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601N8HP2017W8SA HP 20M25,047102992.9 
602E20HHK2018HSSA HP 20M24,910145946.8 
603RA3R2018UA-3SA HP 20M23,2751411334.0 
604PY5XH2018PYSA HP 20M23,030104988.0 
605OL5W2018OKSA HP 20M (T)22,7551211113.0 
606DL8DYL2016DLSA HP 20M22,18897862.0 
607R7FF2016UA-6SA HP 20M21,62097924.8 
608K6III2009W6SA HP 20M21,56098983.8 
609UA0BA2013RA0SA HP 20M21,24298861.2 
610HK4W2018HKSA HP 20M20,65795919.8 
611SN2M2018SPSA HP 20M20,250100901.5 
612OL5W2017OKSA HP 20M (T)19,701116992.7OK1IC
613UU2JQ2006URSA HP 20M19,03012111025.9  
614Z39A2016Z3SA HP 20M (T)18,4041201074.6 
615LZ11RF2011LZSA HP 20M18,0001061002.2LZ1YE
616PA1BX2016PASA HP 20M17,296100923.4  
617K7VIT2005W7SA HP 20M16,92095906.1K7VIT 
6189A3ND20059ASA HP 20M16,7991071075.49A1AA 
619ES2TT2011ESSA HP 20M16,653939119.5 
620OH2BEN2009OHSA HP 20M16,20095905.3 
621RA0UF2014RA0SA HP 20M15,92892884.9 
622W0PPF2018W0SA HP 20M (T)15,8241039213.1  
623RA4LO2016UA-4SA HP 20M15,37290842.8 
624YB0BCU2013YBSA HP 20M15,09687746.9  
625JA2XCR2018JA2SA HP 20M15,08981793.5 
626TM4Q2012FSA HP 20M15,0491021012.2 
627YO2MHJ2015YOSA HP 20M14,7001131056.1 
628YL2IP2017YLSA HP 20M14,57098944.9 
629LY2XW2017LYSA HP 20M13,19972673.4 
630YB8ROP2016YBSA HP 20M (T)13,056966813.9 
6319H1XT20179HSA HP 20M12,79884813.2 
632UA4PAQ2018UA-4SA HP 20M12,6001061004.2 
633JM4WUZ2016JA4SA HP 20M12,55679738.2 
634PY1CAS2012PYSA HP 20M (T)12,14172718.0 
635WB8MIW2010W8SA HP 20M11,78674715.3 
636KF7WRS2018W7SA HP 20M10,912101888.1 
637RA3THN2009UA-3SA HP 20M10,79097833.8 
638IK2VJF1994ISA HP 20M10,7807070  
639RZ9OQ2015RA9SA HP 20M10,30964613.5  
640OK1FIA2006OKSA HP 20M10,20060605.1  
641JK1OXU1996JA1SA HP 20M10,0306659  
642NK5G2013W5SA HP 20M10,00178731.9 
643YB8SX2017YBSA HP 20M (T)9,982716212.2 
644K3RON2007W3SA HP 20M9,53667642.9  
645PE1GWX2016PASA HP 20M9,51472713.3 
646K7HPT2018W7SA HP 20M9,31784778.8 
647JR2WLQ2017JA2SA HP 20M9,300746213.2 
648UT3N2015URSA HP 20M9,04790834.2UT3NK
649HL1/WX8C2011HLSA HP 20M8,909685912.2 
6503G3PR2016CESA HP 20M (T)8,848585610.0CE3LQH
651JM2RUV2007JA2SA HP 20M8,792585610.1  
652PP5AO2018PYSA HP 20M8,73261598.0 
6534U1WB2017W3SA HP 20M (T)8,61894620.8AJ3M
654JR2WLQ2018JA2SA HP 20M8,50571638.6 
655LA1BFA2014LASA HP 20M (T)8,36076763.9 
656ED5N2017EASA HP 20M (T)8,28478760.6EA5KA
657KZ5OM/62013W6SA HP 20M7,61656562.7K6III
658HA6KVD2009HASA HP 20M7,61159593.7HA6ZQ
659W3BW2017W3SA HP 20M7,33252521.1 
660US1MY2012URSA HP 20M7,29085815.5 
661HS0ZDX2018HSSA HP 20M7,12856543.5  
662GW1YQM2018GWSA HP 20M7,11964632.1 
663US5E2013URSA HP 20M7,00876732.5UR7EQ 
664IT9DWW2017IT9SA HP 20M6,96979693.0 
665N0UN2012W0SA HP 20M6,95050506.5 
666JH9DRL2018JA9SA HP 20M6,72664594.4 
667JR2WLQ2016JA2SA HP 20M6,27362518.8 
668VA2QR2014VE2SA HP 20M6,06348472.0 
669JR2WLQ2015JA2SA HP 20M5,73354498.6 
670JH1APK2017JA1SA HP 20M (T)5,65052509.2 
671R5FU2015UA-3SA HP 20M5,59070652.3 
672DL6NCY2015DLSA HP 20M5,49045452.3 
6734U1WB2018W3SA HP 20M (T)5,14854521.5AJ3M
674VY1MB2005VE8SA HP 20M4,97256444.3  
675K8AJS2018W8SA HP 20M4,95046451.2 
676WA0PFC2018W7SA HP 20M4,87257565.7 
677E77C2017E7SA HP 20M4,80052482.3 
678N3GJ2007W3SA HP 20M4,16040401.6  
679BH1EBF2017BYSA HP 20M4,13646445.3 
680PY6TS2018PYSA HP 20M4,00046400.8 
681RW8T2014RA9SA HP 20M (T)3,88539374.1 
682HA5NB2010HASA HP 20M (T)3,74450481.2 
683UN7BEW2012UNSA HP 20M3,58940373.0 
684YL2IP2018YLSA HP 20M3,36048481.3 
685BD7LMD2018BYSA HP 20M3,19248422.1 
686DF8KY2016DLSA HP 20M3,17448462.3 
687RU3FN2013UA-3SA HP 20M2,99237343.0 
688MM4D2017GMSA HP 20M2,73638362.0GM4ATA
689IT9ZRU2017IT9SA HP 20M2,40052400.8 
690JG7AMD2013JA7SA HP 20M2,16030306.0 
691SP5PBE2015SPSA HP 20M2,11729294.8SP5ELA
692LA1K2016LASA HP 20M2,11247440.5LA6XTA
693EA1WX2018EASA HP 20M2,05240380.9 
694VU2IBI2016VUSA HP 20M (T)1,575252511.7 
695VE9EX2016VE1SA HP 20M1,47223232.5 
696NS9I2013W9SA HP 20M1,47225230.6 
697W0RIC/72015W7SA HP 20M1,44923231.3 
698IQ9UI2016IT9SA HP 20M1,40032280.7IT9AUG
699HS3NBR2018HSSA HP 20M1,38031232.1 
700IW0HOU2009ISA HP 20M (T)1,32022225.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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