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501EU4DGC2013EUSA LP 15M (R)2,95238367.7 
502UX0HO2018URSA LP 15M2,92641386.0 
503UN8PT2018UNSA LP 15M2,87046418.9 
504PY3BEG2017PYSA LP 15M2,85046386.3 
505LZ2CM2013LZSA LP 15M2,77440381.8 
506KF0IQ2010W0SA LP 15M2,67334337.4 
507YC6BTI2017YBSA LP 15M (T)2,48039316.2 
508PY1MK2018PYSA LP 15M2,46432323.1 
509YC2OBI2016YBSA LP 15M (T)2,38029283.5 
510SQ8JLN2011SPSA LP 15M2,37031303.4 
511K9MJA2015W9SA LP 15M2,36838372.6 
512DG0OM2011DLSA LP 15M (T)2,34030303.1 
513JA1CTB2017JA1SA LP 15M2,21231281.7 
514JA4AQR2016JA4SA LP 15M (T)2,13328272.4 
515RK9JWR2008RA9SA LP 15M2,08831292.0RA9JR
516KA9O2015W9SA LP 15M1,94427272.3 
517SQ8KFH2013SPSA LP 15M1,74227263.8 
518JF2KWM2016JA2SA LP 15M1,69027263.6 
519JO1JKH2016JA1SA LP 15M1,45630263.8 
520IZ1MHY2011ISA LP 15M1,44923232.1 
521K3WYC2017W7SA LP 15M1,36424221.1 
522RA3XEV2009UA-3SA LP 15M1,36024202.6 
523SQ1K2011SPSA LP 15M1,35723231.0 
524DO4DXA2010DLSA LP 15M1,35724230.7 
525KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 15M1,18020204.7 
526KF0IQ2013W0SA LP 15M1,13422217.0 
527VE2GT2018VE2SA LP 15M (T)1,09221213.6 
528BI4SHV2016BYSA LP 15M (R)1,07827225.8 
529BD4QK2017BYSA LP 15M1,05025211.7 
530UT2AB2017URSA LP 15M (T)1,040202011.1 
531SQ9IAU2010SPSA LP 15M1,00820181.6 
532BU2CA2015BVSA LP 15M99027222.7 
533YC8HI2012YBSA LP 15M96623211.9 
534JL6LTB2013JA6SA LP 15M92423223.9 
535KB4DXV/72014W7SA LP 15M91219192.5 
536JJ7OIP2011JA7SA LP 15M90321211.7 
537M7P2018GSA LP 15M (T)90018181.3G6NHU
538PY4XX2016PYSA LP 15M (T)86021202.2 
539DB9WY2016DLSA LP 15M84020203.3 
540XX9LQ2018XX9SA LP 15M83622194.4 
541HS8JYX2018HSSA LP 15M81622173.3 
542YU4RIS2015YUSA LP 15M (R)80524233.0 
543PY2MM2018PYSA LP 15M79820191.6 
544SP1KIZ2011SPSA LP 15M79819193.0 
545YC9KLD2018YBSA LP 15M (R)74120194.8 
546JH9JJD2010JA9SA LP 15M (T)72018181.3 
547BD3RK2016BYSA LP 15M68018171.3 
548YO9FUL2017YOSA LP 15M67515153.5 
549UA9LBQ2015RA9SA LP 15M (T)67515151.8 
550EB7KA2014EASA LP 15M65026250.4 
551R5DC2014UA-3SA LP 15M64020200.6RL3F
552YO3JF2010YOSA LP 15M63015151.0 
553JM1IMF2009JA1SA LP 15M61516152.2 
554AB5XZ2013W5SA LP 15M (T)59423221.4 
555IW0FLN2018ISA LP 15M58814141.0 
556SP5FHF2012SPSA LP 15M54416162.1 
557UA4SN2016UA-4SA LP 15M54020181.8  
558PY2TUA2018PYSA LP 15M52515153.1 
559PY7AHA2015PYSA LP 15M (T)49616165.8  
5603G6OS2014CESA LP 15M (T)44814141.6CE6RFP
561Z34MSP2016Z3SA LP 15M40812122.9 
562JI3FSI2013JA3SA LP 15M37212122.7 
563IZ3TFL2012ISA LP 15M (R)37212123.7 
564BD6AHP2018BYSA LP 15M37013101.2  
565BI3NAW2016BYSA LP 15M36413132.2 
566JJ7OIP2010JA7SA LP 15M35113130.9 
567RW0MM2011RA0SA LP 15M32412120.6 
568YT0I2015YUSA LP 15M26412121.2 
569SQ6PWJ2011SPSA LP 15M225992.4 
570BG2WRJ2015BYSA LP 15M22011113.1 
571TA3ATA2012TASA LP 15M216990.7 
572PY2ALC2016PYSA LP 15M21010101.4  
573JA0GSG2014JA0SA LP 15M1981091.1 
574JP3OXI2018JA3SA LP 15M (R)19614141.9 
575SP6IHE2018SPSA LP 15M192881.7 
576JA1LKY2016JA1SA LP 15M16513112.1 
577JA9FAI2013JA9SA LP 15M (T)162990.2 
578JM8GJB2018JA8SA LP 15M160881.5 
579TA3LSD2017TASA LP 15M16010100.8 
580DK6EA2015DLSA LP 15M133771.1 
581BI7JMD2015BYSA LP 15M1171091.3  
582BH4SRL2013BYSA LP 15M (T)90660.3 
583BD3MV2015BYSA LP 15M8412124.8 
584KF0IQ2017W0SA LP 15M75550.8 
585SM6OUB2006SMSA LP 15M755524.8  
586IZ0LHL2011ISA LP 15M36440.1 
587JA1LKY2018JA1SA LP 15M30431.3 
588N2AJO2017W2SA LP 15M28770.7 
589EA7ZT2016EASA LP 15M27330.8 
5907N2JZT2015JA1SA LP 15M27330.1 
591SQ6PPI2011SPSA LP 15M12220.3 
592BW/JP3PZG2017BVSA LP 15M (R)10321.7 
593BW4/7M4TME2003BVSA LP 15M93324.1  
594BH1MCB2015BYSA LP 15M8540.7  
595SP6ZC2011SPSA LP 15M311 
596JH6QIL2018JA6SA LP 15M111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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