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501JE7DOT1995JA7SO QRP ALL2,4363229  
502JI7OED1991JA7SO HP 10M2,3783229  
503JA7AXP1995JA7SO LP 20M2,3783229  
504JA7BEW1994JA7SO HP 20M2,3223027  
505JE7SLC1992JA7SO LP 15M2,3203029  
506JA7RXU1988JA7SO HP 40M2,3103735  
507JE7DOT1996JA7SO QRP ALL2,2773533  
508JG7EHM2009JA7SO HP 20M2,27233325.7 
509JH7RTQ2005JA7SO QRP 10M2,23331297.7  
510JK7UST2012JA7SO LP 15M2,18727271.3 
511JG7AMD2013JA7SA HP 20M2,16030306.0 
512JN7XQN2000JA7SO LP ALL2,0743934  
513JI7WPV1991JA7SO HP ALL1,8902927  
514JA7ARW1976JA7SO HP 20M1,8883932  
515JE7AFN1981JA7SO HP 15M1,8753125  
516JA7ADV2002JA7SO LP 15M1,7606922  
517JI7OED1999JA7SO LP ALL (T)1,7252525  
518JE7OXJ1984JA7SO HP ALL1,7164033  
519JA7AXP1996JA7SO LP 20M1,7162626  
520JE7DOT1987JA7SO QRP 15M1,6563223  
521JA7ADV2014JA7SO HP ALL1,56034308.6 
522JE7SWJ1985JA7SO HP 15M1,5402823  
523JF7GDF2003JA7SO LP 15M1,48824240.8  
524JG7JBZ1989JA7SO HP 20M1,4822826  
525JA7KY2009JA7SO HP ALL1,48222192.0 
526JA7ADV2006JA7SO LP 15M1,4752725  
527JR7JLU1987JA7SO QRP 20M1,4752725  
528JF7GDF2000JA7SO LP ALL1,4722423  
529JA7AXP1993JA7SO LP 10M1,4522622  
530JH7DUM2010JA7SO HP ALL1,34226223.6 
531JE7SWJ1983JA7SO HP ALL1,3402620  
532JF7GDF2004JA7SO LP 15M1,30222210.6  
533JF7VVL1988JA7SO HP 15M1,3002825  
534JA7AXP1994JA7SO LP 20M1,1342221  
535JA7HYS2008JA7SO LP 20M1,12223226.6 
536JI7WPV1993JA7SO LP ALL1,1132421  
537JE7AFM1981JA7SO HP ALL1,0922921  
538JA7JGD1977JA7SO HP ALL1,0802418  
539JA7JH2009JA7SO HP 10M1,04026202.4 
540JP7GRU2017JA7SO LP ALL1,02022173.8 
541JA7HYS1975JA7SO HP 15M1,0122422  
542JE7SWJ1984JA7SO HP 15M9923431  
543JA7JH2006JA7SO HP 10M9522117  
544JF7GDF1999JA7SO LP ALL9452121  
545JH7UJU2012JA7SO QRP ALL94023205.8 
546JE7FMW1982JA7SO HP ALL9362018  
547JA7ADV2012JA7SO LP 20M93626268.9 
548JE7DOT1994JA7SO QRP ALL9182118  
549JJ7OIP2011JA7SA LP 15M90321211.7 
550JA7DOT2017JA7SO HP 80M88414132.8 
551JA7ETU2017JA7SO HP ALL88221213.1 
552JR7RHT1980JA7SO HP 15M8702015  
553JA7AXP2001JA7SO LP 10M8501817  
554JA7AXP2013JA7SO HP ALL81618171.5 
555JG7AMD2001JA7SO LP ALL799171725.4  
556JP7IFH2015JA7SO LP 10M78021204.3 
557JE7DOT1997JA7SO LP ALL6901815  
558JA7ZP2018JA7SA LP ALL61614140.4 
559JF7GDF2005JA7SO LP 15M61218171.6  
560JE7FMW1984JA7SO HP ALL5851715  
561JF7GDF2008JA7SO LP 20M57818170.8 
562JA7SSP2013JA7SO LP 15M (T)56014141.7  
563JA7ADV2016JA7SO HP ALL54021207.2 
564JR7ASO2015JA7SO LP ALL54015152.5  
566JA7KM1975JA7SO HP 20M5071913  
567JF7GDF2006JA7SO LP 15M50414142.1  
568JA7KY2015JA7SA HP ALL4591091.2 
569JI7WPV1992JA7SO LP ALL4481514  
570JH7KTI1986JA7SO HP 15M4341514  
571JR7MAZ2009JA7SO HP ALL43214120.6 
572JR7CJO1993JA7SO LP 10M4321412  
573JQ1UKK/71998JA7SO LP 80M4201010  
574JI7JIH2013JA7SO LP ALL41616162.9 
575JA7FMZ1980JA7SO HP 10M4081212  
576JP7GRU2018JA7SO LP ALL40313132.9 
577JG7LBN1993JA7SO LP 40M3901313  
578JI7WPV1994JA7SO LP ALL3781614  
579JJ7OIP2010JA7SA LP 15M35113130.9 
580JA7SSP2015JA7SO LP ALL288991.5  
581JN7OJA2006JA7SO LP ALL279109  
582JI7WPV1995JA7SO LP ALL2531111  
583JA7OWD2018JA7SO HP 10M21013100.3 
584JA7AXP1997JA7SO LP 20M2101110  
585JO7RAA2017JA7SO LP ALL184982.6 
586JH7BMF2017JA7SO QRP 15M1801090.5 
587JG7LBN1988JA7SO HP 15M162109  
588JA7KM1976JA7SO HP 20M152108  
589JA7SSP2017JA7SO LP ALL (T)1521081.9 
590JG7LBN1990JA7SO HP 15M136118  
591JL7FBV2012JA7SO LP 10M1351091.0 
592JI7OED/72011JA7SO LP ALL84661.3 
593JI7NHE1998JA7SO QRP ALL8065  
594JA7BEW2012JA7SO LP ALL64440.1 
595JG7IJM/72017JA7SO LP 40M55650.5 
596JG7LBN1997JA7SO LP 80M4253  
597JG7LBN1991JA7SO QRP 40M4044  
598JE7JYE2015JA7SA LP ALL36330.2 
599JG7LBN1992JA7SO QRP 40M1833  
600JO7KMB2013JA7SO HP 20M (T)1222 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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