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4401AI4CN2012W4SO LP 20M76019191.8 
4402W9KCL2017W4SO LP ALL (R)76019192.3 
4403KH6OU/W42012W4SO LP ALL76022203.0 
4404KT4LS2018W4SA LP ALL75923231.6 
4405KM4GCI2016W4SA LP ALL (R)75923234.6  
4406KE4QCM2011W4SO LP ALL75618183.0 
4407WC4V2008W4SO LP ALL75621211.2 
4408N9XY/42005W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
4409KG4JSZ2011W4SO HP ALL73616161.2 
4410KI4VB2005W4SO LP 10M731171727.9  
4411AF4KL2009W4SO LP ALL72220192.1 
4412KI4EEQ2007W4SO HP ALL71418172.1  
4413KA3YAN/42013W4SO LP ALL (T)70319191.3 
4414W3GQ2017W4SA HP ALL70214130.5 
4415KD4WUO2007W4SO LP ALL696252429.3  
4416KG4LST2018W4SA HP ALL68816161.6 
4417NS4SS2014W4SO HP ALL68418182.3  
4418W9CNF/M1997W4SO LP 10M6721714  
4419KY2E/42010W4SO LP ALL66619182.6 
4420K9JG/42010W4SO LP ALL (T)66317171.0 
4421WB4ZOG1979W4SO HP 15M6601515  
4422KM4ZQE2018W4SO HP 20M66016151.6 
4423KE4QCM2017W4SO LP ALL65617162.8 
4424N4ZEW2015W4SO HP ALL (T)644222318.5 
4425KC4YBO2009W4SO LP 20M64016161.2 
4426N4NTO2017W4SO LP ALL64017161.1 
4427WD4KTF2014W4SO LP ALL64020202.0 
4428KO4OL2009W4SA LP ALL63823221.0 
4429KK4CNF2018W4SO HP ALL63015151.6 
4430N4VAN2015W4SO HP ALL62414132.4 
4431KT4LS2017W4SO LP ALL62416160.7 
4432N4UH1978W4SO HP ALL6161514  
4433N4KXO2018W4SO LP ALL61218181.3 
4434KJ4YFW2013W4SO LP ALL (R)61219181.5 
4436NQ4K2009W4SO LP 15M60822192.0 
4437W4STV2018W4SO LP ALL (R)60015152.3 
4438AJ4MJ2011W4SO LP ALL60016150.7 
4439N1HO/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)59517171.1 
4440KD4LEM2017W4SA LP ALL57618161.6 
4441WE4AWJ2014W4SO HP 20M57616164.0 
4442N4BAK2018W4SO LP ALL57618181.9 
4443KC4RSL2012W4SO LP ALL57616160.8 
4444N4DW2009W4SO HP 80M57415140.9 
4445AI4CN2011W4SO LP 20M57015152.0 
4446KJ4PJU2011W4SO LP ALL57015151.0 
4447KV4DJ2005W4SO LP ALL56119173.0  
4448KM4HFB2017W4SO LP ALL56016161.5 
4449WD8RYC/42009W4SO LP ALL56014141.3 
4450NR4J2013W4SO LP 10M55915131.0 
4451KI4VPD2018W4SO LP ALL55517152.3 
4452K0FRY2017W4SO LP ALL55224244.5 
4453KN4KSE2018W4SO LP ALL54615130.6 
4454KE1CY/42014W4SA LP ALL54416160.7 
4455KX4O2007W4SO LP ALL540181825.6  
4456N4AAB2015W4SO LP 15M (R)52816162.8 
4457K4TNO2012W4SO LP ALL52816163.5 
4458KK4PUX2018W4SA LP ALL52717171.5 
4459K4SG2018W4SO LP ALL52515152.9 
4460NQ4K2011W4SO LP 15M51814141.6 
4461AA1RB/42015W4SO HP ALL (T)51012101.2 
4462K1CEC/42007W4SO LP ALL507151326.7  
4463W4GHD2011W4SA HP ALL50414140.5 
4464N4REE1988W4SO HP ALL4961916  
4465KI4LTO2010W4SO LP 10M49413133.1 
4466W2SGT2017W4SO LP ALL (R)48618183.8 
4467KI4HHK2013W4SO LP ALL48015150.7 
4468N4DTF2013W4SO LP ALL48012100.8 
4469KC4FLB2011W4SO LP ALL48015153.0 
4470W4MPJ2017W4SO HP 20M47617174.4 
4471KD4MXA2012W4SO LP 10M47618172.5 
4472K5KG/42015W4SA HP 20M46813130.2 
4473K4KRK2018W4SA HP ALL46814131.0 
4474W4BCG2003W4SO LP ALL464191625.0  
4475AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
4476W4SFG2018W4SA LP ALL46215141.8 
4477KT4LS2016W4SA LP ALL45513130.9 
4478K8YC/42008W4SA HP ALL45015150.3 
4479KM4HFB2018W4SO HP ALL44412121.1 
4480W9CTJ/42015W4SA HP 15M44213131.6 
4481KD4FMW2010W4SA HP ALL44214133.6 
4482W4LTE2017W4SO LP ALL (R)43515152.8 
4483K8OSF/42009W4SO LP 15M42015152.0 
4484WD8RYC2018W4SO LP ALL42015151.9 
4485W9CNF/M41996W4SO LP 10M4101410  
4486N4GI2004W4SO HP ALL403131324.4  
4487AK4FK2011W4SO LP ALL40313134.5 
4488W4RWL2018W4SA LP ALL39014131.7 
4489KN4CNX2018W4SO LP 10M (R)38512111.2 
4490KO4OL2007W4SO LP ALL378151425.9  
4491K4XZ2012W4SA HP 10M37212120.5 
4492NB4F2011W4SO LP ALL36311111.6 
4493K2ZR/42018W4SO LP 20M36015150.9 
4494K2LYV2017W4SO LP ALL35717170.8 
4495KM4IIZ2017W4SO LP 20M35216163.6 
4496K4XZ2013W4SA HP ALL35113131.5 
4497KD4MXA2011W4SO LP 10M (T)35115131.0 
4498WB2UKX/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)35014143.0  
4499AE4NT2017W4SO LP ALL34515151.4 
4500AK4IK2009W4SO LP 20M34017173.9 

Page 45 of 47

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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