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4601YO2BPZ2008YOSO HP 20M24714130.9 
4602IK4GNK1998ISO HP 20M2471913  
4603SP9MAX1998SPSO HP 20M24399  
4604UA0QWB1981RA0SO HP 20M24399  
4605JA1RDP1978JA1SO HP 20M24399  
4606OH2KI2014OHSO HP 20M24010100.4 
4607DN1TB2009DLSO HP 20M (R)24010100.7 
4608W7LKG2004W7SO HP 20M240101024.7  
4609Y24PE1986DMSO HP 20M2401812  
4610SP7DZA1985SPSO HP 20M2401010  
4611OZ8XW1978OZSO HP 20M2401212  
4612OH1JW1976OHSO HP 20M2401212  
4613JN1VUB1986JA1SO HP 20M2341513  
4614UA0JDX1983RA0SO HP 20M234109  
4615KB8MU1980W8SO HP 20M23499  
4616OH6JR1976OHSO HP 20M2311311  
4617OK3IR1978OKOMSO HP 20M2251515  
4618UB5JBF1983URSO HP 20M224109  
4619SM7EFI1977SMSO HP 20M224108  
4620KA3QER1988W3SO HP 20M2101010  
4621Y28XL/A1985DMSO HP 20M2081413  
4622IA5DJD1975ISO HP 20M208148  
4623UR2OI1983ESSO HP 20M207109  
4624OH2BDA1976OHSO HP 20M2041312  
4625I2SVA2006ISO HP 20M1928824.2  
4626JA2SAP/11986JA1SO HP 20M18999  
4627KK6DOA2018W6SO HP 20M (R)18214142.3  
4628W4GHD2009W4SO HP 20M180990.3 
4629YB3RVE2017YBSO HP 20M176881.8 
4630UJ8JCL1978EYSO HP 20M17199  
4631DK5KJ1989DLSO HP 20M1691313  
4632N6AJA1979W6SO HP 20M16887  
4633KH6IAC/AC11976W1SO HP 20M168128  
4634SP9BRK1987SPSO HP 20M162109  
4635UA9OO1985RA9SO HP 20M16088  
4636KD7YVV2006W7SO HP 20M (R)154121129.1  
4637JA7KM1976JA7SO HP 20M152108  
4638JA3BCT1975JA3SO HP 20M152108  
4639SM5CVC1978SMSO HP 20M14777  
4640JA3IJW2018JA3SO HP 20M144881.7 
4641SM6CDG2004SMSO HP 20M140101024.6  
4642SM5CXN/M1978SMSO HP 20M1401010  
4643SP5WAL1989SPSO HP 20M13377  
4644Y56ZA1985DMSO HP 20M1321211  
4645UK2OAA1976EUSO HP 20M1321211UC2OBI 
4646UK3AAY1976UA-3SO HP 20M1321111  
4647JA4NOV1980JA4SO HP 20M12687  
4648JF2OHQ2014JA2SO HP 20M1197710.9 
4649WD8NJQ1979W8SO HP 20M11977  
4650OK2BPK1978OKOMSO HP 20M11977  
4651OK2PDT1983OKOMSO HP 20M11799  
4652XJ4PO1976VE4SO HP 20M11769  
4653LA6HL1975LASO HP 20M11476  
4654VE2JM2012VE2SO HP 20M112870.2 
4655SP8GEY1985SPSO HP 20M11288  
4656YO6ADM1985YOSO HP 20M10866  
4657UG6JJ1980EKSO HP 20M10866  
4658LZ1FJ1978LZSO HP 20M108109  
4659OZ3IR1977OZSO HP 20M108109  
4660SD3A2015SMSO HP 20M10010100.2SM3FJF
4661OK1AMB1976OKOMSO HP 20M9688  
4662VK4UU1977VKSO HP 20M9075  
4663JR3TZU/31975JA3SO HP 20M8466  
4664SP9EHW1975SPSO HP 20M8487  
4665SP8TQ1988SPSO HP 20M8088  
4666AB4WHE1976W4SO HP 20M801420  
4667JK1LUY1997JA1SO HP 20M7866  
4668KD7KZN2005W7SO HP 20M77770.9  
4669YO3LX1985YOSO HP 20M7777  
4670EW7DK2017EUSO HP 20M75550.5 
4671ZZ5Z2009PYSO HP 20M72660.6PY5YA
4672K7NWS2006W7SO HP 20M7266  
4673UW4AK1976UA-4SO HP 20M7264  
4674OH9GIT2016OHSO HP 20M6612112.3 
4675Y31NJ1985DMSO HP 20M6676  
4676OK3CMZ1986OKOMSO HP 20M6055  
4677UA9XM1985RA9SO HP 20M6054  
4678KA2WLI1986W2SO HP 20M5688  
4679DK0NK1995DLSO HP 20M4977  
4680EA6NP1985EA6SO HP 20M4977  
4681OK2BRJ1983OKOMSO HP 20M4977  
4682JA2SAP/11987JA1SO HP 20M4844  
4683Y25DF/A1987DMSO HP 20M4864  
4684Y23UJ1984DMSO HP 20M4844  
4685OX3RC1978OZSO HP 20M4844  
4686LA1PBA1985LASO HP 20M4555  
4687JE4ADO2018JA4SO HP 20M44441.2 
4688Y31VE1985DMSO HP 20M4065  
4689DF6IT1987DLSO HP 20M3644  
4690OK2QC1978OKOMSO HP 20M3555  
4691IW1BBQ2016ISO HP 20M (T)27330.2 
4692CT7ABQ2015CTSO HP 20M27330.4 
4693W6MAR1976W6SO HP 20M2743  
4694Y54ZO/Y54NL1989DMSO HP 20M2555  
4695LZ2LF1980LZSO HP 20M2443  
4696OH2BCG1975OHSO HP 20M242113  
4697Y24JJ1984DMSO HP 20M2133  
4698JH4DRB1978JA4SO HP 20M2133  
4699JR3STC/31975JA3SO HP 20M2133  
4700SQ9WTF2015SPSO HP 20M18330.3 

Page 47 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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