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4301KF4RPJ2015W4SO HP 20M1,36329291.2 
4302K4WI2003W4SO LP 160M1,363332924.7  
4303K2VX/42006W4SO LP ALL1,3602020  
4304W4RK2007W4SO HP ALL1,350262524.8  
4305N9MXI2017W4SO LP ALL1,34222221.0  
4306KJ4JSF2013W4SO LP ALL1,32628265.8 
4307W4TWR2016W4SO LP 10M (R)1,32022224.5 
4308KC4WQ2018W4SO LP 15M1,32024240.6 
4309AC4LGM1976W4SO HP ALL1,3022631  
4310N2NYR/42014W4SO LP ALL1,29624243.4 
4311NY4S2015W4SO HP ALL (T)1,27225242.6 
4312N3TG/42009W4SO LP ALL1,26927271.9 
4313K4BGV2012W4SO HP ALL1,26523232.6 
4314KG4KVZ2006W4SO LP 10M1,26022215.4  
4315WC2Z/42009W4SO HP ALL1,25025253.9 
4316AB1AX2017W4SO LP ALL1,24832323.5 
4317KT8TD/42015W4SO QRP ALL1,22526254.2 
4318N4QX2018W4SO LP ALL1,22429242.3 
4319KT4OO2013W4SO LP ALL1,21924231.6 
4320W4XXV2018W4SO LP 20M1,20428281.2 
4321W4OZF1975W4SO HP 80M1,2002420  
4322KD4QMY2015W4SO LP ALL1,20020200.6 
4323KX4O2009W4SO LP ALL1,20032251.3 
4324NQ4K2008W4SO LP 15M1,19625234.3 
4325KD4FMW2011W4SO HP 40M1,18416163.5 
4326N4PEG2013W4SO LP 10M (R)1,18020201.6 
4327K4KZ2018W4SO HP ALL1,17625241.4 
4328K4RDU2007W4SO HP 10M1,17022182.3  
4329KM4OTB2016W4SO LP ALL (R)1,16622222.8 
4330K4GRE2017W4SA LP ALL1,15919191.3  
4331N4LAG2015W4SA LP ALL1,15521216.8 
4332W4ATL2018W4SO HP ALL1,15027250.8 
4333W9CNF/41999W4SO LP 10M1,1442322  
4334KQ3S2018W4SO LP ALL1,14426263.9 
4335NY1E2017W4SO HP 10M1,14021201.0 
4336K4BLL2015W4SO LP ALL1,13421210.5 
4337W4CAR2011W4SO LP ALL1,12217171.5KJ4IWX
4338K4QR2018W4SO LP ALL1,12020202.4 
4339KD4URA1993W4SO QRP 10M1,1052417  
4340W4WWQ2016W4SO HP 40M1,10416160.6 
4341K4MTX2013W4SO LP ALL1,10425233.2 
4342W1IE2017W4SO HP ALL1,10022220.8 
4343KB2NEJ/42009W4SO LP 10M1,10021202.2 
4344KW4NN2017W4SO LP ALL1,10020202.4 
4345N4EUK1989W4SO HP ALL1,0922726  
4346AA4NP2017W4SO LP 10M1,08020202.6 
4347KD4TYE/T1995W4SO LP 10M1,0802415  
4348K0RRP/42009W4SO LP 20M1,08024241.6 
4349AC4EEO1976W4SO HP 20M1,0601920  
4350K4WLG2016W4SO LP ALL1,06021204.7 
4351KI4EEY2016W4SO LP ALL1,05825233.9 
4352NU4I2008W4SO QRP 20M1,05622222.7 
4353K4XO1982W4SO HP ALL1,0541917  
4354K4GO2017W4SA HP 80M (T)1,04519191.1 
4355KE4QCM2016W4SO LP ALL1,02621191.7 
4356AF4CO1998W4SO LP ALL1,0212828  
4357KI4EEY2009W4SO LP ALL1,01428264.1 
4358WW6O/42007W4SO LP ALL1,01222222.4  
4359W2DZO/42006W4SO LP ALL1,00825211.8  
4360KU4YW2005W4SO LP ALL1,008252126.6  
4361WB4GHZ2015W4SO QRP ALL (T)1,00821212.3 
4362KE4GWV/T1995W4SO LP 10M9902018  
4363K4EJQ2013W4SO HP 160M98830262.5 
4364KB4IOS1988W4SO QRP 10M9882119  
4365AA3VA/42001W4SO HP ALL97219181.3  
4366KI4LTO2017W4SO LP 10M96919173.8 
4367W9CNF/M41993W4SO LP 10M9692019  
4368WA4YNP1995W4SO LP 15M9542018  
4369KE4D2017W4SO QRP ALL94523214.2  
4370KX5U/42015W4SO QRP ALL94324236.8 
4371W4TG2017W4SA HP ALL94020200.6 
4372WA4EMU2018W4SO LP 15M93120191.1 
4373KM4AML2015W4SO HP 20M (R)92421212.0 
4374K1HG/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)92421211.2 
4375AJ4LN2017W4SO LP ALL (T)92023230.8 
4376N2DW/42009W4SA HP 80M91820181.1 
4377NG4L2016W4SO LP ALL (T)90321211.3 
4378KK4MOV2015W4SO LP ALL90117172.6 
4379N4JRI2015W4SO LP ALL90120172.2 
4380W4DKR2012W4SO LP ALL90018181.6 
4381K5VG/42005W4SO LP ALL90019182.0  
4382W4IOU2013W4SA LP ALL88218182.7 
4383KC4BIO1988W4SO HP 10M8822121  
4384KK4ETW2014W4SO LP 10M (R)88218181.9 
4385N5SPX/42007W4SO LP ALL86418182.0  
4386KJ4IWX2010W4SO LP ALL86121211.7 
4387AI4QR2008W4SO LP ALL (R)86022201.9 
4388N4SJJ2016W4SO LP ALL84618183.2 
4389N4MM2005W4SO HP ALL8331717  
4390K4PBC2008W4SO LP ALL81719191.0K4PG
4391K4WI2004W4SO LP 160M80526230.9  
4392K4IR2004W4SO LP ALL80023202.4  
4393KG4ECI2004W4SO LP ALL798191926.5  
4394KG4FPJ2004W4SO HP 20M792181824.4N4GI 
4395KM4HVD2016W4SO LP 10M (R)78417161.4 
4396NA3Z/42014W4SO LP ALL77919191.9 
4397W4JDS2016W4SA LP ALL76817161.5 
4398WB4UBD1988W4SO HP ALL7681716  
4399KK4BKD2015W4SA LP ALL76019190.7 
4400KV1P/42013W4SO LP 15M76019190.9 

Page 44 of 47

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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