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701RA4PTI2013UA-4SO LP 80M4,90547457.1 
702SQ9BDB2017SPSO LP 80M4,90051503.3 
703UR7HJD2017URSO LP 80M (T)4,87658537.4 
704OM7KW2017OMSO LP 80M4,84149471.3 
705LA8OKA2018LASO LP 80M (T)4,75250483.4 
706JE1SPY2017JA1SO LP 80M4,70449426.7 
707DL2RZG2009DLSO LP 80M4,56053483.4 
708HA8T2004HASO LP 80M4,515474325.9  
709DL3KDC2007DLSO LP 80M4,4755147  
710UR5IKN2007URSO LP 80M (T)4,4554645UR5IKN 
711JM4WUZ2004JA4SO LP 80M4,433383127.1  
712PS8NF2007PYSO LP 80M4,37931294.0  
713JE1SPY2014JA1SO LP 80M4,16543355.6 
714CT1FNT1998CTSO LP 80M4,0565239  
715K3SWZ2007W3SO LP 80M4,018454126.7  
716UN5C2008UNSO LP 80M4,00234293.5 
717SP3FYX2008SPSO LP 80M3,99547473.5 
718JE1SPY2008JA1SO LP 80M3,88543357.8 
719JE1SPY2015JA1SO LP 80M3,80046385.4 
720VE4HAZ1999VE4SO LP 80M3,6963433  
721EC3ABU1994EASO LP 80M3,6904341  
722JE1SPY2018JA1SO LP 80M (T)3,65451427.3 
723OM7AGF2012OMSO LP 80M3,54942394.1 
724OH6JYH2009OHSO LP 80M (T)3,48646422.7 
725JE1SPY1997JA1SO LP 80M3,4564432  
726VE2GT2017VE2SO LP 80M (T)3,379323118.8 
727DG2BTE2008DLSO LP 80M3,36043425.2 
728JM4WUZ2003JA1SO LP 80M3,348323129.0  
729JF3LOP2010JA3SO LP 80M3,33032302.6 
730PU2MTS1994PYSO LP 80M3,3303937  
731OK2KFK2018OKSO LP 80M3,32142411.0 
732SQ9JKS2008SPSO LP 80M3,32041402.3 
733YB0A2006YBSO LP 80M3,25027255.4  
734UA1OMS1998UA-1SO LP 80M3,2003332  
735N8LIQ1997W8SO LP 80M3,1726661  
736CT2GPT1999CTSO LP 80M3,0963936  
737EW8DX2015EUSO LP 80M (T)3,09436341.3 
738IZ5OQX2012ISO LP 80M3,066424217.4 
739UR5QW2015URSO LP 80M3,00026256.0 
740SM0DZH1996SMSO LP 80M2,9644038  
7414F3FSK2018DUSO LP 80M (T)2,94424232.6 
742W1AAD2003W1SO LP 80M2,916413626.9  
743JE1SPY1998JA1SO LP 80M2,8523731  
744DO7KMH2016DLSO LP 80M (R)2,84938378.0 
745N4OO2013W4SO LP 80M2,80050405.0 
746IZ5OQX2014ISO LP 80M2,78434326.8 
747JM1LPN/11997JA1SO LP 80M2,7063733  
748YB9KA2017YBSO LP 80M2,58041307.1 
749WF5E1994W5SO LP 80M2,5604340  
750ER3ZZ1995ERSO LP 80M2,4965548  
751OM4ASI2015OMSO LP 80M (R)2,43234321.8 
752JE1SPY2016JA1SO LP 80M2,43034275.9 
753PS8NF2006PYSO LP 80M2,39823222.8  
754SP5ELA2011SPSO LP 80M2,35224245.3 
755JE1SPY1994JA1SO LP 80M2,3522724  
756SP4JON2006SPSO LP 80M2,3325522  
757OK9PET2016OKSO LP 80M2,24035323.7 
758JE1SPY2003JA1SO LP 80M2,23227245.7  
759SO7O2010SPSO LP 80M2,20833321.9SP7DQR
760JE1SPY2002JA1SO LP 80M2,20825244.6  
761DO1TOM2017DLSO LP 80M1,98034332.6 
762SK4UW1995SMSO LP 80M1,9803330SM4JHK 
763JE1SPY2000JA1SO LP 80M (T)1,9752525  
764HB9AWS2011HBSO LP 80M1,97230298.6 
765SP6PAX1995SPSO LP 80M1,9723029  
766SQ7SAX2015SPSO LP 80M1,88135335.6 
767JA1QZC1997JA1SO LP 80M1,8003925  
768N7MAL2008W7SO LP 80M1,76429284.4 
769RA0FA1993RA0SO LP 80M1,7222521  
770R2EL2017UA-3SO LP 80M1,68029284.2 
771JH9URT2007JA9SO LP 80M1,60623224.2  
772CE1AT2017CESO LP 80M1,59817172.0 
773XE2AC1995XESO LP 80M1,5962121  
774IZ1DGG2006ISO LP 80M1,56628272.5  
775AB5HD1995W5SO LP 80M1,5584138  
776AB1U2017W6SO LP 80M (T)1,45025251.5W6RKC
777KJ4VTH2016W4SO LP 80M1,40428274.6 
778E77AR2008E7SO LP 80M1,40428270.9 
779JE1SPY1996JA1SO LP 80M1,3862421  
780VE5GC2016VE5SO LP 80M1,36820192.1 
781N2AET2010W2SO LP 80M (T)1,34425243.1 
782EA5AVD2001EASO LP 80M1,334232326.3  
783IN3EME2016ISO LP 80M1,26927272.5 
784YO8SMI1993YOSO LP 80M1,2482624  
785PA3DTR2018PASO LP 80M1,20024241.7 
786KE7BWN2008W7SO LP 80M1,17529252.5 
787VE3OIL2013VE3SO LP 80M1,17321172.9 
788PY6KY2010PYSO LP 80M1,15617171.1 
789HP1RIS2017HPSO LP 80M1,14015153.5 
790PU7IRR2016PYSO LP 80M1,12515151.0 
791JE1SPY1995JA1SO LP 80M1,1161818  
792XE1H2018XESO LP 80M1,07217161.0  
793SA6BET2010SMSO LP 80M1,05622221.1 
794SP9P2005SPSO LP 80M1,032242424.6  
795YU0A2015YUSO LP 80M (T)1,02020201.6YU1RA
796SP3KX2018SPSO LP 80M (R)1,01222224.7 
797DL0VS2017DLSO LP 80M94522210.7DL8RB
798UA3XGM1999UA-3SO LP 80M9242121  
799NH6WZ2018KH6SO LP 80M89713132.4 
800A41OO2015A4SO LP 80M86815141.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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