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301WA6FGV2016W6SO QRP 10M15,052857112.6 
302KA8NRC1999W8SO QRP 10M15,048128114  
303EC4AA2012EASO QRP 10M14,960898020.4 
304RA3DQP1990UA-3SO QRP 10M14,9249382  
305UA4FDJ1980UA-4SO QRP 10M14,66110481  
306JA2MWV2003JA2SO QRP 10M14,5528668  
307JA2MWV2003JA2SO QRP 10M14,5528668  
308IK7GAJ1989ISO QRP 10M14,4409076  
309LU3HFA2013LUSO QRP 10M14,337948113.2 
310JH0ALB1984JA0SO QRP 10M13,7409160  
311N8AGU1990W8SO QRP 10M13,6129482  
312SP3BLT2000SPSO QRP 10M13,4407464  
313KI0G/52011W5SO QRP 10M13,26673664.7 
314JM7UBI2014JA7SO QRP 10M13,10478725.9  
315KI9A1984W9SO QRP 10M13,0419363  
316JH9HXF/11987JA1SO QRP 10M13,02610678  
317W6QU2005W6SO QRP 10M12,772746211.9W8QZA 
318WB7SUZ1979W7SO QRP 10M12,18010784  
319W9NUB1989W9SO QRP 10M12,0287062  
320VE3LJQ2014VE3SO QRP 10M (R)12,02568659.8 
321WB0IWG/32004W3SO QRP 10M11,937806912.4  
322I5KAP2008ISO QRP 10M11,907796312.1 
323JH1MDJ2014JA1SO QRP 10M11,90467622.6 
324EA2SN1982EASO QRP 10M11,8957561  
325W9PNE1998W9SO QRP 10M11,8267754  
326EA3FQV1988EASO QRP 10M11,7187854  
327AH6EK1983KH6SO QRP 10M11,6108054  
328RW3AI2015UA-3SO QRP 10M11,50280712.6 
329JR3RWB1987JA3SO QRP 10M11,44810572  
330RA4CLU2012UA-4SO QRP 10M11,31987778.9 
331VE3HX1988VE3SO QRP 10M11,2227362  
332UA9AMF1982RA9SO QRP 10M11,2218549  
333LW2EE2013LUSO QRP 10M10,85569656.6 
334PU2TRX2016PYSO QRP 10M10,85492677.2 
335KG4CDL2012W4SO QRP 10M10,726676210.5 
336DF7LS2014DLSO QRP 10M10,64765635.6 
337JF3EIU1994JA3SO QRP 10M10,5567358  
338R7MX2012UA-6SO QRP 10M (T)10,54072686.4 
339YO5OBA1991YOSO QRP 10M10,2667158  
340N5YV1999W5SO QRP 10M10,0446462  
341OG4X2015OHSO QRP 10M9,98468643.8OH1MA
342XE2HWB1990XESO QRP 10M9,8266963  
343UV5EUK2014URSO QRP 10M9,79877718.1 
344DL2TM2012DLSO QRP 10M9,73566596.2 
345KB2HSH2014W2SO QRP 10M9,69967617.2 
346WA2ZWH1979W2SO QRP 10M9,6008264  
347YO9GSB2012YOSO QRP 10M9,51961576.2 
348LU3JVO2006LUSO QRP 10M (R)9,25662526.0  
349RA3DQP1984UA-3SO QRP 10M9,2507050  
350JA2MWV2013JA2SO QRP 10M9,18068607.8  
351HA0GK1998HASO QRP 10M9,1636349  
352LU6EVD2014LUSO QRP 10M9,06066604.9 
353UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 10M9,0358965  
354UA9FBV1981RA9SO QRP 10M9,0278259  
355UA9SHD1981RA9SO QRP 10M9,0166756  
3564X6DK19984XSO QRP 10M8,9776547  
357DH8LAW1989DLSO QRP 10M8,9496757  
358OK1HCH1984OKOMSO QRP 10M8,8206849  
359KI9A1983W9SO QRP 10M8,7916959  
360W6QU2006W6SO QRP 10M8,75066508.1  
361VE7EKS1989VE7SO QRP 10M8,7366656  
362RB5FO1990URSO QRP 10M8,6468166  
363LU2EPF2004LUSO QRP 10M8,470625516.9  
364N2LWL/61994W6SO QRP 10M8,4156051  
365UT5ID2015URSO QRP 10M8,41066584.3  
366JA4DQX2013JA4SO QRP 10M8,40063606.7 
367R2OM2015UA-3SO QRP 10M (T)8,33075703.9 
368PU2TRX2015PYSO QRP 10M8,31964597.8 
369LA8WG2014LASO QRP 10M8,28076699.6 
370PU1KYC2008PYSO QRP 10M8,22070607.6 
371LW7EGO1997LUSO QRP 10M8,0607565  
372ES3RST1991ESSO QRP 10M8,0238071  
373N6HI/72014W7SO QRP 10M7,64452497.3 
374YO6KNI1983YOSO QRP 10M7,5686244  
375I1RBJ1981ISO QRP 10M7,4258545  
376DO1AUS2014DLSO QRP 10M (R)7,20855535.3 
377BY1SK2012BYSO QRP 10M7,205635511.7 
378KA6RO1978JA6SO QRP 10M7,1306546  
379YO2LYN2005YOSO QRP 10M6,95256447.5  
380OK2ZAW2001OKSO QRP 10M6,95053506.1  
381AB4LX1989W4SO QRP 10M6,7207864  
382UR5FCM2002URSO QRP 10M6,7086152  
383YO6XK2013YOSO QRP 10M6,55653449.4  
384YO3III2000YOSO QRP 10M6,5496160  
385WB0IWG/32003W3SO QRP 10M6,53467547.9  
386DL5EC2015DLSO QRP 10M6,52849484.9 
387VE3MNK1983VE3SO QRP 10M6,5285648  
388EC4AA2011EASO QRP 10M6,468504915.7 
389ZY2RK1998PYSO QRP 10M6,4415857  
390SQ5TB2014SPSO QRP 10M (T)6,321534914.2 
391W3MGL2000W3SO QRP 10M6,2105046  
392F4FPG2012FSO QRP 10M6,06956514.3 
393UC2AFM1984EUSO QRP 10M6,0485742  
394DU1AVC2015DUSO QRP 10M6,02654465.3 
395JA4DQX2011JA4SO QRP 10M5,93451437.7 
396PP5XA2016PYSO QRP 10M5,77760536.3 
397UV3AHM1990UA-3SO QRP 10M5,7576057  
398JH0ALB1980JA0SO QRP 10M5,6705245  
399UB5FJA1989URSO QRP 10M5,4605752  
400JH8KAN1978JA8SO QRP 10M5,2915737  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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