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301ON4VDV2016ONSA HP ALL (T)856,20869147218.7 
302F1NZC2017FSA HP ALL (T)855,69987348127.6 
303N2MUN2011W2SA HP ALL (T)853,24471743426.9 
304N2MUN2015W2SA HP ALL (T)851,64075645326.7 
305VU2YVK2016VUSA HP ALL (T)829,71073543929.8 
306DP8M2018DLSA HP ALL (T)828,34578948320.0DL6NDW
307WA6OSX2015W6SA HP ALL (T)821,56084046030.8 
308W4GE2018W4SA HP ALL (T)820,34480139918.8 
309W8GNM2014W8SA HP ALL (T)819,19867142624.5 
310JF9JTS2016JA9SA HP ALL (T)806,41866942612.2 
311HA3OU2016HASA HP ALL (T)804,91568146524.8 
312R5AJ2018UA-3SA HP ALL (T)790,43994853318.3 
313YU9VK2007YUSA HP ALL (T)790,15277549230.5  
314JF9JTS2017JA9SA HP ALL (T)786,32864743315.9 
315VE3ZZ2010VE3SA HP ALL (T)782,66860738932.7 
316W3TZ/52012W5SA HP ALL (T)778,70767845319.8 
317OE6HLF2012OESA HP ALL (T)778,09275947128.8 
318DL4LAM2018DLSA HP ALL (T)769,56072848422.3 
319LS1F2015LUSA HP ALL (T)768,68064544014.2LU7FTS 
320K4FX2008W4SA HP ALL (T)761,58370441128.1 
321K0CF2011W0SA HP ALL (T)748,00063740024.4 
322LU7YZ2013LUSA HP ALL (T)742,95671740414.2 
323W3FW2010W3SA HP ALL (T)742,64461842120.3 
324SE4E2017SMSA HP ALL (T)732,15875748224.1SM4DQE
325NQ7R2009W7SA HP ALL (T)729,28087742422.6 
326W7VO2010W7SA HP ALL (T)726,54690341922.6 
327N2MUN2013W2SA HP ALL (T)725,32266444225.4 
328LA7GNA2013LASA HP ALL (T)721,27280849229.6 
329SM0BSO2012SMSA HP ALL (T)720,95478050728.3 
330K1FJ/82014W8SA HP ALL (T)719,79354347724.4 
331UA9LAO2016RA9SA HP ALL (T)719,39060743013.1 
332ED4D2016EASA HP ALL (T)718,34076749020.7EA4GLJ
333ON5GQ2010ONSA HP ALL (T)715,95269446421.2 
334K5MV2014W5SA HP ALL (T)710,79069343012.8 
335KE4S2017W4SA HP ALL (T)708,94862142315.3 
3369A206B20129ASA HP ALL (T)704,69669447215.49A5ADH
337LY4OO2017LYSA HP ALL (T)702,40569047320.1 
338K7RB/52014W5SA HP ALL (T)699,40866143221.4 
339UT7E2018URSA HP ALL (T)699,07093753022.7UT9EZ
340VA7FC2011VE7SA HP ALL (T)698,88075738411.2 
341BD1IIJ2015BYSA HP ALL (T)693,49873844226.5 
342DG8AM2016DLSA HP ALL (T)691,30065844613.5 
343EA1BP2016EASA HP ALL (T)691,25470945913.6 
344JJ0JML2016JA0SA HP ALL (T)689,71563640521.0 
345UT5RB2016URSA HP ALL (T)688,40170444128.9 
346KE0UI2016W0SA HP ALL (T)683,51567141325.2 
347EA7DHP1998EASA HP ALL (T)681,453911423  
348W9AV2012W9SA HP ALL (T)679,77080041531.7 
349LI3C2014LASA HP ALL (T)671,83089152913.5LA9DFA
350W9AV2013W9SA HP ALL (T)671,00887941630.6 
351HZ1DG2017HZSA HP ALL (T)663,48066536012.1 
