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4201WA4YNP1977W4SO HP 10M2,1333027  
4202K4KAY2018W4SA HP ALL2,12831281.9 
4203N4MAR2017W4SO LP ALL2,12437365.9 
4204K4GNR2017W4SA LP 20M2,11729292.9 
4205NN4RB2018W4SO HP ALL2,11730292.3 
4206W4ATL2010W4SO HP ALL2,10841340.9 
4207KM4WII2018W4SO LP ALL (R)2,10846343.3 
4208K4QVK2009W4SO LP 10M2,10630276.4 
4209W9CNF/41994W4SO LP 10M2,1062926  
4210AG4YL2018W4SO LP 20M2,10036354.3 
4211AJ4QM2015W4SO LP ALL2,08829292.6 
4212W4PPC2018W4SO LP ALL2,080444010.0 
4213AK4HB2015W4SO LP ALL2,07732313.6 
4214K4MSH2008W4SO LP ALL2,05242384.4 
4215W5LGK2018W4SA LP ALL2,04634312.3 
4216KC4WQ2017W4SO LP 20M2,03029290.8 
4217K1SO/42000W4SO LP ALL2,0252727  
4218KA2DIV/42005W4SA LP 10M2,01628282.4N4GM 
4219WB4WHE1979W4SO HP ALL2,0134033  
4220NR4C2009W4SO LP ALL2,01033302.1 
4221K2PS/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)2,00132290.5 
4222KG4ZDY2009W4SO LP 20M1,99538356.4 
4223KV1P/42009W4SO LP 15M1,98030305.9 
4224WA4PGM2012W4SO LP ALL (T)1,97131270.8 
4225KN4KL2018W4SO LP 20M1,94427271.2 
4226NZ4B1983W4SO HP 80M1,9385651  
4227W4OGG2011W4SO HP 10M1,92429261.1 
4228W4WNT2004W4SO QRP ALL1,89034304.1  
4229KX4BI2018W4SO LP ALL1,88835322.6 
4230AK4OH2015W4SO LP ALL1,87227262.1 
4231WA3GNW/42008W4SO LP ALL1,87227263.3 
4232KK4FKF2014W4SO LP ALL1,86327271.9 
4233AA4NC1978W4SO HP 80M1,8563629  
4234W3JRD2017W4SO LP ALL (R)1,85633323.7 
4235WD0FYV2017W4SO LP ALL1,84829282.7 
4236W9KB2018W4SA LP ALL1,83629273.1 
4237W4RVN2010W4SO HP ALL1,83030303.8 
4238K1TC/42007W4SO LP ALL1,82932311.7  
4239KC1SS/42008W4SO LP ALL1,82729293.3 
4240KY4D2018W4SO HP ALL1,82624222.6 
4241W4EEO1975W4SO HP 20M1,8252525  
4242K4JYO1996W4SO HP 160M1,8045241  
4243K2EKM/42007W4SO LP 20M1,79427263.9  
4244N4SLR1994W4SA HP ALL1,7822727  
4245KG4TDJ2003W4SO LP ALL (R)1,760353226.2  
4246N9DIX/42015W4SO LP ALL1,74934332.8 
4247KI4ASK2004W4SO LP ALL1,74032291.9  
4248AB4GR2016W4SO LP 40M1,70020201.3 
4249W4LGM1975W4SO HP ALL1,6644032  
4250KI4EEY2010W4SO LP ALL1,66433325.6 
4251KJ4HDY2012W4SO LP ALL1,65624233.1 
4252KJ4BIX2011W4SO LP 10M1,65025251.2 
4253KT4KW2006W4SO LP 20M1,643313126.8  
4254NB4F2014W4SO LP 15M1,63324230.6 
4255N4SJJ2018W4SO LP ALL1,63325233.0 
4256K6RM/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,63224242.6 
4257KK4ZZD2015W4SO LP ALL1,62436293.9 
4258AG4ZM2005W4SO LP ALL1,62433295.0  
4259KI4ZDR2010W4SO LP ALL (R)1,62032273.3 
4260N4IQ2018W4SO HP 40M1,61737330.8 
4261K4GRE2010W4SO LP ALL1,61232315.0 
4262K8CFU/41982W4SO HP 160M1,6007950  
4263KK4JPB2017W4SO LP ALL (R)1,59945416.4 
4264K2CEM/42012W4SO LP ALL1,59031302.8 
4265AD4AX2005W4SO LP ALL1,590313025.0  
4266KB4LHP2017W4SO HP ALL1,56830284.3 
4267KR4IQ1994W4SO LP 10M1,5665827  
4268AI4IC2018W4SO LP ALL1,56630292.3 
4269K4GDW2010W4SO LP ALL (T)1,56628272.0 
4270KJ4SAM2009W4SO LP ALL (R)1,56629296.5 
4271N4EUK1984W4SO HP 20M1,5643734  
4272NB4F2018W4SO LP ALL1,56225223.2 
4273K4ORD2013W4SO LP ALL1,56030301.5 
4274KE4MVK/T1998W4SO LP 10M1,554 74  
4275N4UFP2018W4SO HP ALL1,55026250.8  
4276KM4HVE2018W4SO LP ALL1,55027254.6 
4277KK4VA2017W4SA HP ALL1,54022220.8 
4278KD4QMY2017W4SO LP 40M1,54020201.7 
4279KV4TQ2015W4SO LP ALL1,53625243.6 
4280KS4L2010W4SO LP ALL1,53624241.4 
4281KS4JB2001W4SO LP ALL1,51823231.6  
4282WA4OSD2008W4SO LP ALL1,51230281.7 
4283KJ4UZL2011W4SO LP ALL (R)1,50026253.7 
4284K4GOP2016W4SO LP 10M1,49525232.6 
4285KM4GBF2015W4SO LP 40M (R)1,48429285.2 
4286AA4FU2009W4SO LP 40M1,47932291.7 
4287N4CU2018W4SO LP ALL1,47422223.9 
4288N1MNB/T1993W4SO LP 10M1,4502525  
4289WA2BKN/42010W4SO LP 20M1,45029293.4 
4290K4DXU2005W4SO LP ALL (R)1,449262326.8  
4291KJ4IWX2011W4SO LP ALL1,42623231.7 
4292KJ4LXC2011W4SO LP ALL1,42623232.2 
4293K4BP2007W4SO LP 20M1,416252424.6  
4294W0KLV/42016W4SO LP ALL1,41625243.4 
4295NA4W2017W4SA LP 10M1,40823221.7K4WI
4296KJ4VTH2016W4SO LP 80M1,40428274.6 
4297W4CYS2010W4SO HP 10M (T)1,40323233.8 
4298W4OGG2005W4SO LP ALL1,4003025  
4299KG4LTB2003W4SO LP 10M1,37826263.5  
4300K4QPL2018W4SA HP ALL (T)1,37231282.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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