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4501W4GHV2017W4SA LP ALL3,60030303.5 
4502IT9IMJ2009IT9SA LP ALL3,58841398.6 
4503DL1NKB2018DLSA LP ALL3,57250477.0 
4504IU4AOS2015ISA LP ALL (R)3,57035356.0 
4505K9MCK2018W9SA LP ALL (T)3,56947434.3 
4506HA6NN2010HASA LP ALL3,56946432.6 
4507WX4HP2017W4SA LP ALL3,55238372.3 
4508K7DAC2012W7SA LP ALL (T)3,55240374.2 
4509AC2QH2017W2SA LP ALL3,53440385.8 
4510WA7DUH2017W7SA LP ALL3,53437314.0 
4511BI7JMD2013BYSA LP ALL (T)3,52655437.8 
4512PY1SGT2013PYSA LP ALL (T)3,52555477.6 
4513WD9IGY2018W9SA LP ALL3,52052446.8 
4514HB0/PC5A2016HB0SA LP ALL3,52046443.2 
4515HA1WD2016HASA LP ALL (T)3,51538372.0 
4516KA9GDW2018W9SA LP ALL3,51046456.3 
4517KE0HQZ2016W0SA LP ALL3,51040393.2 
4518NJ0Y2017W9SA LP ALL3,49642386.2 
4519SP6OWY2013SPSA LP ALL3,49236363.7 
4520S52WW2015S5SA LP ALL3,48642420.9 
4521SQ1K2009SPSA LP ALL3,48646422.0 
4522RA0ANO2004RA0SA LP ALL3,44140377.3  
4523YY2JAB2018YVSA LP ALL3,42528252.5 
4524GM4UYZ2012GMSA LP ALL3,41752512.1 
4525US8MS2018URSA LP ALL3,388474411.8 
4526KG3V2017W4SA LP ALL3,36429292.3  
45272E0WET2018GSA LP ALL3,35848469.6 
4528KV4MO2014W4SA LP ALL (R)3,33235345.9 
4529VU2PTT2007VUSA LP ALL3,33238344.4  
4530F4FRF2012FSA LP ALL3,32535354.1 
4531JM3PLL2011JA3SA LP ALL3,32537351.8 
4532N8VZ2010W8SA LP ALL3,32044406.1 
4533PE1RWL2017PASA LP ALL3,31237361.3 
4534AG3Q2016W3SA LP ALL (R)3,31238364.4 
4535JK1UVL2016JA1SA LP ALL3,29844342.9 
4536NS6T2011W6SA LP ALL (T)3,29338373.2 
4537RW3ZA2016UA-3SA LP ALL3,29040354.8 
4538PU7EDR2017PYSA LP ALL3,28084419.0 
4539SP5XHJ2017SPSA LP ALL3,27646424.2 
4540VU2NXM2016VUSA LP ALL3,27644393.6 
4541EA7ITM2014EASA LP ALL3,27645421.8 
4542IZ4XHG2016ISA LP ALL3,25639372.2 
45439A6CC20169ASA LP ALL (R)3,25536354.6 
4544NN2W2010W2SA LP ALL3,25538352.9N2VAW
4545K5RWP2015W5SA LP ALL3,24833296.8 
4546IU2DXF2017ISA LP ALL (R)3,23739393.0 
4547DG2BHB2013DLSA LP ALL3,23450492.8 
4548AD4YQ2017W4SA LP ALL3,20041402.0 
4549SP5TAT2015SPSA LP ALL3,19335312.2 
4550JA1IZZ2005JA1SA LP ALL3,19229281.9  
4551PY2GZ2018PYSA LP ALL3,18239374.2 
4552UA3PI2018UA-3SA LP ALL3,16846441.9 
4553PE1NBD2012PASA LP ALL3,16839365.5 
4554EA2HW2016EASA LP ALL3,15439382.9 
4555WA7RR2007W7SA LP ALL3,15038357.3  
4556KB9O2015W9SA LP ALL3,12836345.3 
4557PE1NCP2010PASA LP ALL3,12452441.3 
4558K8GT2016W8SA LP ALL3,12032302.3 
4559DL3DRN2007DLSA LP ALL3,12039393.9  
4560OH6LDJ2013OHSA LP ALL3,10545455.6 
4561KE4USA2002W4SA LP ALL3,09434344.2  
4562IZ1RFL2016ISA LP ALL3,08035354.6 
4563K0BJ2008W0SA LP ALL3,07140372.5 
4564W5TCB2018W5SA LP ALL (R)3,06646422.9 
4565HB9EMS2010HBSA LP ALL (R)3,06036366.9 
4566EU1EU2018EUSA LP ALL3,04538350.8 
4567N9YLZ2017W9SA LP ALL3,04539353.2 
4568NJ5DX2009W5SA LP ALL3,03440370.8W5OV
4569NM5M2014W5SA LP ALL3,02636340.8 
4570GI4VHO2016GISA LP ALL (T)3,01549452.5 
4571WB6CZG2016W6SA LP ALL2,97536352.2 
4572DL2GW2016DLSA LP ALL2,97034334.0 
4573PU4HUD2009PYSA LP ALL (R)2,96752439.1 
4574BG5OA2013BYSA LP ALL2,964453815.1 
4575UU8JW2013URSA LP ALL2,96043404.8 
4576MW0MAU2010GWSA LP ALL (R)2,95052505.3 
4577ZS6C2018ZSSA LP ALL2,94434324.6 
4578A65CA2014A6SA LP ALL2,94035354.7  
4579KK4PUX2017W4SA LP ALL2,92434342.3 
4580WA7YAZ2016W7SA LP ALL2,84938370.9 
4581SQ5PFH2014SPSA LP ALL2,84437361.2  
4582RA4UAT2013UA-4SA LP ALL2,82033308.9 
4583SP5YW2018SPSA LP ALL2,80840394.9  
4584PU9ATH2017PYSA LP ALL (T)2,80047405.8 
4585DL5RDP2014DLSA LP ALL2,80036351.2 
4586PY3TIO2009PYSA LP ALL2,80050409.4 
4587AF6AV2008W6SA LP ALL (R)2,80038353.7 
4588PU2OLQ2018PYSA LP ALL2,79550436.9 
4589KN5S2018W5SA LP ALL2,79033311.8  
4590KA3PCX2016W3SA LP ALL (T)2,79031302.2 
4591DC2CT2013DLSA LP ALL2,79031305.7 
4592PY2AB2018PYSA LP ALL2,78845415.7 
4593KC7V2016W7SA LP ALL (T)2,78835342.6 
4594R1BCE2018UA-1SA LP ALL2,77541373.0 
4595KB1OWT2009W1SA LP ALL2,77538372.2 
4596N6HE2017W6SA LP ALL2,76041402.1 
4597BD9BKC2012BYSA LP ALL2,75436344.2 
4598UX5IZ2015URSA LP ALL2,73837379.3 
4599DL1MX2014DLSA LP ALL (R)2,73837371.9 
4600W1MSW2015W1SA LP ALL2,72631291.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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