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301UC2CEO1992EUSO LP 160M2,9586151  
302K0CS2001W0SO LP 160M2,94053422.7  
303EA3AKA2006EASO LP 160M (T)2,92639386.7  
304RA6XB2015UA-6SO LP 160M (T)2,91640362.4 
305LA5FBA1994LASO LP 160M2,8083936  
306DL1HSI2008DLSO LP 160M2,74742414.6 
307DL2RZG2015DLSO LP 160M2,66039383.5 
3089Y4D20099YSO LP 160M2,61626245.0 
309SQ2OSE2012SPSO LP 160M2,59238361.9 
310KC2RKU2009W2SO LP 160M (R)2,556453611.8 
311LZ2UZ2001LZSO LP 160M2,475363326.8  
312W1WBB2011W1SO LP 160M (T)2,36834324.8 
313DL0FR2015DLSO LP 160M2,34336331.0DJ5IW
314YU1RA2006YUSO LP 160M (T)2,30433322.5  
315M0EZP2007GSO LP 160M2,24434335.8  
316K4WI2013W4SO LP 160M2,20543352.2 
317OK1KZ2008OKSO LP 160M2,17636341.5 
318NO0Y1993W0SO LP 160M2,1608672  
319OK1KZ2006OKSO LP 160M2,11236322.3  
320SP8ONB2012SPSO LP 160M2,08035324.4 
321GW4EVX2013GWSO LP 160M2,04633314.6 
322SP6YIT2001SPSO LP 160M2,0463331  
323ER3HW2007ERSO LP 160M1,856302924.9  
324OK1KZ2011OKSO LP 160M1,79831311.2 
325DL2VSF2008DLSO LP 160M1,79232323.7 
326YO6FUG2016YOSO LP 160M1,68232294.3 
327UR5ZLK2010URSO LP 160M1,68030303.1 
328RK6AIQ2001UA-6SO LP 160M1,6803230  
329UR5MNZ2003URSO LP 160M1,64413851  
330WA8KEM1995W8SO LP 160M1,6204745  
331EU2EU2011EUSO LP 160M1,48428282.0 
332WN7RRX2016W7SO LP 160M (T)1,39233294.0 
333EA9IB2015EA9SO LP 160M (R)1,38016152.8  
334DL2VM2017DLSO LP 160M1,37228281.1 
335K4WI2003W4SO LP 160M1,363332924.7  
336EA1JO2018EASO LP 160M1,32626261.6 
337I0KHP2001ISO LP 160M1,3002726  
338IW4CNY2017ISO LP 160M1,15026254.2 
339SQ9PPT2017SPSO LP 160M (T)1,15025254.7 
340F6CIU2007FSO LP 160M1,081232328.7  
341US8ICM2011URSO LP 160M1,02921210.4 
342OK1KZ2012OKSO LP 160M1,01223230.9 
343M0EZP2006GSO LP 160M1,01223232.6  
344SP4SAF1999SPSO LP 160M9923316  
345ER3GQ2015ERSO LP 160M96824221.8 
346IZ7DUU2011ISO LP 160M92422222.0 
347F5PYI1996FSO LP 160M9202423  
348DL2RZG2000DLSO LP 160M8822121  
349UR7IAY1995URSO LP 160M8742623  
350K4WI2004W4SO LP 160M80526230.9  
351RW6FO2006UA-6SO LP 160M77418183.0  
352IZ7SIA2011ISO LP 160M76020201.3 
353UT5EPP2015URSO LP 160M74120193.3 
354HA7JQK2012HASO LP 160M72020181.3 
355SP6LUV2017SPSO LP 160M66519192.3 
356S59GS2013S5SO LP 160M63018182.6 
357IW4CNY2018ISO LP 160M (T)61220183.6 
358EA5YB1998EASO LP 160M5761818  
359TA1CM2017TA1SO LP 160M57015152.3  
360HA7JQK2014HASO LP 160M51216160.5 
361RM6J2013UA-6SO LP 160M49616161.5 
362SV2FLQ2008SVSO LP 160M49414132.3 
363LY3RQ2016LYSO LP 160M46417165.8 
364EA5MON2013EASO LP 160M (T)45917170.6 
365DL8AAE1997DLSO LP 160M4501515  
366HI8KW2012HISO LP 160M44010102.3 
367UT2AA2013URSO LP 160M420161411.7  
368RA3REZ2005UA-3SO LP 160M38412123.9  
369SV1GRD2016SVSO LP 160M (T)37814140.9 
370KP2BH2004KP2SO LP 160M3601083.3  
371M0EZP2005GSO LP 160M32513131.7  
372N2KMJ/AE1992W2SO LP 160M3002525  
373UA6JQ2016UA-6SO LP 160M (T)29711110.9 
374SM4HEJ2001SMSO LP 160M2401615  
375SA6FJY2015SMSO LP 160M21011100.4 
376YU07HST2007YUSO LP 160M (T)209111124.3YU1UA 
377GW2X2017GWSO LP 160M18010101.4G0DCK
378LZ5CY1997LZSO LP 160M14575  
379GW0NVN2018GWSO LP 160M126771.1 
380F5DRD2009FSO LP 160M120880.7 
381M0EZP2008GSO LP 160M98771.4 
382G0SFJ2016GSO LP 160M70770.6 
383S59GS2014S5SO LP 160M66660.4 
384K4WI2009W4SO LP 160M64880.2 
385W6RKC2016W6SO LP 160M (T)40550.1 
386VE3EDY2016VE3SO LP 160M36330.2 
387TA1CM2016TA1SO LP 160M32441.0 
388TA8AT2014TASO LP 160M24220.1 
389YF3CYT2017YBSO LP 160M (R)1422 
390UA9QCZ2006RA9SO LP 160M (R)142224.2  
391KT0P/42009W4SO LP 160M (T)9330.1 
392WS9V2015W9SO LP 160M (T)5550.6  
393SP2QCW2018SPSO LP 160M4210.1  
394VK2COW2017VKSO LP 160M211 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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