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301IK2DZN2006ISO LP ALL (T)998,02589952531.5  
302UA3ABJ2003UA-3SO LP ALL (T)993,64899848933.4  
303UA3ABJ2012UA-3SO LP ALL (T)992,35191755133.6 
304G3ZQH2010GSO LP ALL (T)990,99691653833.2 
305WN6K1998W6SO LP ALL (T)990,756896438  
306LU5FF2000LUSO LP ALL (T)983,216763464  
307WB8TLI2004W8SO LP ALL (T)982,94982646335.2  
308UA3ABJ2013UA-3SO LP ALL (T)979,26597157135.1 
309KK7AC2014W7SO LP ALL (T)979,19589650536.0 
310KB9OWD2012W9SO LP ALL (T)978,1121,07749327.4 
311VC7G2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)977,46281445432.0VE7JH
312VA7CRZ2013VE7SO LP ALL (T)973,56081645629.3 
313EE7L2016EASO LP ALL (T)971,88095253435.5EA7HLU
314LU1FF2001LUSO LP ALL (T)968,457805431  
315RK3MWI2009UA-3SO LP ALL (T)966,96693753928.2UA3MSA
316DH8AF2002DLSO LP ALL (T)952,04983949136.0  
317K0CN2010W0SO LP ALL (T)950,9151,02450529.7 
318JM1UTT2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)948,02476546224.9 
319UA9XF2005RA9SO LP ALL (T)941,66072339435.0  
320WS7V1999W7SO LP ALL (T)939,393817481  
321V55X2009V5SO LP ALL (T)932,02471045230.4V51YJ
322UA3ABJ2005UA-3SO LP ALL (T)929,85686046432.3  
323EA8BXQ1998EA8SO LP ALL (T)927,990800378  
324OH6ECM2015OHSO LP ALL (T)926,8281,00655332.1 
325VF3JFF1999VE3SO LP ALL (T)920,727784421  
326WB8TLI2005W8SO LP ALL (T)920,12579543336.0  
327RL6MA2013UA-6SO LP ALL (T)919,95783952328.4 
328H2E20115BSO LP ALL (T)914,80567243525.6 
329UA3ABJ2011UA-3SO LP ALL (T)905,44579151333.4 
330RA1ANY2015UA-1SO LP ALL (T)905,14892152223.5 
331KD3HN2014W3SO LP ALL (T)903,78372241931.6 
332UA4C2014UA-4SO LP ALL (T)902,55698254825.2 
333AM5EOR2000EASO LP ALL (T)901,476904491EA5EOR 
334N8DXR2001W8SO LP ALL (T)900,94985746935.5  
3357S7V2004SMSO LP ALL (T)897,19791946932.1  
336RZ3Z2013UA-3SO LP ALL (T)893,27091749030.5 
337PY2LTY2004PYSO LP ALL (T)892,80477741225.4  
338VE1OP2000VE1SO LP ALL (T)891,870752411  
339YV6DBX2002YVSO LP ALL (T)887,28880439425.7  
340IR4R2006ISO LP ALL (T)885,10882649220.8  
341CO2CW2013CMSO LP ALL (T)885,08087643633.1 
342RA1AR2001UA-1SO LP ALL (T)877,0121,004466  
3439A8YL20019ASO LP ALL (T)876,46980247333.8  
344S51F1997S5SO LP ALL (T)876,040927440  
345OE3JTB2011OESO LP ALL (T)875,85472551126.2 
346VE3WIB1998VE3SO LP ALL (T)873,892741394  
347K4BEV2002W4SO LP ALL (T)866,5788134464.3  
348VE3CR2003VE3SO LP ALL (T)864,56079742831.6  
349NA2Q1998W2SO LP ALL (T)861,670755433  
350YL2TW2001YLSO LP ALL (T)859,27595447526.8  
351LU1BJW2002LUSO LP ALL (T)856,71371742922.8  
352VE3TW2010VE3SO LP ALL (T)852,84567341326.2 
353DL5JS2014DLSO LP ALL (T)850,04183951332.3 
354DB8NI2005DLSO LP ALL (T)840,78887248129.3  
355ET3AA2015ETSO LP ALL (T)839,2707044109.3EA4ATI
356UA1CUR2010UA-1SO LP ALL (T)838,72987747935.8 
357EA8OM2012EA8SO LP ALL (T)838,45264442814.3DJ1OJ
358FK8DD2013FKSO LP ALL (T)837,86471243124.7  
359F6KZC2001FSO LP ALL (T)836,432833488  
360SV1PMH2016SVSO LP ALL (T)834,20977749133.0 
361RA3LBW2000UA-3SO LP ALL (T)832,276803466  
362ED3F2014EASO LP ALL (T)832,14090354030.0EA3FAR
363F5LIW2010FSO LP ALL (T)830,62074747631.4 
364OK1FRG2003OKSO LP ALL (T)830,13077446934.6  
365EA1BLX1998EASO LP ALL (T)828,836817436  
366DP4M2011DLSO LP ALL (T)827,04083948030.2DJ4MH
367JH5OXF1999JA5SO LP ALL (T)825,432735422  
368LW6DG2010LUSO LP ALL (T)823,44673541416.2 
369UA9ACJ1999RA9SO LP ALL (T)820,227666373  
370YO3APJ2008YOSO LP ALL (T)819,55379349722.7 
371PY2NDX2001PYSO LP ALL (T)819,42069242029.6  
372Z35BY2013Z3SO LP ALL (T)817,02485249117.1 
373WP4LNY2000KP4SO LP ALL (T)810,475777425  
374WP3GW2015KP4SO LP ALL (T)808,34463341236.0 
375YB2LAB2003YBSO LP ALL (T)806,98567539513.5  
376AJ3M2000W3SO LP ALL (T)802,200726420  
377EE7S2015EASO LP ALL (T)799,34480348826.6EA7IA
378DR4G2010DLSO LP ALL (T)797,49872448128.9DJ0GM
379AC9KW2015W9SO LP ALL (T)794,02978043726.9 
380EU2DX2012EUSO LP ALL (T)790,03586346536.0 
381RA9AAA2009RA9SO LP ALL (T)789,23464239826.4 
382CQ7ELP1996CTSO LP ALL (T)787,436962494CT1ELP 
383AA6K2014W6SO LP ALL (T)785,80865945926.4 
384DL1MHJ2018DLSO LP ALL (T)785,40075747633.1 
385YT0X1997YUSO LP ALL (T)784,6721,115434YU7AL 
386VE3DZ2009VE3SO LP ALL (T)783,35660340410.0 
387LY2TS2009LYSO LP ALL (T)782,76877948235.6 
388VE3MGY2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)777,65084230226.6 
389KP3/K1ZZ2015KP4SO LP ALL (T)774,43066243023.8 
390RV9UP2005RA9SO LP ALL (T)774,06078438030.7  
391KB3LIX2011W3SO LP ALL (T)771,67666741235.5 
392YB1TJ2007YBSO LP ALL (T)769,50068037521.8  
393EA9IB1997EA9SO LP ALL (T)767,844574396  
394S57NRO2005S5SO LP ALL (T)767,36079743624.0  
395WB8TLI2006W8SO LP ALL (T)767,11071641035.9  
396OK2BZE2014OKSO LP ALL (T)766,61573649329.0 
397I1EIS2008ISO LP ALL (T)766,05579543923.8 
398AM5EOR2001EASO LP ALL (T)764,855890455EA5EOR 
399KK7AC2013W7SO LP ALL (T)763,75893045335.2 
400DL1MGB2000DLSO LP ALL (T)763,504815476  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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