352W4EEY2016W4SA HP ALL (T)661,82464638327.2 
353DF2TT2011DLSA HP ALL (T)661,16460247625.1 
354DL1OLI2011DLSA HP ALL (T)653,65061842527.2 
355DF2TT2012DLSA HP ALL (T)648,56664847925.3 
356UR7R2018URSA HP ALL (T)648,20187849916.6UX1RX
357N2MUN2012W2SA HP ALL (T)643,50060639625.3 
358K3IE/42011W4SA HP ALL (T)642,94259041418.2 
359WR5G/72014W7SA HP ALL (T)642,12556446719.6 
360WD0ECO2012W0SA HP ALL (T)641,78475940824.6 
361V47JA2012V4SA HP ALL (T)638,46957935118.8V47JA W5JON
362AB2E2014W2SA HP ALL (T)633,97570139511.4 
363YO2DFA2014YOSA HP ALL (T)633,82472646419.9 
364N1IBM/22011W2SA HP ALL (T)633,36053739022.2 
365VE3EY2010VE3SA HP ALL (T)631,9445773939.8 
366N6WK2010W6SA HP ALL (T)628,48564542924.5 
367WN3R2007W3SA HP ALL (T)619,42972643918.4  
368I2WIJ2016ISA HP ALL (T)618,61663942414.0 
369GM8SBH2014GMSA HP ALL (T)613,48070249018.5GM0FGI
370WB9KPT/02015W0SA HP ALL (T)611,15776241124.3 
371W4AS2012W4SA HP ALL (T)610,41449741322.1 
372W3TZ/52007W5SA HP ALL (T)610,07196839921.0  
373OU2V2016OZSA HP ALL (T)606,69759141321.7OZ1FJB
374EF2O2016EASA HP ALL (T)606,55255539829.4EA2AOO
375PB7Z2018PASA HP ALL (T)605,74867242923.5 
376PY2NZ2011PYSA HP ALL (T)603,68753739921.4 
377N2MUN2016W2SA HP ALL (T)599,80759737724.6 
378NR7DX2011W7SA HP ALL (T)594,81461641818.6K7ABV
379KR4F2010W4SA HP ALL (T)594,55849640218.2 
380K9KE2018W9SA HP ALL (T)593,84475242614.5 
381N2GZ/12016W1SA HP ALL (T)593,31852636215.5 
382N6HE2015W6SA HP ALL (T)590,52568539527.2 
383K3MD2018W3SA HP ALL (T)586,18066739514.0 
384K2NNY2006W2SA HP ALL (T)581,35757437122.9K2DB 
385VE7XF2014VE7SA HP ALL (T)576,18052138814.0 
386K0RI2008W0SA HP ALL (T)569,56263138229.7 
387JH0NOS2011JA0SA HP ALL (T)568,76452333329.2 
388AD4EB2004W4SA HP ALL (T)566,87467540916.7AD4EB 
389W1AJT2017W4SA HP ALL (T)562,91949832916.1 
390K3WI2018W3SA HP ALL (T)562,52063341012.3 
391JG3RPL2016JA3SA HP ALL (T)560,93854338918.3 
392HB9DQL2016HBSA HP ALL (T)560,56460639722.1 
393DL5LYM2014DLSA HP ALL (T)557,27054541911.9 
394DL0LK2017DLSA HP ALL (T)555,17564341918.9DG7AK
395VE3MV2012VE3SA HP ALL (T)553,10455033420.2 
396NW0M2014W0SA HP ALL (T)551,75464740611.0 
397JJ0JML2018JA0SA HP ALL (T)543,31255133625.6 
398AB2E2013W2SA HP ALL (T)542,4306703789.1 
399KI6QDH2017W6SA HP ALL (T)541,44066938428.3 
400IK2TDM2007ISA HP ALL (T)539,04959839926.9  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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