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4015B4EP19845BSO HP 160M12,7205640  
402AA4MM1988W4SO HP 160M12,63613478  
403K1VW2009W1SO HP 160M12,530101704.8 
404EA5AT2003EASO HP 160M12,52972674.2  
405AA4MM1998W4SO HP 160M12,154175103  
406LY2IJ2009LYSO HP 160M11,92879711.1 
407K7IDX1987W7SO HP 160M11,90014468  
408AA4MM1983W4SO HP 160M11,800262100  
409K0CS2000W0SO HP 160M11,69211179  
4109Y4D20089YSO HP 160M11,21451429.1 
411OK5ET2018OKSO HP 160M11,00576713.6 
412AA4MM1987W4SO HP 160M10,92017284  
413RA5AO2016UA-3SO HP 160M10,71079708.1 
414K6NDV/12011W1SO HP 160M10,63350491.6K6ND
415K2BQ1982W2SO HP 160M10,19222898  
416K0CS1999W0SO HP 160M10,05011367  
417OK2QX1984OKOMSO HP 160M9,7948259  
418K0CS1997W0SO HP 160M9,75212792  
419RT5UY1986URSO HP 160M9,7525546  
420UR2RNA1986ESSO HP 160M9,4869151  
421OH3BU2000OHSO HP 160M (T)9,3727366  
422F6BVB1988FSO HP 160M9,3608160  
423UY1HY2017URSO HP 160M9,24871681.2 
424KE2C1984W2SO HP 160M9,20415378  
425RB5ELM1993URSO HP 160M9,0167849  
426OK1DWJ1990OKOMSO HP 160M8,9327558  
427YV1DRK1993YVSO HP 160M8,7364539  
428YO6AJI1988YOSO HP 160M8,4668051  
429RN3ZJJ2005UA-3SO HP 160M8,46010845  
430VP2MO1983VP2MSO HP 160M8,1905835  
431YU3QI1991YUSO HP 160M8,1207058  
432WB3GCG1981W3SO HP 160M8,10018475  
433UA4CCC1988UA-4SO HP 160M7,9008850  
434SP5INQ1981SPSO HP 160M7,8728348  
435RB4IGN1989URSO HP 160M7,6707059  
436VE2DWA2009VE2SO HP 160M7,48053404.4LU7DW
437SP4ZO2002SPSO HP 160M7,44864563.3  
438HK6ISX1994HKSO HP 160M7,3833623  
439UT1QQ2018URSO HP 160M7,296686410.3 
440ND8DX2004W8SO HP 160M (T)7,296856429.5  
441RB5IOV1988URSO HP 160M7,2967557  
442SV1GRD2012SVSO HP 160M (T)7,25763595.4 
443RK6AIQ2002UA-6SO HP 160M7,23963578.3  
444OK1AMF1986OKOMSO HP 160M7,1926958  
445W3UR2013W3SO HP 160M7,17679522.2 
446OK1AEZ1994OKSO HP 160M7,1685856  
447RA9AKM1983RA9SO HP 160M7,1505725  
448RF6FM19904LSO HP 160M7,0564628  
449RA6XB2011UA-6SO HP 160M7,00061562.7 
450W8LRL1980W8SO HP 160M6,95616074  
451UA9AKO1987RA9SO HP 160M6,9445031  
452VE3CUI2008VE3SO HP 160M6,82550392.2 
453K1HAP2012W1SO HP 160M6,765715514.3 
454RM5O2015UA-3SO HP 160M6,55260566.9 
455W8LRL1979W8SO HP 160M6,53216371  
456W8IMZ1986W8SO HP 160M6,51216288  
457DL8PC1975DLSO HP 160M6,46810833  
458K1KNO1983W1SO HP 160M6,46614961  
459UR4LFA2012URSO HP 160M6,38059582.7 
460YV1CP1991YVSO HP 160M6,3185439  
461IK5BCU1991ISO HP 160M6,2966747  
462K8OQL2006W8SO HP 160M6,25479592.5  
463KA7T1995W7SO HP 160M6,19212986  
464RQ2GHU1984YLSO HP 160M6,1207140  
465AB0X1986W0SO HP 160M6,000208100  
466YU2HDE/31977YUSO HP 160M5,99210928  
467DJ6QT1982DLSO HP 160M5,9788149  
4688S5X2005SMSO HP 160M5,95052503.0SM5HJZ 
469RM6J2011UA-6SO HP 160M5,88558551.9 
470KG5YA1995W5SO HP 160M5,8408473  
471UB5PBA1982URSO HP 160M5,7966842  
472UP2BAY1986LYSO HP 160M5,5446842  
473RP2BID1985LYSO HP 160M5,4407340  
474EZ4CBX1983UA-4SO HP 160M5,3657137  
475K2BQ1979W2SO HP 160M5,32015170  
476AH7R2000KH6SO HP 160M5,2923428  
477YV2IF2004YVSO HP 160M5,2484641  
4784X6DK19844XSO HP 160M5,2383327  
479OK1DDS1984OKOMSO HP 160M5,1845448  
480K6OY2003W6SO HP 160M4,92970536.7  
481W8LRL1978W8SO HP 160M4,91417063  
482GW2X2018GWSO HP 160M4,88849473.4G0DCK
483UR2ROA1984ESSO HP 160M4,8165643  
484UB5WFG1991URSO HP 160M4,7945447  
485UY0ZG2006URSO HP 160M4,680504525.6  
486WO9S2010W9SO HP 160M4,63565451.7 
487K1HAP2014W1SO HP 160M4,590514512.8 
488WN2O2016W2SO HP 160M (T)4,55469462.6N2GC
489HK6AUG1994HKSO HP 160M4,5402520  
490HC1HC1997HCSO HP 160M4,5363028  
491W3BGN1982W3SO HP 160M4,48815968  
492K2BQ1978W2SO HP 160M4,48819368  
493HI8JAG1979HISO HP 160M4,4804228  
494AA4MM1982W4SO HP 160M4,36819878  
495DK3FB1979DLSO HP 160M4,3606740  
496UA3ICB1990UA-3SO HP 160M4,2845442  
497UB5YFZ1988URSO HP 160M4,2846242  
498UA4CGZ1984UA-4SO HP 160M4,1485334  
499YV1CP2002YVSO HP 160M3,95227261.8  
500RP2BKB1988LYSO HP 160M3,9206135  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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