP ALL811,3051,133495  
68KI3L/5W5SO HP ALL805,3741,096443  
69NJ1FW1SO HP ALL802,1961,081502  
70PA0ZHPASO HP ALL791,520874408  
71HA8XXHASO HP ALL750,508906407  
72YC8RFFYBSO HP ALL653,170730307  
73UA0SRRA0SO HP ALL645,810831330  
74HA0HWHASO HP ALL640,644880394  
75OH4RHOHSO HP ALL639,324739354  
76HB9CXZHBSO HP ALL638,337743339  
77V31KAV3SO HP ALL632,832959309KM5R 
78ZY1LIPYSO HP ALL628,004650338PY1LI 
79KF2OW2SO HP ALL619,556657406  
80KV0IW0SO HP ALL617,6841,497503  
81N8BJQW8SO HP ALL613,785799415  
82OK2RUOKOMSO HP ALL609,984732353  
83GB5COGMSO HP ALL582,0621,008367G4OBK 
84Y22JJDMSO HP ALL570,495721365  
85HA5PPHASO HP ALL568,854794338  
86RA1AAUA-1SO HP ALL555,220838355  
87W9NSZW9SO HP ALL553,113770407  
88HA7UIHASO HP ALL547,304782344  
89EA7ALEASO HP ALL521,640639378  
90FE6AOJFSO HP ALL513,907630347  
91UC2OMEUSO HP ALL504,455724355  
92I3BQC/IL7ISO HP ALL498,330800339  
93YO6KEIYOSO HP ALL476,064650288  
94UA9XABRA9SO HP ALL474,936640308  
95CU3ACCUSO HP ALL474,640822349  
96K6EIDW6SO HP ALL468,832597364  
97NT5VW5SO HP ALL461,5601,031440  
989V1WU9VSO HP ALL454,1681,060286  
99WW6OW6SO HP ALL443,188755404  
100JR3BOTJA3SO HP ALL431,333557301  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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