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301YU1SMR2013YUSA HP 40M59,72417015820.9 
302LY2FN2016LYSA HP 40M59,6431481415.8 
303YC8UNT2017YBSA HP 40M (T)59,2961321099.9 
304EC1AE2014EASA HP 40M58,3621551425.4 
305DL7JAN2017DLSA HP 40M57,9181681472.5 
306JP1LRT2017JA1SA HP 40M56,2241321127.0 
307SP4JTJ2013SPSA HP 40M54,39015414711.4 
308AA2MF2006W2SA HP 40M52,6801251207.7  
309EE3R2011EASA HP 40M52,6441251235.0EA3OR
310PY5DC2018PYSA HP 40M (T)52,29011110512.6 
311JM4WUZ2018JA4SA HP 40M50,2641151039.5 
312KD4RH2012W4SA HP 40M46,8421261116.8 
3134B2WK2010XESA HP 40M (T)43,989102937.3 
314EA6EE2017EA6SA HP 40M43,4001331247.2 
315OG3MS2017OHSA HP 40M43,0801471202.9 
316RM0W2018RA0SA HP 40M42,958104949.4 
317DU1EV2017DUSA HP 40M42,496112832.5 
318IU5BJS2017ISA HP 40M41,78812812424.0 
319LZ2FL2016LZSA HP 40M41,376100964.1 
3209A5AMC20109ASA HP 40M40,3651271177.4 
321YL3CW2017YLSA HP 40M40,3001571241.8 
322US7IVW2009URSA HP 40M39,8891201138.2 
323S52WW2014S5SA HP 40M (T)39,6251451253.7 
3249A9R20179ASA HP 40M38,1101181033.0 
325JF2IWL2012JA2SA HP 40M37,665112939.5 
326JA1LNZ2018JA1SA HP 40M36,98086868.7 
327N0UU2007W0SA HP 40M36,6761221068.4  
328SP4JTJ2009SPSA HP 40M36,65212711910.7 
329K7ZO2014W7SA HP 40M (T)35,6161291064.8 
330BD0AAI2016BYSA HP 40M34,621938919.2 
331LZ1MC2018LZSA HP 40M34,0481191123.5 
332WB0LJK2015W0SA HP 40M32,1001121076.0 
333RT5X2015UA-3SA HP 40M30,7971061034.7  
334WJ1R2011W1SA HP 40M (T)30,44491867.3 
335VK2BCQ2018VKSA HP 40M (T)29,95280726.5 
336HG8YKO2017HASA HP 40M29,76098936.3 
337JF2IWL2013JA2SA HP 40M28,5931008115.8 
338YC0LOU2014YBSA HP 40M27,972877410.6 
339W7ZCU2016W7SA HP 40M25,088133987.8 
340K2QY2017W2SA HP 40M24,080818010.6 
341KD7DCR2016W7SA HP 40M (T)24,056118976.8 
342JO7KMB2007JA7SA HP 40M23,43086717.7  
343LZ2FL2017LZSA HP 40M22,93697944.7 
344SP4JTJ2014SPSA HP 40M22,56894914.0  
345RA9LT2017RA9SA HP 40M22,01665644.0 
346UC0W2016RA0SA HP 40M (T)21,28472688.4 
347SA6BET2017SMSA HP 40M (T)20,49880744.0  
348K2KR2018W0SA HP 40M (T)19,096110884.6 
349WA5PFJ2010W5SA HP 40M18,135116935.0 
350SP9IKN2011SPSA HP 40M17,71189897.0 
351ES2EZ2010ESSA HP 40M17,68895882.5 
352YC8SPD2016YBSA HP 40M (T)17,340786010.4 
353IZ8GBH2011ISA HP 40M17,28083803.3 
354JO1WKO2010JA1SA HP 40M16,61057552.4 
355CE5PHI2017CESA HP 40M16,47060544.2 
356ON9CC2015ONSA HP 40M15,76083801.4  
357VB2P2016VE2SA HP 40M (T)15,486605830.9VE2GT
358DK5OH2014DLSA HP 40M15,37290842.1 
359W9RN2015W9SA HP 40M15,20973673.1 
360F4CPF2015FSA HP 40M14,420717010.6 
361KD9BVD2015W9SA HP 40M (T)14,378106799.6 
362CT1AGS2018CTSA HP 40M13,92460594.7 
363K7ZO2010W7SA HP 40M13,87590752.4 
364KD7DCR2010W7SA HP 40M (T)12,600656310.8 
365UT0EA2016URSA HP 40M11,23252523.2 
366W6RW2017W7SA HP 40M (T)10,38849493.1 
3674Z5LY20144XSA HP 40M9,76846443.6 
368YF3CYU2016YBSA HP 40M (R)9,600474013.8 
369YO2MHJ2012YOSA HP 40M9,34858572.0 
370W9PA2018W9SA HP 40M8,08444433.6 
371DF2LH2016DLSA HP 40M8,03649491.4 
372YC7CCP2018YBSA HP 40M7,482714311.7 
373JF3LOP2018JA3SA HP 40M7,42141412.5 
374KZ5OM/62009W6SA HP 40M6,28848482.7K6III
375LU1VFP2009LUSA HP 40M6,11646446.5 
376YV5AM2018YVSA HP 40M6,07233331.1  
377DS5TOS2016HLSA HP 40M5,64435342.0 
378SP9IKN2013SPSA HP 40M4,80048484.2 
379YC5EGN2017YBSA HP 40M4,73651326.8 
380YC0MVP2013YBSA HP 40M4,72536355.8 
381PY5BF2001PYSA HP 40M4,25633320.8  
382VU2WJ2016VUSA HP 40M3,53626263.1 
383DF9ZP2017DLSA HP 40M3,39329291.2 
384GM0AXY2013GMSA HP 40M3,11639384.6 
385UA9CAX2010RA9SA HP 40M2,94424238.3 
386CE1N2011CESA HP 40M2,17525252.4CE1TBN
387YB3ZBD2016YBSA HP 40M2,12422184.6YB3OIR
388OE5RBO2013OESA HP 40M2,07733310.9 
389JH1APK2015JA1SA HP 40M (T)2,05219182.6 
390KM9M2014W9SA HP 40M2,03043350.8 
391WA1PMA/72008W7SA HP 40M2,02529271.0 
392IZ2ODM2013ISA HP 40M (R)1,96028281.0 
393YD0ODC2018YBSA HP 40M1,42844284.2 
394G2Z2018GSA HP 40M (T)1,40427261.4 
395SP9PGM2013SPSA HP 40M1,30025251.5 
396OE5RBO2014OESA HP 40M1,27225240.9 
397JK3NSD2018JA3SA HP 40M1,18416161.7 
398OH6YF2005OHSA HP 40M1,054171724.4  
399DJ5TT2017DLSA HP 40M1,05021211.2 
400SO7O2009SPSA HP 40M1,02619192.2SP7DQR

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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