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501G3XWZ1988GSO HP 160M3,8547041  
502WA7UQV1992W7SO HP 160M3,8288566  
503SV2GJV2014SVSO HP 160M3,69847432.0 
504US8ICM2014URSO HP 160M3,69044413.2  
505EZ6GAW1984EKSO HP 160M3,6802823  
506K0CS1994W0SO HP 160M3,57013385  
507WD9AHJ1982W9SO HP 160M3,56420381  
508NE5D2011W5SO HP 160M3,47233311.8K5RX
509SV1GRD2010SVSO HP 160M (T)3,444414112.9 
510K2BQ1981W2SO HP 160M3,4205438  
511K6SE1980W6SO HP 160M3,4109555  
512K4ADR2007W4SO HP 160M3,397474328.8  
513DA2YR/P1975DLSO HP 160M3,3807626  
514AE6U1980W6SO HP 160M3,3607748  
515EU6EU1995EUSO HP 160M3,3544139  
516OK3CQW/P1982OKOMSO HP 160M3,2864931  
517EA5TX1985EASO HP 160M3,2673727  
518K5UR1982W5SO HP 160M3,26412168  
519G3XWZ1987GSO HP 160M3,1824637  
520W4KZ2003W4SO HP 160M3,124494425.0  
521EA8DO2017EA8SO HP 160M3,10524231.7 
522G4BXT1977GSO HP 160M3,0364233  
523SP3ADZ1979SPSO HP 160M3,0006125  
524OK3DWJ1991OKOMSO HP 160M2,9524136  
525UQ2GTF1989YLSO HP 160M2,9244534  
526W8LRL1977W8SO HP 160M2,80010040  
527VE3DO1998VE3SO HP 160M2,7843029  
528N7CKD1984W7SO HP 160M2,7287562  
529LZ2CW1988LZSO HP 160M2,6404033  
530KA7AUH1984W7SO HP 160M2,6405344  
531UB4JKA1990URSO HP 160M2,6236743  
532K0CS1996W0SO HP 160M2,6226857  
533VE1BNN1980VE1SO HP 160M2,5763123  
534SP9DH1981SPSO HP 160M2,4804031  
535WO9S2002W9SO HP 160M2,448443628.3  
536Y49RF1989DMSO HP 160M2,4324032  
537Y23KF1988DMSO HP 160M2,4184231  
538RB5ELM1991URSO HP 160M2,3404026  
539WC7S1988W7SO HP 160M2,2688242  
540WD9DCL1980W9SO HP 160M2,20012855  
541K2BQO1977W2SO HP 160M2,1847842  
542ON4BR2006ONSO HP 160M2,14533331.1  
543W8LRL1976W8SO HP 160M2,0807880  
544K5WXZ1987W5SO HP 160M2,0245646  
545K8OQL2005W8SO HP 160M2,010463025.9  
546TA3J2017TASO HP 160M1,99519190.3 
547IZ0GIF2012ISO HP 160M1,98031301.9 
548W6VNR2000W6SO HP 160M1,9806245  
549AA1K/32013W3SO HP 160M1,94742331.9  
550WA9EYY1983W9SO HP 160M1,9449754  
551K6SE1981W6SO HP 160M1,8887047  
552K7IDX1985W7SO HP 160M1,8724639  
553WB8APH1975W8SO HP 160M1,8488542  
554NX1T2010W1SO HP 160M1,82733293.3 
555K4JYO1996W4SO HP 160M1,8045241  
556UB5EQG1988URSO HP 160M1,7984029  
557YO4CIS2001YOSO HP 160M1,792302825.6  
558W9RXJ/01988W0SO HP 160M1,7646949  
559LY2BUG1991LYSO HP 160M1,7483723  
560KU8V1984W8SO HP 160M1,7485346  
561WA2AOG2008W2SO HP 160M1,71629262.4 
562KL7HBK1986KLSO HP 160M1,6722219  
563IO0KHP1991ISO HP 160M1,6242828  
564YV1QEW1989YVSO HP 160M1,6201815  
565K8CFU/41982W4SO HP 160M1,6007950  
566AD2BQO1976W2SO HP 160M1,5366064  
567W2XQ1980W2SO HP 160M1,4766541  
568AE6U1979W6SO HP 160M1,44012348  
569Y22TO1984DMSO HP 160M1,4262723  
570K6SE1978W6SO HP 160M1,3804430  
571KM1R2014W1SO HP 160M1,32627263.4 
572WA6KAC1975W6SO HP 160M1,2964027  
573OK1DWC1986OKOMSO HP 160M1,2422523  
574WA6IET1993W6SO HP 160M1,2325144  
575RA3OA2014UA-3SO HP 160M1,22526251.6 
576UT1KT1999URSO HP 160M1,2002525  
577UW6LO1988UA-6SO HP 160M1,1524616  
578OH5NG1983OHSO HP 160M1,1002522  
579W3KA1977W3SO HP 160M1,0804427WA3SXH 
580UP2BNT1985LYSO HP 160M1,0562422  
581KA7AUH1983W7SO HP 160M1,0403426  
582OZ7DX1990OZSO HP 160M1,0002120  
583N6LL1988W6SO HP 160M9904233  
584K4EJQ2013W4SO HP 160M98830262.5 
585VE3LKA2005VE3SO HP 160M960181526.4LU7DW 
586K8CFU1978W8SO HP 160M9525234  
587KG7D1983W7SO HP 160M9283929  
588OK3TOA1981OKOMSO HP 160M8402220  
589DJ2YE1982DLSO HP 160M8362522  
590RB5IOV1980URSO HP 160M7681816  
591OH5NG1980OHSO HP 160M7602119  
592OO4BR2005ONSO HP 160M741201924.4ON4BR 
593UA3DVS1983UA-3SO HP 160M7042516  
594WA6EKJ1980W6SO HP 160M7025527  
595K3IXD1976W3SO HP 160M6564841  
596UQ2GBU1980YLSO HP 160M6502113  
597UP2BQQ1987LYSO HP 160M6461917  
598UO5OV1987ERSO HP 160M6401816  
599UM8TBE1990EXSO HP 160M6201110  
600SP9DH1986SPSO HP 160M6121717  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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