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5001KK4MOV2015W4SO LP ALL90117172.6 
5002N4JRI2015W4SO LP ALL90120172.2 
5003W4DKR2012W4SO LP ALL90018181.6 
5004K5VG/42005W4SO LP ALL90019182.0  
5005W4IOU2013W4SA LP ALL88218182.7 
5006KC4BIO1988W4SO HP 10M8822121  
5007KK4ETW2014W4SO LP 10M (R)88218181.9 
5008KX4AV2020W4SO LP ALL86829281.9 
5009N5SPX/42007W4SO LP ALL86418182.0  
5010KJ4IWX2010W4SO LP ALL86121211.7 
5011AI4QR2008W4SO LP ALL (R)86022201.9 
5012KE4YOG2020W4SA LP ALL85822221.9KE4YOG
5013WP4OUE2020W4SO LP ALL85826267.8 
5014N4SJJ2016W4SO LP ALL84618183.2 
5015N4MM2005W4SO HP ALL8331717  
5016K4PBC2008W4SO LP ALL81719191.0K4PG
5017K2ZR/42020W4SO LP 40M (C)81624241.2 
5018N3FNE2019W4SO LP ALL81619171.6 
5019KX4WQ2020W4SO LP ALL81422224.4 
5020K4WI2004W4SO LP 160M80526230.9  
5021K4IR2004W4SO LP ALL80023202.4  
5022WX4WCS2019W4SO LP ALL79917171.8 
5023KG4ECI2004W4SO LP ALL798191926.5  
5024KG4FPJ2004W4SO HP 20M792181824.4N4GI 
5025KM4HVD2016W4SO LP 10M (R)78417161.4 
5026NA3Z/42014W4SO LP ALL77919191.9 
5027W4JDS2016W4SA LP ALL76817161.5 
5028WB4UBD1988W4SO HP ALL7681716  
5029KA8DKT2019W4SO LP ALL76515152.6 
5030KK4BKD2015W4SA LP ALL76019190.7 
5031KV1P/42013W4SO LP 15M76019190.9 
5032AI4CN2012W4SO LP 20M76019191.8 
5033W9KCL2017W4SO LP ALL (R)76019192.3 
5034KH6OU/W42012W4SO LP ALL76022203.0 
5035KT4LS2018W4SA LP ALL75923231.6 
5036KM4GCI2016W4SA LP ALL (R)75923234.6  
5037KE4QCM2011W4SO LP ALL75618183.0 
5038WC4V2008W4SO LP ALL75621211.2 
5039W4SRO2019W4SO LP ALL (R)74424246.2 
5040N9XY/42005W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
5041KG4JSZ2011W4SO HP ALL73616161.2 
5042KI4VB2005W4SO LP 10M731171727.9  
5043KN4PFV2019W4SO LP 20M (R)72622226.3 
5044AF4KL2009W4SO LP ALL72220192.1 
5045KI4EEQ2007W4SO HP ALL71418172.1  
5046KA3YAN/42013W4SO LP ALL (T)70319191.3 
5047W3GQ2017W4SA HP ALL70214130.5 
5048AC4DH2020W4SO LP ALL70226267.1 
5049NI4Y2020W4SO HP ALL69626242.1 
5050KD4WUO2007W4SO LP ALL696252429.3  
5051KG4LST2018W4SA HP ALL68816161.6 
5052NS4SS2014W4SO HP ALL68418182.3  
5053AD4YQ2019W4SA LP ALL67613130.8 
5054W9CNF/M1997W4SO LP 10M6721714  
5055KY2E/42010W4SO LP ALL66619182.6 
5056NC4AB2019W4SO HP ALL66519190.9 
5057K9JG/42010W4SO LP ALL (T)66317171.0 
5058WB4ZOG1979W4SO HP 15M6601515  
5059KM4ZQE2018W4SO HP 20M66016151.6 
5060KE4QCM2017W4SO LP ALL65617162.8 
5061N4ZEW2015W4SO HP ALL (T)644222318.5 
5062KC4YBO2009W4SO LP 20M64016161.2 
5063N4NTO2017W4SO LP ALL64017161.1 
5064WD4KTF2014W4SO LP ALL64020202.0 
5065KO4OL2009W4SA LP ALL63823221.0 
5066KK4CNF2018W4SO HP ALL63015151.6 
5067N4VAN2015W4SO HP ALL62414132.4 
5068KT4LS2017W4SO LP ALL62416160.7 
5069N4UH1978W4SO HP ALL6161514  
5070N4KXO2018W4SO LP ALL61218181.3 
5071KJ4YFW2013W4SO LP ALL (R)61219181.5 
5072NQ4K2009W4SO LP 15M60822192.0 
5073W4STV2018W4SO LP ALL (R)60015152.3 
5074AJ4MJ2011W4SO LP ALL60016150.7 
5075N1HO/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)59517171.1 
5076K4VBM2019W4SA LP ALL58919190.6 
5077W4RLB2019W4SA LP ALL58920191.7 
5078KD4LEM2017W4SA LP ALL57618161.6 
5079WE4AWJ2014W4SO HP 20M57616164.0 
5080N4BAK2018W4SO LP ALL57618181.9 
5081KC4RSL2012W4SO LP ALL57616160.8 
5082N4DW2009W4SO HP 80M57415140.9 
5083AI4CN2011W4SO LP 20M57015152.0 
5084KJ4PJU2011W4SO LP ALL57015151.0 
5085KV4DJ2005W4SO LP ALL56119173.0  
5086KM4HFB2017W4SO LP ALL56016161.5 
5087WD8RYC/42009W4SO LP ALL56014141.3 
5088NR4J2013W4SO LP 10M55915131.0 
5089KW1K2019W4SO LP 20M55515150.8 
5090KI4VPD2018W4SO LP ALL55517152.3 
5091K0FRY2017W4SO LP ALL55224244.5 
5092W4DTO2020W4SO LP ALL55119191.1 
5093KN4KSE2018W4SO LP ALL54615130.6 
5094KE1CY/42014W4SA LP ALL54416160.7 
5095K3TW2019W4SA QRP 160M54416162.4 
5096KO4ASU2020W4SO LP ALL54417171.7 
5097KX4O2007W4SO LP ALL540181825.6  
5098W4HRL2019W4SO LP 20M (T)53315131.8 
5099K4BC2020W4SO LP ALL53214141.4 
5100N4AAB2015W4SO LP 15M (R)52816162.8 

Page 51 of 55

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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