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5701EA1AF2016EASA HP ALL9,454635811.4 
5702KI6KVW2012W6SA HP ALL9,453726913.8 
5703ZL1T2016ZLSA HP ALL9,40860562.8ZL1ANH
5704WB2TPS2014W2SA HP ALL9,40857564.6 
5705K3KO/42013W4SA HP ALL9,35256562.1 
5706DL8RB2016DLSA HP ALL9,35061555.0 
5707XE1MEX2007XESA HP ALL9,32854449.1  
5708K7GZP2011W7SA HP ALL9,30062506.2 
5709W1EBI2005W1SA HP ALL9,30060601.1  
5710AI6Z2016W6SA HP ALL (T)9,29664567.2 
5711W3JX2015W3SA HP ALL9,29159570.9 
5712HZ1PS2007HZSA HP ALL9,177575729.9  
5713KX1X2016W1SA HP ALL9,12858561.4 
5714JF2OZH2018JA2SA HP ALL9,10058522.4 
5715YB3BX2016YBSA HP ALL9,04864587.4 
5716DP9A2007DLSA HP ALL9,03567651.6DK4WA 
5717W8VCI2015W8SA HP ALL9,02473649.6  
5718N4DXI2012W4SA HP ALL (T)9,02059553.7 
5719WA1DRQ2015W1SA HP ALL9,00657572.9 
5720DN1DU2015DLSA HP ALL8,92877724.5DE1MBD DE7PAS DF6JF
5721W8HMK2014W8SA HP ALL8,90457562.4 
5722R7LV2015UA-6SA HP ALL8,84060523.3  
5723K2CYE2012W2SA HP ALL8,84055521.0 
5724K6UM2017W7SA HP ALL (T)8,80470621.4 
5725RQ4F2015UA-4SA HP ALL8,79861535.9 
5726SP9WZS2013SPSA HP ALL8,79261567.9 
5727PY2RJF2013PYSA HP ALL8,78488728.3 
5728DJ1MB2007DLSA HP ALL8,77570656.0  
5729US1IV2018URSA HP ALL8,72369615.0 
5730WA3G2006W3SA HP ALL8,723626125.8  
5731K8AO2013W8SA HP ALL8,70057502.9 
5732NO6F2013W6SA HP ALL (T)8,70065601.0K2RD
5733PA1CA2017PASA HP ALL8,69467634.9 
5734G6VMR2015GSA HP ALL (T)8,68068566.9 
5735RK6FZ2010UA-6SA HP ALL8,68066629.0 
5736W6SZG2004W6SA HP ALL8,68056564.3  
5737VK5QI2017VKSA HP ALL (T)8,62459569.9 
5738OH2V2012OHSA HP ALL8,61078702.5OH2LRG
5739PV8ADI2013PYSA HP ALL8,586625410.2 
5740OU1E2015OZSA HP ALL8,55064575.7 
5741KF2E2015W2SA HP ALL8,51752513.3 
5742DF5RF2009DLSA HP ALL8,51756514.1 
5743EA2CE2018EASA HP ALL8,41865619.3 
5744EA1DVY2017EASA HP ALL8,40063606.1 
5745AB4TT2017W4SA HP ALL8,37259523.5 
5746R9XT2015UA-9SA HP ALL8,37263524.8 
5747N1KWJ1996W1SA HP ALL8,3005550  
5748WV1M2017W1SA HP ALL8,29462581.7 
5749JA3HBF2018JA3SA HP ALL8,26268514.1 
5750DM5TS2015DLSA HP ALL (T)8,262625112.2 
5751N6NC2006W6SA HP ALL (T)8,25672646.4  
5752K1KMC2017W6SA HP ALL (R)8,24664625.1 
5753SV2CXI2018SVSA HP ALL8,22850448.3 
5754W3HDH/92013W9SA HP ALL8,17660561.6  
5755KC9EOQ2018W9SA HP ALL8,15161573.6 
5756SA7AUW2013SMSA HP ALL8,10958537.2 
5757TA3LKJ2018TASA HP ALL (R)8,10047459.1 
5758F5NBX2018FSA HP ALL8,09457573.5 
5759W0VX/52012W5SA HP ALL8,05853511.7 
5760K8YC/42006W4SA HP ALL8,058555127.0  
5761OH3FM2015OHSA HP ALL8,04060606.1  
5762DL9NDV2009DLSA HP ALL8,008655611.6 
5763K6VVA2009W6SA HP ALL8,00368532.6 
5764KB0YH2015W0SA HP ALL (T)7,98042355.6 
5765DL2OBO2010DLSA HP ALL7,98045421.5 
5766LA2US2015LASA HP ALL7,96561596.4 
5767R3BA2014UA-3SA HP ALL (T)7,92064602.5  
5768AI6Z2017W6SA HP ALL (T)7,88951497.2 
5769KM4HQE2017W4SA HP ALL7,840544911.2 
5770RU6K2016UA-6SA HP ALL7,80249470.9 
5771JA0GCY2018JA0SA HP ALL7,79159539.1 
5772HL4CEL2018HLSA HP ALL7,78899665.2 
5773JH2FXK2018JA2SA HP ALL7,74862522.6 
5774WB0GAG2009W0SA HP ALL7,744816410.7 
5775SM6JCC2014SMSA HP ALL7,70055501.8 
5776W3OD2017W3SA HP ALL7,68248462.1 
5777YL2IS2007YLSA HP ALL7,68070645.1  
5778OK5JDC2007OKSA HP ALL7,672615625.1  
5779WA3AFS/22013W2SA HP ALL7,59047467.8 
5780TC1DX2011TA1SA HP ALL7,56064545.2 
5781KT7G2015W7SA HP ALL7,54857513.8 
5782K4IU/02015W0SA HP ALL7,52659531.0 
5783NA2U/72013W7SA HP ALL7,52464571.7 
5784N4BCD2015W4SA HP ALL7,48852521.5 
5785AE6RR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)7,47359536.2 
5786NO6T2012W6SA HP ALL7,46764575.0N6NC
5787KG6TT2006W6SA HP ALL (T)7,44862563.5  
5788UT5YY2013URSA HP ALL7,43655445.9 
5789RA3SI2015UA-3SA HP ALL7,42557554.4 
5790LZ1QN2013LZSA HP ALL7,39271661.8 
5791KI7Y2018W7SA HP ALL (T)7,36677583.5 
5792EA1FBJ2002EASA HP ALL7,34476364.2  
5793OH2IS2018OHSA HP ALL7,33254523.4 
5794S54KM2016S5SA HP ALL7,30375671.5 
5795KK4PH2014W4SA HP ALL7,29351514.5 
5796K5HDU2011W5SA HP ALL7,29355512.9 
5797JF1UVJ2017JA1SA HP ALL7,22448423.5  
5798DJ2QV2008DLSA HP ALL7,15061551.7 
5799SP6T2009SPSA HP ALL7,14447475.6 
5800HA6D2009HASA HP ALL7,13458585.0HA-6-345

Page 58 of 64

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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