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301UF8T2018RA9SA LP 20M31,9281121044.2  
302UT1ML2008URSA LP 20M31,8241631443.2 
303VK2COW2016VKSA LP 20M31,40810610410.6 
304E72MM2011E7SA LP 20M31,29712511917.2 
305BG1TPD2010BYSA LP 20M31,00517511720.1 
306SQ3TGV2018SPSA LP 20M30,60013912013.7 
307DU1AVC2018DUSA LP 20M (T)30,5901279517.8 
308UN9PQ2009UNSA LP 20M30,45611610817.3 
309F5DRD2017FSA LP 20M30,0301421304.8 
310YB0ANJ2017YBSA LP 20M28,7121129721.14F3JX
311EA8AJO2005EA8SA LP 20M (T)28,51899984.0  
312RA9MX2018RA9SA LP 20M28,2541051023.1 
313EW6F2018EUSA LP 20M28,03415113112.1EW6GF
314VA3IPG2018VE3SA LP 20M27,77211410614.5  
315E74A2012E7SA LP 20M27,5601501301.7 
316KA9O2013W9SA LP 20M26,41812811113.1 
317JH7QXJ1996JA7SA LP 20M25,74511295  
318KL2R2009KLSA LP 20M25,568117943.5N1TX
319IV3CTS2012ISA LP 20M (R)25,4521261267.4 
320OR2F2011ONSA LP 20M25,19214613413.5ON8LDS
321WR2G2015W2SA LP 20M25,088100982.1 
322K2RK2017W3SA LP 20M (T)24,794102985.4 
323OM8HG2009OMSA LP 20M (T)24,6421371119.8 
324EI2FS2016EISA LP 20M23,56212411916.4 
325IR3Z2011ISA LP 20M23,5001281255.7IN3XUG
326TA2LG2015TASA LP 20M23,40794895.1 
327K5MSO2010W5SA LP 20M (T)23,2101751105.9 
328VA3PL2009VE3SA LP 20M22,76197811.6 
329EA1IIP2013EASA LP 20M22,62014113012.8 
330F5DRD2018FSA LP 20M22,3471321174.0 
331OM8HG2010OMSA LP 20M21,8301351186.5 
3329A9K20179ASA LP 20M21,7361141045.9 
333BD4CQ2011BYSA LP 20M21,7141069414.9 
334SP5XSL2007SPSA LP 20M21,09012511431.3SP5XSL MARIUSZ WÓJCIK 
335KE1J2013W1SA LP 20M (T)20,962102943.7 
336CE3CBM2017CESA LP 20M (T)20,790102775.3 
337VE3TL2012VE3SA LP 20M20,740858518.2 
338ER3CT2017ERSA LP 20M (T)20,3011141017.7 
339AE5XQ2017W5SA LP 20M20,0551151056.0HK1A
340IZ8IEV2017ISA LP 20M19,7961081012.3 
341SQ3LMY2011SPSA LP 20M19,7291161095.7 
342DG2FDE2017DLSA LP 20M19,58111810711.1 
343VY2MGY/32013VEYSA LP 20M (T)19,264106864.4VE3MGY
344HZ1DG2010HZSA LP 20M19,096948814.9 
345SP5XSD2007SPSA LP 20M18,286858217.2  
346IK4OMU2018ISA LP 20M (T)18,1261151064.9 
347RX3DBG2010UA-3SA LP 20M17,542108983.5 
3489A2AE20189ASA LP 20M17,10896917.5 
349YO3CVG2018YOSA LP 20M17,052104989.5 
3509A5KIR20179ASA LP 20M15,9361089610.9 
351LA7GNA2007LASA LP 20M (R)15,4441089911.9  
352IZ8PPH2012ISA LP 20M15,4351211058.2 
353YL3GV2013YLSA LP 20M (T)15,2761201148.5 
354TC101SO2016TA1SA LP 20M15,0961091028.0TA3AER
355IK2UTT2009ISA LP 20M (T)14,89681765.1 
356PI4WLD2010PASA LP 20M (T)14,60199932.2PA0MIR
357UB8XAB2012UA-9SA LP 20M14,453104978.8 
358UT3QD2009URSA LP 20M14,41896816.8 
359PD0JMH2017PASA LP 20M14,400105966.3 
360EA1GWM2009EASA LP 20M (R)14,40097969.6 
361RN3P2018UA-3SA LP 20M14,3641201084.0  
362UA3UJP2017UA-3SA LP 20M13,8001039210.0 
363YB0BCU2010YBSA LP 20M13,510847010.3 
364IR8W2016ISA LP 20M13,5001021008.2IK8YFU
365OK2MTV2013OKSA LP 20M13,04083808.5 
366PD2TW2017PASA LP 20M12,85177713.3 
367KF5BA2013W5SA LP 20M (T)12,66372674.6 
368LA8OSA2011LASA LP 20M (R)12,6481049311.8 
369PA5AD2016PASA LP 20M12,38496863.5 
370RA3XEV2008UA-3SA LP 20M12,015101894.0 
371ON7BBR2013ONSA LP 20M11,96099928.7 
372S50DX2007S5SA LP 20M11,83294874.3  
373PA2C2018PASA LP 20M11,739100915.3 
374YE4IJ2018YBSA LP 20M11,718746210.0 
375UX6F2009URSA LP 20M11,340958410.6UR5FBK
376UQ70F2008UNSA LP 20M (T)11,09867627.7UN8FM
377RW0AA2009RA0SA LP 20M11,09681734.2 
378BD7LYT2017BYSA LP 20M11,060977011.3BD7MTJ BD7OH BG5TWG BI7I...
379SZ1A2016SVSA LP 20M10,962109871.4SV1CIB
380EA1EHW2016EASA LP 20M (T)10,68090893.8 
381RC4R2017UA-4SA LP 20M10,56092885.4 
382IR9Z2012IT9SA LP 20M (T)10,50999933.9IT9VCE
383VE3JSQ2016VE3SA LP 20M10,41662625.8  
384BD4KUU2009BYSA LP 20M10,36096708.9 
385IZ4MJP2013ISA LP 20M9,93672723.1 
386YO9IGT2015YOSA LP 20M9,831928710.4 
3879A5KIR20169ASA LP 20M9,80479766.8 
388PP5BB2017PYSA LP 20M9,76566638.0 
389RK0SV2008RA0SA LP 20M9,61069627.3 
390RD8O2011RA9SA LP 20M9,39461613.2 
391SV2NRU2016SVSA LP 20M9,23484816.1 
392DU4DXT2017DUSA LP 20M9,20475595.3 
393YB2ECG2010YBSA LP 20M (T)8,79861534.7 
394R0AS2018RA0SA LP 20M8,60761573.4 
395RA3RLJ2017UA-3SA LP 20M8,55081752.6 
396SQ8SET2017SPSA LP 20M8,500796811.5 
397JI3CWI2017JA3SA LP 20M (T)8,32073646.3 
398RJ3F2015UA-3SA LP 20M8,295887911.2 
399LA8CJ2017LASA LP 20M (T)8,21554535.4 
400JH7RTQ2018JA7SA LP 20M8,10955535.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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