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401JL4CVG1997JA4SA LP 10M7,3677553  
402PY2XC2009PYSA LP 10M7,25971616.4 
403N1VVV2013W1SA LP 10M7,24255516.2 
404HL2CFY2015HLSA LP 10M7,08953519.4 
405YO8SSQ2015YOSA LP 10M6,85875549.7 
406ZV2WDX2016PYSA LP 10M6,785665912.5PU2UJG
407F8VNU2014FSA LP 10M6,67855531.3 
408PY5TJ2006PYSA LP 10M6,51959531.8  
409PY9MT2016PYSA LP 10M6,48984639.1 
410SV4FFL2014SVSA LP 10M (T)6,40568615.6 
411BD6IF2014BYSA LP 10M6,37556518.8 
412PY5NF2015PYSA LP 10M6,17152516.3 
413PU8YAB2017PYSA LP 10M (R)6,0001195011.5 
414PU8WZT2013PYSA LP 10M5,93692538.7 
415UU8JW2012URSA LP 10M5,76250436.3 
416PY1CMT2014PYSA LP 10M5,70051507.8 
417OK1PX2014OKSA LP 10M5,508535112.1 
418DO1RTO2011DLSA LP 10M5,480474019.3 
419N2FF2015W2SA LP 10M5,41844432.8 
420AA4FU2014W4SA LP 10M5,41246441.8 
421SP2WGB2015SPSA LP 10M (T)5,355504513.1 
422PY2TDX2013PYSA LP 10M5,23249483.4  
423LZ7J2016LZSA LP 10M5,18746393.0LZ1CL
424LU3JVO2009LUSA LP 10M5,17057473.2 
425PP5KC2018PYSA LP 10M5,14159535.7 
426SP6IHE2012SPSA LP 10M5,12543418.6 
427W6KY2014W6SA LP 10M4,91449423.0 
4289W2MZY20159M2SA LP 10M4,78456528.2  
429N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M4,77051458.2 
430BI7MCK2013BYSA LP 10M4,53247447.4 
431N2OO2011W2SA LP 10M4,52045401.2 
432LA3BPA2013LASA LP 10M4,47741379.2 
4334L1UN20134LSA LP 10M4,31247448.4 
4343Z3Z2005SPSA LP 10M4,15842336.8SQ3ET 
435JH2MYN2016JA2SA LP 10M4,14250387.5 
436PY2QT2017PYSA LP 10M4,13654478.6 
437PA3GNZ2014PASA LP 10M3,93942396.0 
438OK4DZ2013OKSA LP 10M3,92437366.3 
439PY2XC2007PYSA LP 10M3,854464128.4  
440G4JFS2014GSA LP 10M (T)3,74436368.6 
441XE2JS2018XESA LP 10M3,74039344.6 
442PY4XX2012PYSA LP 10M3,66337373.1 
443PU1TMU2016PYSA LP 10M3,47648447.3 
444JH6WHN2015JA6SA LP 10M3,46535353.2 
445HA3JO2015HASA LP 10M3,45839382.6 
446PU1KVA2017PYSA LP 10M3,36243414.9  
447CT1EXR2016CTSA LP 10M3,26434325.6 
448UR2VA2011URSA LP 10M3,16236317.2 
449BD4TZ2014BYSA LP 10M (T)2,88038366.4 
450SP7TEX2013SPSA LP 10M2,79032314.7 
451JA3VUI2013JA3SA LP 10M (T)2,68636344.2 
452PU1LBL2016PYSA LP 10M (R)2,66439377.9 
453PU4HUD2017PYSA LP 10M2,55639366.1 
454PU4ENY2017PYSA LP 10M (R)2,55341374.2  
455PT2BAT2013PYSA LP 10M2,48032312.9 
456PP5AMP2015PYSA LP 10M2,46434323.8 
457I0BJV2013ISA LP 10M (T)2,43629284.9  
458AH7G2008KH6SA LP 10M2,37636336.1 
459EA1DAX2014EASA LP 10M (T)2,34333331.6 
460N1VVV2012W1SA LP 10M (T)2,30433323.8 
461PU4GOD2018PYSA LP 10M (R)2,24034325.8 
462PY5TJ2009PYSA LP 10M2,17638346.7 
463F8AKC2008FSA LP 10M2,13632244.9 
464EA4AA2017EASA LP 10M2,13234263.8 
465KG5WZD2018W5SA LP 10M (R)2,12830287.4 
466PU2TNT2018PYSA LP 10M2,07242376.3 
467JR0BUL2011JA0SA LP 10M2,05931297.9 
468JE2HXL2012JA2SA LP 10M2,04632314.6 
469KA2DIV/42005W4SA LP 10M2,01628282.4N4GM 
470PU4GOD2017PYSA LP 10M1,82733294.3 
471PU8YPL2017PYSA LP 10M1,76746314.2 
472PU2UAF2017PYSA LP 10M1,74035303.6 
473PY1SGT2015PYSA LP 10M1,73629282.1 
474PU8WMM2015PYSA LP 10M (R)1,69645328.0  
475UY2ZA2014URSA LP 10M1,63224242.2 
476UN6T2013UNSA LP 10M1,58628262.4 
477PU2MMP2016PYSA LP 10M1,54033285.7 
478YB9WAN2015YBSA LP 10M1,41626242.7 
479NA4W2017W4SA LP 10M1,40823221.7K4WI
4809W6ZUL20159M6SA LP 10M1,40323231.0 
481PU7CRL2016PYSA LP 10M1,32640345.5 
482PU8TAS2017PYSA LP 10M (R)1,32535251.8 
483JR0BUL2010JA0SA LP 10M1,25429225.5 
484PU2LHA2017PYSA LP 10M1,17835316.7 
485JH6WHN2013JA6SA LP 10M1,10220191.1 
486UT5ERP2010URSA LP 10M1,08020183.4 
487PU2LEK2015PYSA LP 10M (R)1,02921214.5 
488KD8WBD2014W8SA LP 10M (R)1,02619192.8 
489EA8BUE2010EA8SA LP 10M98021201.5 
490UR5FCD2001URSA LP 10M931191928.6  
491PU2KAG2015PYSA LP 10M (R)92020204.5 
492PY3PC2016PYSA LP 10M88022203.2  
493JM3QIS2014JA3SA LP 10M86717172.6 
494TA4AJY2015TASA LP 10M (R)86418181.1 
4959W2MWZ20159M2SA LP 10M85124233.8 
496JE2VYM2013JA2SA LP 10M82820181.5 
497YC1BET2016YBSA LP 10M76816163.4 
498PU2TSE2015PYSA LP 10M (R)76019194.4 
499VE2EVN2014VE2SA LP 10M74817172.8 
500PU1SSH2016PYSA LP 10M725272512.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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